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This time, I'll tell you about Lee Chan-Won. Here's the first news.

Lee Chan-won appeared on a music show for the first time in his life.

At 3:30 p.m. on the 18th, Lee Chan-won appeared on the show! Music Core' has been aired.

On this day, Lee Chan-won had a calm hairstyle.

Wearing a white suit and yellow-pointed costume, we're on the special stage.

chose 'JinttoBaegi' which was performed during the 'Mr.Trot' contest.

Lee Chan-won made the viewers smile with his savory cheonggukjang-like voice.

I showed a calm hairstyle and half-moon eye smile. Viewers said they were into Lee Chan-won's cute charm.

Wow... it was so cute. It was like a yellow chick.~ This time, we rearranged it and it was a new version.

Most importantly, he's very good at locating the camera! Up, down, right, left, everywhere the camera makes eye contact.

It's not easy, but you did a great job. How did you make such a pretty face? It's a big deal.

I'm going to get out of this! Is it true that you bite your lips at the end?

I'm worried if you're a big fan of Chan-won, but did you practice a lot?

I was a little worried about my throat. It felt like my voice was hoarse.

But I want to give you a big round of applause for making such a perfect stage like that!

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Here's the second piece of news Lee Chan-won made my heart flutter with his eyes.

On the 17th, on the official social media of the New Era Project, he said, "Even in cloudy weather with rain,

Thanks to the staff who work hard, we're having a great time filming.♥♥⠀

#On a rainy day #Duck #Sitting_in_Sotdae_hot_film

#Wellderma #Model #Lee Chanwon #Leechanwon A total of three photos were posted along

with the article #Mr.Trot #New Era Project. The released photo showed Chan-won Lee in a

blue-toned suit and filming an ad.

Especially in rainy weather, he adds vitality to the set with a cute smile.

It caught my eye. Your beauty is increasing day by day, Lee Chan-won!

Meanwhile, Lee Chan-won's new song "A Very Good Person" will be released soon.

It would be nice if you could take this into consideration.

I've heard from you about Lee Chan-won, who was the talk of.

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