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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Colours | Stand-Up Comedy by Mohd Suhel

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so there was a pigeon

and he wanted to be a rebel

but he didnt know what he was rebelling against

he just wanted to do something different

so he did

he decided to get a tattoo

its consider a sin in pigeon culture

you will be expelled from the community if you get a tattoo

pigeon decided to go against that rule

he was confused about what tattoo he should get

and he wanted to rebel against his community

so pigeon got a tattoo of a little pigeon

he thought that would confuse the pigeon community

because they will have to expel him for getting a tattoo of his own kind

but after getting that tattoo

he regretted getting that tattoo

and felt so stupid and ashamed

he was lost now

he just wanted to be a rebel

but he didnt have a cause

and now he has a tattoo for no reason

he went through all that pain to get that tattoo

and he realized that he never wanted to get that tattoo in the first place

he just hated the pigeon community

so he decided to change

so he got that tattoo removed and that hurts even more

he decided that he wont be a rebel or different anymore

he changed completely

then pigeon became a pigeon tattoo artist

but he never gave any pigeon a tattoo

he just became a tattoo artist to stop pigeons from getting a tattoo

he just told every pigeon that came to get a tattoo

that just stop being a rebel it will only result in pain and regrets

theres only one thing you need to know about rebel pigeons, they never listen to other pigeons

The Description of Colours | Stand-Up Comedy by Mohd Suhel