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The secret remilitarization of the Helghan State was one of the greatest logistical efforts

of the extrasolar age.

In the span of just ten years, Autarch Scolar Visari lifted his nation from the ruins of

economic depression to become a preeminent military power.

On the eve of the Second Extrasolar War, the equipment used by the Helghan Army and Navy

rivaled or even surpassed their counterparts within the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance.

But while their tanks, aircraft and interstellar spacecraft could engage the ISA on equivalent

terms, the Helghan military industrial complex had produced something entirely without equal.

Hidden within the vast rearmament of the Helghan nation was a weapon that would revolutionize

war, a Mounted Artillery Walker, designated the MAWLR.

The eventual terracide of Helghan would destroy many of the records and documentation related

to the development and construction of the MAWLR platforms.

How the Helghast managed to overcome the inherent limitations of such a design has likewise

been lost, but almost certainly has to do with the use of petrusite, an immensely powerful

energy source indignious to Helghan.

By whatever means the design of the MAWLR was made feasible, production was considered

a priority to the Helghan military after their failed invasion of Vekta, when a counter-invasion

of Helghan appeared imminent.

Numerous state corporations were involved in the manufacturing of the MAWLR platform,

likely Stahl Arms, the Visari Corporation, and Thoralf-Sigurd-Vig.

At roughly 280 meters tall, the MAWLR was the largest terrestrial war machine of its

era, towering above the battlefield on 4 immensely powerful legs.

Its central rotating structure housed the platforms command bridge, communication

arrays, electronic warfare systems and the majority of its offensive armament.

Such was the scale of the construct, that the MAWLR in many ways was more comparable

to a kind of walking battleship.

Indeed, the design featured many elements similar to those used on board Helghan naval


While its immense size reduced its overall speed, the MAWLR was a highly stable artillery


It was uniquely suited for rough terrain, capable of traversing the ruins and junkyards

common across Helghan.

It was even capable of climbing almost completely vertical surfaces, although how this was achieved,

either through anti-gravity devices or some other technique remains unknown.

While a conspicuous target in any engagement, the MAWLRs petrusite imbued armor made

it immune to all but the heaviest anti-tank and anti-starship weapons.

Its only major weakness was a series of vulnerable cooling vents and an external petrusite

power supply.

Even with these damaged or destroyed however, the MAWLR remained combat effective until

the central structure could finally be destroyed entirely.

Its armament was distributed between a number of weapon batteries.

Numerous auto cannons and missile emplacements were located on the MAWLRs bow, with mortars

and machine gun turrets situated both across the central structure and each of its legs.

Despite the overwhelming firepower these batteries offered, they were merely secondary, defensive

armaments, intended to protect the platform.

Instead, the walkers primary offensive element was a petrusite powered Arc Weapon

capable of discharging enormous beams of plasma well into the upper-atmosphere.

The intended role of the MAWLR was as a long range artillery platform.

During combat, they would be used to bombard enemy ground forces with conventional weapons,

or strike starships in orbit with Arc Cannons.

Because of their immense size, the Helghan Navy was never able to effectively transport

the MAWLRs offworld, and they were restricted to defensive engagements on the surface of

their homeworld.

The MAWLR saw limited service during the Second Extrasolar War, mainly attacking ISA starships

attempting to flee Helghan during the end of Operation Archangel.

After the Helghan capitals fixed Arc Cannon Batteries were disabled, several MAWLRs were

deployed to fill the gap, and they scored notable kills on the ISA Cruisers Dauntless

and Compulsion.

MAWLRs would also take part in the mop-up campaign following the failed ISA invasion,

with at least one destroyed by ISA remnants that refused to surrender.

After the destruction of Helghan at the end of the Second Extrasolar War, no MAWLRs were

reported to have survived.

Production however continued in secret within hidden facilities spread throughout Helghans

devastated planetary crust.

Dozens and perhaps hundreds of such walkers were present when Jorhan Stahl, one of the

highest surviving members of the old Helghan leadership, attempted to deploy a new kind

of biological weapon.

While the threat of war has once again faded, the divide between the Helghan nation and

the ISA remains.

Petrusite, now unleashed upon the galaxy can not be ignored.

In the span of only a few years, the Helghast were able to construct a weapon the likes

of which had never been seen before.

What they might have been able to accomplish if left uninterrupted and what still might

be lingering beneath the ruined surface of Helghan, is a frightening consideration.

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