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What's up, Party Animals. Welcome to the only YouTube channel...

that will help you get rid of your hangover every Sunday. I'm Juicy Justus and this is...

Morning After Meal.

Comment down below what drugs you took this weekend...

and I will make a custom-made Morning After Meal for you next week.

Last weekend, Sanne partook in a bag of M, so especially for her I'm making...

The Freaky Fruity Chocolate Sandwich.

You know, Juicy J's got the game on fleek: Never over 15 minutes to prepare...

never over 15 euros, and never over five ingredients.

You just sit down and chill while I go in for the hangover kill.

Get this, bitch. 4 slices of bread, 15g butter, half an orange...

20g pure chocolate, and 15g mixed red fruits.

Make a print screen so you don't have to write it down.

But Juicy, how are we going to make this?

Nice of you to ask. I'm going to tell you right now.

I'm putting this saucepan on the fire.

Get the butter, and then what you do with it...

is you drop it like it's hot in the pan.

And as the butter is melting away...

I'm putting these beautiful fruits in this bowl.

Just put it all in there together. No need to overthink it.

I'm going to mash the red fruits.

Red fruits are rich in antioxidants. This is a great way to replenish your serotonin.

Sanne has been dipping her finger in that bag of M, so she needs this...

but so do you.

Pure chocolate contains phenylalanine...

which is converted into dopamine inside your body.

During a night of partying, when you go all out, you lose a lot of dopamine.

Dopamine increases your happiness.

See how happy I am? I eat lots of pure chocolate, that's why.

Just put it in with the butter. Grate an orange.

We use the peel, because the peel of an orange is much healthier than its flesh.

Add some butter to the grated orange peel.

Now I'm going to make sure everything is blended really well.

Now you can take all the fruit...

and dab it right in the middle of the slices of bread.

Tomorrow at the office, you don't want to be sitting like this behind your desk.

You want to be fresh and fit for work, and this is the best way to do it.

We're adding a little bit of the orange peel butter.

Grab a slice, flip the bread and press those two slices firmly together.

See how the fruit spreads out by itself inside the bread?

You need to provide your body with fats, so today a little bit fatty is good.

If you would order food it would be even fattier, now at least you're making it yourself.

Butter the bread on the outside with orange peel butter.

Now it's time to flip this juicy sandwich in the pan.

I have two people sitting on my couch for the afterparty.

This is my kitchen. Believe it or not, G, but this really is my own kitchen.

They both want to eat right now, and that's not a problem.

I put two sandwiches in the pan. Meanwhile, let me check on the chocolate.

When is the chocolate done? It's done when it has my colour.

You can use your hands, so the inside gets done as well.

Look how beautiful.

I want to speed things up a bit, so let me get this pan.

I wouldn't clean it for my mates, 'cause they're a bunch of assholes...

Wipe it clean and put it on top, then things will melt quicker.

It looks kind of cool too: pan on top of pan on top of pan. Stacking up pans, baby.

One, two, three...

Oh shit. On fleek.

The golden rule for making toasties slash sandwiches: cut them into triangles.

But why do they always come in triangles? Because we don't like to play straight.

When you were at that party, you were thinking of triangulating too.

I'm going to show you how to cut a toastie. And yes, there it is again: the chop stick.

Yes sir, straight away.

Isn't this the tastiest thing you've ever seen?

Weird as it may sound, use a fork to sprinkle it with chocolate...

because if you start pouring it things will become greasy.

It gives a very nice effect.

Juicy, can we start nibbling yet? -Sure, no problem.

You can start nibbling away now.

Oooh, nice.


Can't wait to see what Juicy will prepare next week?

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There are sticks inside.

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