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New Mutants are dangerous.

That's why you're here.

Oh scary

This isn't a hospital.

It's a cage.

Together, we can get out of here.

That thing will kill you! He's right, it's magic!

So am I

That was so hot.

All of you are dangerous.

That's why you're here.

This isn't a Hospital.

It's a cage.

We are the cast from the New Mutants, which is unlike other

superhero movies you have a whole bunch of really traumatized teens we're all so

different but we also have something like massive in common not just the fact

that we have powers but that we've been through this life experience together

and you have these things inside of you if you struggle to deal with them.

What does that look like.

I don't think we're here to get better.

They have such an incredible relationship and they really bring each other through

very difficult times.

We connect over who we really are. Not in spite of who we

really are and it shows in how we all come together and use a little bit of

our powers all together

we can get out of this


What's the last thing you remember Dani.

He said we had to run

Would anyone like to shared their first time?

Rhaine? I was 13 I thought it was a dream.

I just lost control.


I started panicking. People got hurt.


My girlfriend partner.


I killed 18 men.

One by one.

This isn't a hospital.

It's a cage

It's important we find out your power.

So we can help you get better.

I saw something.

I don't think she wanted me to see

I don't think we're here to get better.

We can get out of this.


Welcome back everyone it's Charlie this is going to be my brand new Marvel New

Mutants trailer video there's a bunch of new footage the director even confirm

one of my big theories about their original post-credit scenes so we'll

break it all down including what's going on with x-men and mutants within the MCU

Kevin Feige has said some things and they're even setting some stuff up in

the Disney Plus series that are happening later this year if you're new

to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the videos there's going to be a

bunch of big stuff coming up I know there's lots of questions too so we'll

just start with the footage then I'll talk about the post-credits scene and

then x-men inside the MCU so we'll just start with the footage then I'll talk

about mutants inside the MCU and the stuff that they're setting up on the

Disney Plus series most of this new footage focuses on their specific powers

giving you a much better look at what they actually are on screen I think they

just had unfinished special effects before the director said that before the

Fox Disney buyout the film was about 75% done the rest of this mostly shows them

bonding coming together as the new mutants x-men team while they still

think that they're inside a hospital obviously like part of this is probably

real part of it is probably happening inside their minds just based on what

the director has said the director called it sort of a mix of One Flew Over

the Cuckoo's Nest with the matrix in Nightmare on Elm Street so you're never

quite sure if what's happening is actually really happening or if it's

just something happening inside your mind there's a bunch more footage of

Roberto de Costa who's sunspot in the comics showing you his personality how

he's a little bit of a poser how his powers work they're all meant to be

teenagers which is why they have some of those funny awkward teenager high school

style moments like when magic starts using her powers and gets real badass he

just says that's so hot he's from a super rich family in the comics which is

why he's the one that's dressed like he's super preppy even though they're

making it seem like they're all trapped inside an insane asylum because their

families think they're possessed or crazy or just plain freaks that need to

be cured his sunspot powers look like this in the comics so it's a little bit

different tune for the movie we get a much better look at Charlie Heaton's

cannonball powers in action it's weird that he's tied up to this cement block

while he's showing up his power mostly manifests as him flying through the air

with his body hardening like a cannonball the faster he travels so

while he's spinning around in the he gets stronger and stronger we haven't

seen a full transformation from Maisie Williams wolfsbane character yet but

they're probably still finishing special effects on that make all the direwolf

Game of Thrones jokes she want Dani moon stars powers are mostly the ability

to manifest people's deepest fears very psychic based abilities you kind of see

that play through the footage where she's slowly remembering these disasters

in the past like do you remember when your powers manifested there was a

disaster they told me to run she's probably talking about her parents

when demon bear first came to try and kill them you see way more demon bear

during this trailer footage as the name implies he's a giant demonic bear but he

mostly attacks people as a psychic projection that can manifest physically

sometimes this way the movie version of demon bear in the trailer makes him seen

kind of like the smoke monster from lost like these big smokey effects is he real

is he fake where is he coming from part of this reality is probably fake and a

result of him manipulating the other kids powers without them realizing it

except for magic she seems like she's one of the few characters that figures

out pretty early on that things aren't what they seem it tries to slap some

sense into the other characters talking about magic probably one of the coolest

characters in this movie she's got a bunch of different comic book powers

she's got the soul-sword that she manifests here it's called the

soul sword because she's projecting her own life energy into the form of a blade

if you're a big Avatar The Last Airbender fan it's kind of like her

energy bending the life energy within her body like an energy bends at the end

of that series the armor that she forms around herself is actually called the

eldritch armor it's connected to her use of magic and sorcery the more magic she

uses the thicker and crazier the armor gets if she continues using her magic

for long periods of time or in birla extreme ways horns start to pop out of

her head and she starts to take on this more demonic form the really cool thing

about her teleportation powers that you see in the trailer are that she's

actually opening portals to a separate dimension that they call limbo where she

is sorceress supreme and has absolute power

just like dr. strange is sorcerer supreme in the main Marvel Universe in

the comics she can also teleport through time but I don't know if they're going to

make her that powerful in this first movie the director actually just

confirmed my big theory about the sequel so originally

the movie was planned to be a trilogy they were going to have a big post-credit

scene with Antonio Banderas he was actually going to play Roberto de Costa's

father who is part of the Hellfire Club in the comics and he be the main villain

of the sequel in terms of mutants and these characters inside the MCU they're

actually treating this movie the New Mutants movie the same way the MCU is

going to treat Deadpool 3 the movie Deadpool the character Ryan Reynolds

will be part of the MCU eventually but Deadpool 3 is going to be rated R and

because Disney does not release rated R movies and doesn't want that kind of

tone inside the MCU Deadpool 3 is going to be treated like it exists in this own

little bubble of continuity you know it could reference anything that it wants

make fun of any Marvel characters that it wants but you're not going to see old

Chris Evans Captain America show up during Deadpool 3 and you're not going

to see the other big Avengers characters pop in later what'll happen though is

you'll have an MCU team-up movie like Avengers 5 or some big crossover movie

Deadpool will appear during that but he'll be written in a more pg-13 way

because all the MCU movies tend to be pg-13 it's a whole different story for

the mainstream a rebooted x-men movies like obviously Marvel is working on a

new x-men movie eventually it's not going to happen for a long time but a

really good example of them introducing mutants into the MCU is the new version

of Wolverine so what they're doing right now is they're building on pre-existing

MCU continuity to introduce the new x-men characters long-term the really

cool thing about the new version of Wolverine is that they're going to surface

him through the Weapon X program so think about it this way you go back to

the Incredible Hulk film look at what Thunderbolt Ross is doing he's talking

to Emil Blonsky about the super soldier program that he just brought out of the

mothballs when he goes in to grab some new Super Soldier Serum the cannister

actually reads weapons plus the weapons Plus program is what the Weapon X

program is part of its Weapon 10 Wolverine is Weapon 10 the 10th

iteration of the weapons Plus program Captain America was designation weapon 1

in the weapons Plus program within the Falcon and Winter Soldier series that's

going to be airing on Disney Plus later this year they're also bringing back the

Super Soldier program the weapon Plus program so they're just slowly

setting up the concept of Weapon X and that's where the new Wolverine will

debut but everyone let me know in the comments when do you think we're

actually going to see them transition from weapons Plus and get to that Weapon

X how many movies do you think is going to be we've got a big venom 2 trailer

that'll be coming really soon more Morbius trailers more spider-man stuff

Tom Holland did reveal that they're still going to start filming spider-man

3 this summer so a lot of stuff that's happening later

this year still seems like it's going to be ok so don't worry too much about that

right now everyone click here for that new Marvel

Falcon in Winter Soldier teaser trailer video and click here for that brand new

Black Widow trailer with all the new taskmaster footage thank you so much for

watching everyone stay awesome I'll see you guys tonight!

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