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Hello friends! I Vinod Pandey, heartily welcome you, on your own youtube channel!

Friends, the word is considered a sign of God and it is the most sacred word of the eternal Hindu religion.

The sound has always been heard from the universe. Pooja and mantrachachar begin with the pronunciation of also.

In the Yajurveda it is said that "Om Khim Brahma" means Om is the absolute Brahma,

which is universally occupied. Without the world, it can not be imagined.

The word has been formed from three letters- A, U & M

Meaning of A To be born

U mean Get up That is to develop

Meaning of M to being silent or to become Brahmalin

Friends, today we will tell you the right way to chant mantra every day-

1. It is considered to be best in the morning Brahmamahar in the pronunciation of the mantra,

because at this time our brains are sufficient amounts refreshing and the surrounding environment is also inspiring,

at the time of lightening from the darkness ie during sunrise, 4.30 From 6 pm, there are intense Brahma Mahurt

so if you chant this chant in the morning, then it will prove to be more beneficial.

2. To chant the mantra, select the selection of a quiet and clean place,

if possible, make a posture of wood or cotton clothing and sit on it and chant it.

. It is good to chant the mantra of the open space, on the banks of the maidan region, river or ocean,

at these places you can do chanting, high tone and continuous.

If you want to chant the mantra only at home, then you should pronounce the word of the mantra in a slow voice or in your mind

because the frequency of the reflected sound produced by the vibrations of the mantra is more than the usual, this frequency may also be harmful to you. May be.

4. You can pronounce the mantra in Padmasana, Ardhapadmasana, Vajrasan or Sudhasan,

never sleeping, do not chant this mantra, if you are unable or unable to place the seat, then you stand standing or sitting on the chair Chant this mantra.

5. At the time of the chanting of the mantra, you focus on the action of your breathlessness, keep control of breath,

take long and deep breaths at the time of the accent of the mantra, start chanting on breath, and Long sound of the sound.

6. Use jamapalaka for chanting of mantra, use chanting of 27, 54 or 108 beads for daily chanting.

7. If you have any disease, then prolong itching and feel that the sound is going to your disease and

it is working through the drug through the compression and troubleshooting your sufferings.

8. Appreciate the mantra's aspiration and meditate in yoga posture for some time after the pronunciation is complete and relax.

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