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You love your booktube more than your main channel...

Hi! Hi guys. Today, as you can tell by the title, we're doing the 'assumptions about me' video which

was trendy about two years ago. It's raining bythe way and for some reason the rain is really

really loud so I hope, if you hear it, it's justlike ambiance. But anyway, I did a video

related to that trend two years ago but I wasmore focused on assumptions about Korea because

I'm sensitive and I'm scared and I didn'twant people to make assumptions about me. I

think that I'm stronger in my sense of self nowthat I can handle these. Also you guys are the

nicest people on earth. But yeah it's a rainy day, it's kind of late, it's very dark, so I'm sorry that

the lighting is strange but I hope that this isjust a cozy little chat in which you do not roast

me. Which is just great. I haven't ordered these, I'm just doing them via screenshot so let's just

start at the beginning. Let's just start off withmy friend Yoon's dog's Instagram asking me:

'I don't like cats.' I'm slightly slightly allergicto cats. Does that mean that I don't like them? No.

I love many cats but yeah I'm just sneezyand gross. I got a couple people assuming that I

smell a certain way. Someone said "I guess you smellreally good because you're into smells and candles"

and someone else said...let me find it..."This mightsound weird but I feel like you smell like peaches

mixed with spring." And to both of you, I'm not sure. I'm currently wearing coconut vanilla deodorant

and Kurt says that I often smell like breadwhich I find a compliment so yeah, I think

I give off a like a bread smell? "You areat your limit regarding living in Seoul."

I got a lot of questions about this like'you want to leave Korea' 'you hate Korea'

No, I'm very very very happy here, I definitely, I've said this before but, I don't want to live in

Korea my entire life so I'm at the point where I'mso happy for the time that I've had here and any

extra time is great but I'm also really excitedfor whatever our next step is. "You're not too

friendly in person, I'm sorry" Yes and no. If I, ifyou've ever met me and I haven't seemed nice it's

because I was nervous as hell and I was probablyreally quiet. I'm either super awkward and

just very quiet or I'm overly nice, and part ofthat is just my personality - I really like

to make people feel comfortable because I like tofeel comfortable, but I also blame my California

upbringing because we definitely do have thatwhere we're overly friendly but it seems

a little bit surface level. I don't know, peoplesay that it seems surface level but I feel like

at least in my part of California, most peopleare actually genuinely that nice -except for

the rich moms in Del Mar because when I workedat the farmers market, boy howdy, they were not

nice. So yeah I would say yes I am nice inperson and I think Californians get a bad rep

for being nice. There's nothing wrong with beingnice. "You're constantly striving to achieve things."

Yes I'm a capricorn. But also, slight pitchhere for a podcast, Michael from Lessons from

the Screenplay and Beyond the Screenplayis my favorite person in the world but it

was my first time listening to his podcastand they were talking about Soul and how

- anyway they got on the subject of howit's almost a good thing that humans

are never really satisfied because if we werecompletely happy all the time we wouldn't strive

to achieve or change or improve anything so I'mpersonally trying to find a good balance between

always trying to achieve something and alwayshaving a goal, but also not obsessing over

it so yeah I do, I'm constantly striving. "You are very open and make new friends easily."

I think I'm very open, like even with strangers I can pretty much tell them my life story, I don't

really mind. Making new friends easily is reallyhard for me because I'm not very good at the

follow-up. Like, if we meet once and it's great, I'm so bad at asking to meet up again because I always

feel like the other person is probably reallybusy and I just don't know when or how...

I don't know, I'm just a bad, I'm bad at it. If welost connection, if we haven't met up in a while

please reach out to me because I will say yes, I'm just I'm horrible at making new friends.

My old friends are stuck with me for life. "You don't really like to cook" and someone

else said that "I don't cook, I always order." I love to cook, specifically I love to

bake but just because of my kitchen, like our teenytiny counter space and stuff like that, no access

to an oven, two little burners that you can't evenfit two pans on at makes me a little bit

frustrated. When I go home, when I'm in America and I have my family's kitchen, I love

it. I've even taken like proper cookingclasses and stuff, I really love it but

I don't love cooking in [my apartment] so yes I do, I eithermake really simple things like you've seen or

yeah we do go out and order a lot because it'scheap here, as opposed to in the US. "You want a pet."

Oh my god, I have been sending Kurt this onedog, wait we're just going to talk about it,

we're going to pull this dog up. She is livingsafe and sound, she's in a foster home. Okay

are you guys ready for this? I don't thinkyou're ready. Look at this angel! Can you see?

Look!!! She is five years old, has a welsh corgibody, a pretty fox face, and then sujebi ears. So

sujebi is like pulled noodles basicallyso she has like noodle ears. I just think it's so

cute. She knows that she's so beautiful, look atthat! So anyway, I do want a pet but just right

now it doesn't make sense for us because againwe don't really know where we're going to be

in a couple years we're planning on moving soso we don't want to force a dog to go through

that kind of stress so we're happy to just fosterwhen we can. Oh "you dye your hair to keep it red"

No, and I got so many questions aboutdyeing my hair. "I've dyed my hair colors"

"I want to dye my hair" Here's a scoop, I alwayswanted to dye my hair, yes. I love that I'm a

redhead, it's such a huge part of my identity, if I woke up one day and I was a different color I

would lose my mind. I don't dye my hair but I do, Idid start using this really cool shampoo - if any

redheads are watching this, it's a company based inthe UK called Gingerful and they focus on making

shampoo and conditioner for redheads and it hasthe slightest hint of henna in it so it just takes

your natural reds or your dyed reds and makesit that much brighter. You really notice it in

the light, it's gorgeous, it smells great, it's vegan, it's cruelty free, it's in like a biodegradable

sugar cane bottle. Basically, they ticked all of myboxes. Yeah, I love them, not sponsored, I've been

using it for about a month, more than a month. Butyeah no I've always wanted to dye my hair lime

green or like a very light pale green and then I did dye just one streak of my hair down here

I dyed it mint blue for pretty much all ofcollege. I used Manic Panic. Never made a dent

in that pot of Manic Panic. "You are an introvert." Yes. I am an INFJ?

INFJ yes that's what I am. "Yousleep eight hours every night."

Well, let me tell you. I got myself a fitbit, we can go through my sleep score right here. I'm

shocked, I thought I slept a lot more. I prettymuch sleep six to seven hours. There's like one

the...where's Thursday? Blame Joe Biden for thatone. I stayed up for the inauguration. But there was

one day where I got - yeah look at that - like nine, ten hours. Gorgeous. But yeah no normally I sleep,

seven is good but I'm usually in the six-hourrange which is shocking to me. "You're Canadian."

I am in fact from the United States of America. "You miss having a full-time job at an

office." Ooh yes and no. I would love to honestlywork in a co-working space or something

like that because I do really miss kind of thatcreative energy of having other people working

on similar projects with you all day or even justif you need a break you can get up and bother

someone at their desk, which maybe I shouldn'tdo at a co-working space...but for me working

at home, there are often times where I don't standup for like five hours. I love being the boss of

my own time, but I do really miss having othercreative minds around me and working on things

as a team, you know? "You're a night owl." Ooh no, I used to be a total early bird and I'm most

productive in the morning but Kurt is a night owl. We've been married, what, two years? And I'm already

I'm like I stay up an hour later each year so bythe time we hit like our 10-year anniversary I'm

just not gonna sleep and I'm scared. Someone said"You're small (height)" but someone else said "I'm tall."

I am five foot four, 163 centimeters. I was supposedto be tall, the doctors when I was born the

doctors said that I was supposed to be really talland I'm shorter than both of my parents. I am one

of the shortest members of my extended familyexcept for my grammy who is like 90 so and she's

shrinking. So yeah I'm, I would call myself more onthe small side. "You don't know how to drive." Um, I do

but I don't like it. I was literally just talkingto my friend about this the other day. There is

this tiny little strip of the 101, PCH, Pacific Coast Highway, whatever you want to call it - the

area that I live in, the 101 is quite small. It'slike two lanes each way, 35 miles an hour, I love

driving on that. That is my dream road. Roll thewindows down, put the music on, space out, I love it.

Any other street - I hate. I hate driving, I really do. "You swear much more behind camera." Um yes and no. I

think again it's one of those things where I kindof reflect what the people around me do because

I don't know what makes them feel comfortablebut yeah I would say, my mom's from New Jersey

so I was raised that way so...if you know youknow. "You were the smart but quiet kid in school."

Actually, I was the smart but loud kid in school. I was the person the teacher had to separate from

their friends, you know? But I was a good studentso they couldn't even really yell at me. I was

kind of a teacher's pet too so - I loved my teachers, it wasn't like a 'I'm trying to be a teacher's pet'

it was like 'my teachers were rad' so yeah. "You cryvery easily." Yeah, I'm pretty muchon the verge of

tears at all times. Literally anything can set meoff. People in groups doing the same thing, like if

if there's a lot of applause or even like flashmobs - it's so stupid but um yeah I cry. I cry

for flash mobs so yeah I cry very easily. "Youlove your booktube more than your main channel."

The thing is, my booktube, it's so easy for meto be super stoked about whatever I'm talking

about. With this channel, because it's organicallyhow my day is going, it's not guaranteed

that it's gonna be super fun every single time.So I think booktube is just it's like that best

friend that's always got your back, you know? But this channel is like my adventurous friend

that it's a mixed bag, you never know! So I loveyou both, don't worry. "You believe in star signs

but not in blood type." Ooh um I'm not super intoastrology, I do think that my birth chart is creepy

creepy on point for me. I am a capricorn moon uh -no no! I'm a capricorn sun, scorpio moon, sagittarius

rising. I will link my full birth chart downbelow and Kurt is dripping in Virgo, I

mean ridiculous. I do think it's fun and I do thinksometimes it is very accurate but I'm not, I don't

think that it's like the gospel truth, you know? Forblood types I really don't care. I am A+, so

is Kurt and actually our CEO for the companythat we both worked at really didn't like A

types. Yeah whenever we brought up blood sun orblood types she would get kind of weird with us

and we'd be like...girl calm down. "You have no foodallergies." I don't...yeah I don't think I do."

"Doesn't like to swim." I like to swim. I am justreally scared of sharks and any kind of underwater

creature and I've also been caught in a riptidebefore. Yeah, I don't like to swim in the ocean,

I do like to swim in pools as long as I check thatthere are no sharks in the pool which I still do.

I am 28 years old - no I'm 29. I am 29 years old andI am still checking the deep end of swimming pools

for sharks. "You were a choir or band kid inschool." I was a band kid. I played the alto sax

and I love it so much. "You don't like totravel with Kurt." Um...Kurt has...Kurt has a

very different travel style than I do so I justneed to be in the mentality that I'm traveling

with Kurt. For me, if I'm going on a solo trip I'mlike, I plan it out, I know exactly where I'm gonna

go, I have all these ideas, we're gonna just go gogo go go but Kurt is like ~let's take a stroll~

And so we kind of, when we travel together,we kind of meet in the middle. Being so used

to solo travel, it was an adjustment period. "Youwere disputed about academics or arts in school."

No, I knew that I wasn't good at art. I loveart but I don't have the amount of talent

that I think you need, I don't have the eye. I justdon't have that natural affinity to - affinity! Dang

it. That was the word I was looking for ah! I justfilmed a video about books... "mostly because

affiliation? That's not the word I'm looking for..." Itwas affinity. Anyway, I think the people who go into

the arts when it comes to school are so bravebecause that's just a thing like academics you

can study, even if you aren't good at something youcan study and memorize and get through it but with

the arts you really need something just in thereor in here wherever it is, so if you are studying

the arts or even if you want to study itand you aren't, but you are at heart an artist,

I am in awe, I am in awe of you. "You wanted tohave a goth phase but never did." Oh my god yeah.

I mean I was like way emo - I was like the only kid atschool in the beginning who was really into

MCR, I remember this one guy, I'm not gonna namebecause he builds parts for airplanes now and

I'm not gonna mess with a man who is in charge ofairplanes - he would just make fun of me so much for

liking MCR and then one day he came up to me andhe was like "Hang 'em High, so good!" and I was like0__0

and after that people started to like MCR andthey weren't mean to me anymore about wearing

all black. But yeah I definitely did the all blackthing but I wouldn't go so far as to say I was

goth. I was as close as a suburban goody-two-shoesteacher's pet could be. "You love doing things alone

even though you are married." True. "You are shy toshow on video you speaking slash interacting with

other locals in Korean (full sentences)" Yes but alsoI don't like recording other people speaking that

much. I get so nervous about speaking that I don'teven think to take my camera out first of all is

the thing so yeah pretty right. Okay, I like thisone, you're low-key conservative - parentheses,

not a bad thing, I come from a conservativefamily haha." So I was actually thinking about

this and talking with one of my friendsabout this recently. Technically I come from

a relatively progressive family. Now I've realizedthat I was definitely raised with that like

progressive middle is that what it's called, like the middle left. Okay sorry my camera

died. But yeah so certain ideas justnever even occurred to me, so for example

abolishing the police - I am on board now and I nowthat I understand it and I get it, but if you had

asked me in probably 2019 without explainingit, just you know cold turkey asked me, I've

literally never even considered it. Yeah that'ssomething that I did realize this year is that

even though I feel like I'm kind of on board foranything if it's explained to me and made sense

there are things that I have never consideredin my life and yeah so I guess in a way yeah

I wouldn't necessarily say conservative butI would definitely say like middle ground

until it's taught to me andI'm doing my own research don't worry but

yeah that was just something that I thoughtabout recently and it was interesting that

you asked that. "You are an older sister." I'm not, I'm an only child. "You've never done drugs, not in

a good bad connotation just a vibe." Um yeah I don't -actually and then someone said that "I smoked weed

just once." Both of my batteries are dead so we'regonna just juggle them until we finish. I don't

like anything that alters, call me controlfreak if you want, alters kind of my control

of my body so that's why I can probably counton one hand the amount of times that I've been

really drunk, like not just tipsy, so yeah no nothat's not me. "You don't like it when people call

you by your full name." I don't know, I kind of like my full name. My full name is Carolyn.

If you want to learn more about me, I have 50facts about me up here. And pretty much my mom and

then my New Jersey relatives, some of them, call methat but they say Caaarolyn instead of Carolyn. They

say Caaaarolyn or Caaaari, which I like. Honestly, I dig. But yeah no it's either my mom is angry with

me or it's someone who hasn't seen me since thefourth grade. They built a new elementary school

while I was still in elementary school soI had a lot of kids that I went to third grade

with and then we split up and then met again inhigh school and so there were a handful of kids

that would still call me Carolyn because they knewme from third grade and I'd be like "get with the

program Thomas my name is Cari now" but anyway yeah Thomas, he never grew out of it. He knew me in

high school for four years and he still calledme, he was the only person that called me Carolyn.

Anyway, I'm over it. Doesn't bother me that much. "You LOVE California." I really do I'm so, I'm so

thankful that I grew up there. This one was sorandom "You are unable to chug anything carbonated

or maybe you can." I actually don't drinkanything carbonated, I've just barely started to

be able to handle it but yeah carbonation on mytongue, it hurts, yeah the only time, I'll drink like

vodka tonic I would say is the only - like gin and tonic, vodka tonic, are the only things that I

drink that are carbonated and I don't really drinkso...Oh I got this, "You don't speak Korean well"

and then "You're less fluent in languages than wethink." I hope you don't think that I'm fluent in

any language other than English because I'm not. I would say for understanding, Korean and

Spanish, my listening skills are the best. Strangelyenough I'm most comfortable speaking in Korean

just because I've forgotten all the vocabularyfor Spanish. Hungarian, don't even talk to me about

Hungarian, god. Beautiful language, impossible tolearn. I'm still like vaguely studying it for fun

but man. I'm very nervous tospeak in any language other than

English so yeah please don't think that I'm fluentin anything, even English honestly. "You've dressed

up for a midnight premiere." friends and I diddress up, I don't think it was a midnight premiere

but we did dress up to go see the last HarryPotter and we all dressed up as students and

then my one friend Casey Pham, hey there, I couldn'tfind the picture, if I had the picture I would have

totally shared it but he came as a dementor!He just came with a black sheet over his head.

So I have a funny, I have funny memories ofdressing up for movies but I don't think it was a

midnight premiere. And last but not least this one, "You are judgmental about loud slash party people

and don't let them into your close circle." Um no.I actually, one of my roommates in college

my senior year was like the party queen. She wasliterally the bartender of our like college bar

so I adore people like that, I recognize thatit's not my style. I like to be in pajamas by 10

unless I'm at a concert and that is how I roll but I actually really liked especially living with

people like that because I could honestly have theapartment to myself for most of the night and then

I'm the kind of person that I - even with Kurt still- I can't fall asleep until everybody is back

home safely or like I know where they are so itwas fun to be able to like Friday Saturday nights

have the apartment to myself, have little dance parties, cook, clean, whatever and then make sure

that all my friends got home safely and you knowI could make them tea afterwards and we could chat

and they would tell me everything that was goingon so I do love I suppose 'party people' I love

party people that respect that I'm not a partyperson and they understand that maybe like once

a month, if that, I'll come out with them. Yeah Iwould say I love them, I have no issues but

it just so happens that my very very close circleof friends, we aren't those type of people because

we're close because we hang out what everybodyelse is partying I guess. But that's it. Anyway

the sun has set, it is dark now, sorry about this lighting. Actually, it's kind of cozy but yeah I

I had fun with this, thank you so much and yeahwe're gonna have a snow day again this week.

This is the craziest winter. Thank you so muchfor sending in your questions. If I missed any

of yours, I'm sorry, I will catch you guys nexttime, probably a vlog because I'm just gonna

go run around in the snow and it's gonna begreat. So all right stay safe I love you all, bye!

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