Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Injection Moulding at Protolabs

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Here at Protolabs we are your outsource partner. Assisting your on-demand prototype and production

leads, to deliver parts as and when required. Simply upload your CAD file to receive an interactive

quote with free DFM analysis for your geometry. We offer 3 services, 3D Printing, CNC Machining

and Injection Moulding. With a team of engineers available to offer technical advice.

The major differentiator at protolabs is the scale of our on-demand, injection moulding

capabilities. The service is fast, supported by industrial grade processes, repeatability

with a wide-range of thermoplastic and thermoset resins available.

In addition we offer insert moulding and overmoulding. Insert moulding, this is where you start off

with a pre-formed part, typically a threaded insert of some sort, to have a plastic moulded

around it. With overmoulding this is where you start off

with a hard, substrate plastic part, to then have a soft touch material moulded around.

Furthermore, we offer family tooling and multi-cavity tooling both with the added reassurance that

we offer a life-time guarantee to the tool.

Protolabs gives complete flexibility throughout your ordering process and allows you to control everything from material selection, right

down to delivery options. The result is parts are produced to suit your

budget and timeline requirements.

The Description of Injection Moulding at Protolabs