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Hello, everyone! Its Director Pi!

Ta-da~! Today Im going to review the products in my new studio.

After I read the comments from my previous videos about acne and dry skin, I noticed that there are different levels of dryness and different types of acne.

So today, Ill be talking about skincare routines in accordance with skin type regarding the level of dryness and whether or not the acne is inflammatory.

lets start!

3 types of dryness 1. Problematic skin - Dry in specific areas with a lot of acne

Dryness due to acne is when only specific areas get dry.

It would help if you watched my video on acne first and then watch this review.

This type of skin goes through a lot of ups and downs due to external factors and stress

Its often shown as oily, combination, or dehydrated oily skin.

Changes in hormones or makeup habits can trigger acne.

People with this type of skin would most likely apply a lot of makeup and cleanse constantly, which makes their pores bigger

and creates a lot of blackheads, but they have thick skin so it doesnt notably show on their skin.

However, people with this type of skin can have deep wrinkles in their 30s to 40s.

There are two important parts in the skincare routine, which are cosmetic diet and specific skincare for each area!

You should minimize the skincare steps to cleansing, removing sebum, and moisturizing.

If you have folliculitis or contact dermatitis, you should first recover your skin condition

And then use functional products or shades.

Products that include a lot of BHA can often be good for people with a lot of acne.

3 types of dryness 1. How to improve problematic skin - Dry in specific areas with a lot of acne

1-1. Cleansing Use hypoallergenic cleansing water that you can use every day like a toner and use a lip-and-eye remover for shades.

1-2. Removing oil & exfoliating Use it on oily areas or on blackheads and whiteheads.

2.Water toner Skip using toners if youve used cotton pads. Use moisturizers that can hydrate your skin.

3.Dry areas #eyes #mouth #neck Use a strong moisturizing cream on dry areas. People with oily skin also have some dry areas. It is important to focus on the areas that are easy to miss.

3 types of dryness 1. Products for problematic skin - Dry in specific areas with a lot of acne

Ill explain how to look at the ingredients and contents of the products while unboxing todays items.

First of all, Benton Teatree Cleansing Water

I dont have problematic skin so Ive only used this as an occasional item for 2 weeks.

Teatree leaf water (70%) and tea tree leaf oil (0.01%) is included.

The cute bunny mark stands for anti-animal testing.

However, it is hard for brands to know if there were absolutely no animal testing on the materials.

GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice), standards for good pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control.

It is a mark that certifies the quality of the manufacturing facility.

You can see the expiration date and the manufacturing date on the bottom of the box.

This product was certified as hypoallergenic from KC Skin Research Center.

Soak the cleansing water in a cotton pad that doesnt have much embossing or isnt rough.

Its best to use a soft cotton pad.

The cleansing power of this product is around medium, which means it can remove sunscreen.

If you have flawless, full-face makeup, use natural oil or lip and eye removers to

Who is it? Who coughed? * parody *

Cleanse the strong shades before using cleansing water.

Problematic skin can get oily in the morning.

If you cleanse with this cleansing water and use a moisturizer, you can go on a cosmetic diet.

It may irritate your eyes, so be careful!

When a product includes tea tree leaf water or tea tree leaf oil, it is a great antibacterial, soothing item.

I would recommend this item to people with acne or folliculitis regardless of skin type.

This is a hypoallergenic no-wash cleansing water for acne!

The next product is Arial Stress Relieving Daily Pick Peeling Pad

This product includes more than 1% of Green tea water (50%), purified water, butylene glycol, and glycerin

These ingredients are all moisturizing ingredients!

You can see that it focuses on hydrating.

The glycolic acid (0.07%) in the back of the list is AHA, Salicylic Acid(0.1%) is BHA, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract(0.1%) is nature-based BHA.

This product includes hypoallergenic AHA for exfoliation and BHA for melting sebum.

It also includes tea tree leaf oil (0.02%) which helps relieve inflammation.

Panthenol(0.5%) and allantoin(0.1%) boosts the effects

All that AHA, BHA and tea tree oil may seem a little too much for the skin, but this product passed the hypoallergenic test.

In order to get theskin irritation test completedmark, a product has to be certified as hypoallergenic in a clinical trial.

You can use it as a normal wet wipe. One side has embossing and the other side is soft.

Its quite thick and the quality is good compared to the price.

Use the embossed side on thick areas such as the nose or chin

I dont have problematic skin, so I only used two pads a week.

I kept the soft side of the pad on my nose and chin for 10~15 minutes to relieve blackheads.

I would recommend this product for people with problematic skin, but people with dry skin can also use it in certain areas.

Thats why analyzing the ingredients is so important.

This product is also good for removing makeup residue (double cleansing) and controlling sebum.

Some reviews say that this pad is also great for wiping elbows.

Its ok to use this on areas that can be easily tinted such as armpits or elbows

However, this item might make those areas dry so make sure you apply moisturizing cream.

Products that include AHA, BHA, and tea tree oil is great for people with inflammatory skin to use in specific areas.

This item is a peeling pad that includes less than 1% of AHA and BHA

Its a good product for acne daily care.

If youve used cleansing water or a peeling pad, you dont have to double cleanse with a toner.

Just use a moisturizer! Lets see what moisturizers come in handy.

Jaiel AC Clear Cream Plus. The name suggestsAC clear

You can see that it is fit for acne, inflammatory skin.

It includes a lot of moisturizing ingredients

The main ingredient of this product is Aluminum Hydroxide (Jaielite)

See how the brand name and the ingredient name are similar?

This is because its an ingredient that Jaiel made.

Jaielite and Aluminum Hydroxide have the same ICID

So they share the same chemical formula but the molecular structure is different.

Jaielite is (+), while bacteria is (-), naturally, bacteria sticks to Jaielite like a magnet and thats how Jaielite removes the bacteria.

Jaielite has a porous structure so it absorbs excessive sebum and balances the oil and moisture.

I used it on my skin and noticed that it has a soft, cooling effect which is different from gel cream.

The cooling effect can lower the skin temperature to suppress bacteria proliferation.

However, Its not a strong moisturizer.

I would recommend this to people who have folliculitis, combination oily skin with acne, and dehydrated oily skin.

It doesnt include fragrance, aroma oil, or any ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

*Cosmetic diet tip* Dont use different types of moisturizing products.

Just use one moisturizer and apply two layers of it.

Before the renewal, Ive seen many reviews that this product can get cakey.

However, after it renewed to cream PLUS, it doesnt get cakey anymore.

The renewed version doesnt include Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, or Myristic Acid which can block pores.

It also doesnt include niacinamide, which is a brightening ingredient that can irritate the skin.

Its a moisturizing cream that isnt oily and doesnt include functional ingredients or fragrance.

Its a daily moisturizing cream for people with acne, atopy, inflammatory combination-oily skin.

3 types of dryness 2. Pigmented skin - Dry + some acne + a lot of pigmentation

People with this type of skin have dry skin and sometimes also have acne

The skin is very thin so there are many fine wrinkles and the skin tone may be uneven.

This type of skin has very thin skin barriers so the skin condition fluctuates.

So the focus is to control the texture and tone of the skin. The key is to Use the right amount of product.

3 types of dryness 2. How to improve pigmented skin - Dry + some acne + a lot of pigmentation

1-1. Hypoallergenic cleansing + cleansing oil Use cleansing oil if you have full makeup on

1-2. Hypoallergenic cleansing + cleansing water Use cleansing water (or foam) in the morning or if you only have sunscreen on.

2. Basic skincare for extra dewiness Apply a moisturizing ampoule or essence.

3. Apply functional cream for wrinkles and brightening for oil & moisture balance.

You only need a small amount of moisturizing cream if youve already applied an ampoule.

3 types of dryness 1. Products for pigmented skin - Dry + some acne + a lot of pigmentation

Hypoallergenic cleanser, Cleaderm Dr. Lacto Bubble Cleansing Water

It forms bubbles!

Oh, heres the mic.

This product includes glycerin (3%), Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside (3%), Polyglyceryl-4 caprylate(2.13%),

Dipropylene Glycol (2%), Pentylene Glycol(1%).

ANTIOXELL™, which is an antioxidant invented by ckdpharm is included.

It also includes Lacto-7 Barrier™, which are 7 fermented lactobacilli.

What does fermented extracts do?

It helps strengthen skin barriers and improve skin complexion.

Anti-dust: able to stick fine dust mimics

These bubbles went through a clinical test that proves that it has the ability to remove fine dust from the skin.

This item passed the hypoallergenic test.

It also has this mark that says that its against animal testing.

There are two ways to use this product.

One is to cleanse with a cotton cloth, the other is to directly spray it onto the skin...

I would recommend the second method.

Apply the bubbles onto your face and the bubbles will minimize irritation when you gently roll it with your hands.

If you feel like your makeup came off, wash it off with warm water.

Even if your face seems heated, warm water will boost the cleansing power.

Youll see that some whiteheads are still there, along with some color-makeup residue.

Double cleanse to get the remaining makeup off.

There were some reviews that stated that this product doesnt cleanse shades perfectly.

Its hard to completely remove color makeup with a hypoallergenic, slightly acidic cleanser.

I would recommend this to people who have thin dry skin,

damaged skin, and reddish skin that needs moisturizing.

This is a hypoallergenic no-wash cleansing water for thin skin that is sensitive to irritation.

Simply O Natural Glow Toner. Ive been using this since it was in a glass bottle.

It renewed to a plastic bottle, but the ingredients are identical.

I use a detergent and softener from Simply O.

Its really affordable compared to the ingredients and package.

This package also uses recycled paper made out of sugar cane for the environment.

The sticker is made out of paper too!

Vitamin tree is written on the box and its also known as Sea Buckthorn.

Sea Buckthorn is a tree that has a lot of vitamin C and E.

The first ingredient is vitamin tree water (83.7%), which is an antioxidant.

glycerin(3.5%), di propylene glycol(3%), butylene glycol(3%), and Glycereth-26 (2.0%) are all moisturizing ingredients.

1,2-Hexanediol (1.5%), Betaine (1%), Sodium Hyaluronate(1%).

This product includes a lot of Betaine (strengthens skin barriers) and Sodium Hyaluronate (moisturizing ingredient) so it is very moisturizing.

It is quite cost-effective, when you think about the material and ingredients.

There was a fun review that described the texture assomewhere between water and snot

It instantly feels moisturizing but its not sticky after a while.

Use a cleansing oil to remove heavy makeup and then use this toner for double cleansing.

I use the Simply O water to remove sunscreen or simple makeup such as cushion foundation, and use it as a double layer water essence.

Some reviews state that people with oily skin might not like this product because it has a thick texture.

Thick texture for oily skin, dewy texture for dry skin. I would recommend this toner to people with dry skin.

This product is highly moisturizing but it doesnt block pores so it would fit dry skin and dehydrated oily skin.

Bergamot oil, which is a citrus oil, gives a refreshing scent,

But people who are sensitive to citrus oil should be careful.

This is a moisturizing water toner & water essence that hydrates your skin after cleansing!

Next up I have an ampoule, essence, and moisturizing cream for dry skin.

First of all, essence! Dermatory Pro Hyal Shot Ampoule

I got the package deal, which is ampoule + hyaluronic acid cube

The ampoule includes hyaluronic acid.

Its not hard to find products that include hyaluronic acid.

The hyaluronic acid cube is quite unique.

There are two cubes of lyophilized hyaluronic acid powder (1%)

Lets look at the ampoule first. This product includes 3,500Da of small-molecule hyaluronic acid(3,000ppm).

Along with an original ingredient called Derma D-Panthen, which have anti-inflammatory and shooting effects

Derma D-Panthen is made out of purified water, glycerin, di propylene glycol, Hydrogenated Lecithin

Panthenol, Cetearyl Olivate, and Sorbitan Olivate

2% of Derma D-Panthen is included, which is effective in strengthening skin barriers.

Adenosine(0.04%) and Ceramide NP(0.05%) are included as boosting ingredients.

It is clinically patented for dewy moisture glow.

The ampoule alone creates a dewy glow.

Its not easy to see this much glow from any product.

The moisturizing effects that are great for dry skin stay on until the next morning!

The cube is 100% hyaluronic acid.

This is a freeze-dried (lyophilized) hyaluronic acid powder (1%)

If you add a drop of the ampoule onto the cube..

It melts right away like gel.

It absorbs into the skin and makes the skin hydrated until the next day. I loved it!

People with dehydrated oily skin or dry skin can maintain hydrated with the ampoule alone.

If you use the ampoule and the cube together, its almost as if youre applying moisturizing cream.

People with extremely dry skin would love it.

I applied this ampoule before I did my makeup in the morning.

However, the cube seemed too much, so Id only use the cube at night.

This product is the holy grail of moisturizing & creating a dewy glow.

Ive used a wrinkle-improving ampoule for dry, saggy skin.

For moisturizing cream, I would recommend a product that strengthens skin barriers and forms moisture barriers.

What would work best?

Apieu Lacto Bacillus Moisturizing Cream.

The name suggests that it includes Lacto Bacillus, so lets check if it really includes fermented ingredients!

Lactobacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract, BIFIDA Ferment Lysate, Lacto Bacillus Ferment Lysate

Lactococcus Ferment Lysate are all added and made into lacto moisturizing ferment™(58%)

I would say that it includes enough fermented extracts as the name would suggest.

It also includes niacinamide(brightening agent) and adenosine (wrinkle-improving agent) which helps improve dry, saggy skin.

It instantly feels a little oily, but it turns soft with time.

Moisturizing effects are around medium.

Ive already used a strong moisturizing ampoule, so amediummoisturizing cream

Would be a great combination for improving resilience in thin skin.

I would recommend this to dry skin and dehydrated oily skin.

If you want to use this cream without the ampoule,

I would recommend it for dehydrated oily skin that doesnt have much acne or skin troubles.

This is a moisturizing cream that really knows how to mix fermented ingredients.

3 types of dryness 3. Extremely dry skin - extremely dry + saggy + barely any acne

Dry skin can quickly lack skin resilience.

Its much drier than the skin types that Ive mentioned before and it lacks resilience.

This type of skin is basically dry all over and it lacks both oil and moisture.

People who have this type of skin would feel dry right after cleansing,

And some may over-exfoliate because the skin feels rough even after cleansing and exfoliating.

However, peeling can't solve this problem.

These people tend to have many fine wrinkles, especially around their eyes when they smile.

If you leave it like this, it would take a long time to improve or it might not recover at all.

3 types of dryness 3. How to improve extremely dry skin - extremely dry + saggy + barely any acne

1-1. Hypoallergenic cleansing + cleansing oil Use cleansing oil if you have full makeup on

1-2. Hypoallergenic cleansing + cleansing water Use cleansing water (or foam) in the morning or if you only have sunscreen on.

2. Water toner Remove any makeup residue with a cotton pad

Apply the toner with your hands from face to neck.

3. Brightening & wrinkle-improving functional essence or ampoule

Before using a strong moisturizing cream, use a functional essence or ampoule to brighten skin tones and improve wrinkles.

4. Strong moisturizing resilience cream Use a small amount of resilience cream to spread a thin layer on the skin.

3 types of dryness 3. Products for extremely dry skin - extremely dry + saggy + barely any acne

The key is improving resilience! The sequence is important.

First, use a natural oil to cleanse heavy makeup.

Its best for dry skin to use natural oil when it comes to cleansing because it leaves the skin hydrated.

If youve only applied sunscreen or cushion,

Use Benton Teatree Cleansing Water or Simply O Natural Glow Toner

Next up is skincare. Ill divide it into morning and night.

Etude House Real Propolis ampoule

The main ingredient is propolis extract from New Zealand

New Zealand has high quality raw propolis.

Purified water + raw propolis + Mositurizng agents + emulsifying agents + preservatives = Propolis extract(80%)

The raw propolis protects the skin from photoaging and also works as an antioxidant.

8 types of amino acid (Glycine, Glutamic Acid, Serine, Lysine, Alanine, Arginine, Threonine, and Proline)

Boosts the effects of Propolis extract

Ceramide NP, which forms skin barriers, is also in the mix.

It also includes brightening and wrinkle improving agents such as niacinamide and adenosine

The bottle is very easy to use. If you turn the tap, a fountainpen filler comes out.

The product has a milky color and it adheres very fast and turns soft.

This product improves the inner dryness of the skin.

I would recommend this product for oily skin or dehydrated oily skin.

If you use it with strong moisturizing cream, its also good for people who have inner dryness.

I would say that quick adherence is its strong point.

It effectively strengthens skin barriers and helps brighten the skin tone as well as improve wrinkles.

If youve used soft functional ampules for dry, saggy skin

You would also need a thick moisturizing cream.

Urang Rose Ceramide Cream

Its marked Natural Ingredient 99.81%.

We all know that the origin is important when it comes to natural ingredients.

Rosa Damascena Flower water (33.0%) is from the US and the Rosa Damascena Flower Oil (20mg) is from Bulgaria.

Its great for skin that lacks resilience, but people under the age of 25 dont need to use this product.

Ceramide NP(1500ppm) is also in the mix to strengthen skin barriers.

Cetearyl Alcohol and shea butter make it extremely dewy.

Thats why I recommend this to people with dry skin.

Whats important is that Rosa Canina Fruit Oil is included.

Rosa hip oil is a natural Retinol that includes a lot of Vitamin A.

It helps soothe any dead skin cells on extremely dry skin that lacks resilience.

The product is white and it is highly moisturizing, so you only need a small amount.

Its thick and very nourishing, so it would be too heavy for oily skin and dehydrated oily skin.

If you have oily skin, just use it on areas that are less oily such as around the eyes, lips, and neck.

form a moisture barrier to protect dry areas.

If people with dry skin apply this before they go to sleep

It would sooth dead skin cells

People that have atopy or often suffer from itchy skin can reduce external irritation through this moisture barrier.

This is a highly nourishing and moisturizing cream made out of natural ingredients.

I would recommend it for extremely dry skin, dry skin, and people with atopy.


Today I didnt bring many ingredients, but Ive gone through the process of unboxing, analyzing ingredients, confirmed clinical trials, and tested the products.

The key point was the skincare routine.

Each product is fit for different types of skin.

However, since Ive explained the combination of products in todays skincare routine.

I hope it helped you in using the products in diverse ways.

Ill see you next week with another fun video!

Ill be back soon! Bye!

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