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- Hey guys, thanks for coming over,

and recently we uploaded a Hello Neighbor family challenge,

and you guys loved it, it was so fun.

- And we recently finished remodeling our house

so now all the lights are color-changing!

- Yeah, that's so cool, back up everyone!

It's time to activate Hello Neighbor

Night Mode in three, two, one, go!

(suspenseful music)

Guys, isn't that awesome? - Yeah!

- It's gonna be so creepy sneaking in past the neighbor.

- That's what we're going to do today,

because every day's a new day.

- Let's make it an awesome one!

- (gasp) Guys, do you see him?

- (whisper) He's right out there.

- (laughing) He already got me, here he comes!

- Just like in the video game, the neighbor

has three items that he hides: the apple,

the crowbar, and the golden key.

- But the neighbor's kind of weird,

because he hides them in really weird spots.

- Yeah, so it might be like in the fridge,

the microwave, we have no clue, we'll just have to find out,

right? - And the other thing is

we can only come in two people at a time, no more.

And also, the neighbor has to wear noise-canceling

headphones, so he can't hear us when

we're hiding around the house.

- It's time to go outside and let the neighbor

hide all the stuff. - Let's go!

(spooky music)


(spooky music)

- Okay you guys, we are in the safe house over here.

You can look through the window and see

the neighbor's house right over there.

- Look at all the color-changing lights.

It looks so creepy, doesn't it?

- Yeah, who should go in first, right?

- Yeah, who should go in first?

- Well, I think you two should go in first,

because you guys are a great team,

and you're the smallest also, so you guys can scout out,

try to find all the items that you can.

Obviously grab them. - Yeah.

- If you're able to, but if not, if you're not able

to grab them, make a mental note, let us know,

and we'll try it for the next round.

- Alright, let's do this guys!

- Kyle's got the camera, and good luck.

Me and Gage will help you guys get inside the house,

and then you guys are on your own.

Are you ready? - Yeah.

Let's go! - This is gonna be so creepy!

- Let's go Luke. - Hey guys, come on.

You gotta make it over the lawn.

- Look at all the lights! - I know, right?

- It's so creepy! - Guys guys guys.

- Well, here we are, by the patio.

Before we go inside, make sure to smash that

like button to give us good luck.

I'm so nervous, Luke! - Yeah, do you want me

to take it, dude? - Yeah, so I can run back.

- Okay, let's go, do you see him in here?

- Oh my God, he's right there.

(gasp) Do you see him? - Okay, I'm gonna wait

for him to go through the kitchen door.

- Go go go go go!

- (whisper) Okay, we're here, Kyle Kyle Kyle!

(whisper) He's right there, he's right there.

(suspenseful music)

(whisper) Let's go let's go let's go.

(suspenseful music)

(whisper) I gotta hide here.


(laughs) You already got me, oh no!

Run, Kyle, run! (screaming)

Guys, he totally got me! - Oh man, are you okay Luke?

- Yeah. - Holy smokes!

Was that so scary? - Yeah.

Oh he got me. - He totally got you!

Oh my gosh, okay, where's Kyle?

Where is Kyle? (screams)

What happened? - It's so scary

he was chasing me! - Did you get to look anywhere

- No, at least I got, I actually looked.

On the couch right there. - Okay, so you looked

on the couch. - Hi stinky neighbor.

- Hi stinky neighbor. - Okay, so next is me

and Gage, Gage, are you ready for this?

- You guys just totally find an item.

- Come on, you can do it! - Okay, we're gonna go in,

and we're going to like, rush it.

Are you ready Gage? - Yeah, let's do it.

- How about you guys go through the front door?

- Actually, that's not a bad idea.

Let's go through the patio door for this first round,

and just see what happens, I don't even know.

He's really aggressive tonight, I'm a little nervous.

- I think he's really tired, so he's just going crazy.

- Let's go guys, you guys should go.

- Not yet, not yet, not yet! - Wait for him to pass.

- Gotta wait for him to pass. (knocking)



- Oh my goodness that was so scary.

Okay Gage, are you ready?

Tell us when to go. - Tell us when!

- Three, two, one, go go go go!

- Okay, sh sh sh, this way. (suspenseful music)

(screams) Crap! (kids shrieking)

Where's Gage? (screams and laughter)

Did you guys see that? - Yeah!

- I almost got caught! - Gage is over there!

- Gage is still inside you guys, Gage is still inside.

Oh my goodness, yes he's in the kitchen, you can see him.

Shh, Gage Gage, he hid in the cubby.

- Smash that like button to give Gage a

chance to get an item. - He needs to get an item.

We have to get one. - Yeah.

- I looked in the kitchen like a couple of places.

- I know. - And I didn't find anything.

(gasp) Oh wait, he passed Gage.

- Okay, okay, okay where is he going?


It's so scary! - It is so scary.

Come on Gage, get something, oh he got something!

What'd you get, Gage you got the golden apple!

Oh my gosh that is so awesome!

Good job Gage, okay, okay, now, we have to change

the entrance and go in the basement door.

Are you guys ready? - Yeah, me and Mom

should go this time. - Okay, let's do it.

We have to be so quiet going in the basement door

because, oh, the garage is open!

Let's go through the garage, come on!

- Let's go! - Let's go through the garage.

Oh, this is gonna be so cool, okay, Luke, are you ready?

- Yeah, let's go in the living room area.

- Okay, the living room, let's focus on the couch.

- Okay. - I feel like the last time

I missed so many opportunities on the couch.

- I'll go hide by the green screen, and then,

do you have a way? - I'm gonna hide behind

the couch, I think, or under the blanket maybe?

I don't know, okay, here we go.

Just in the stairway first, and then we'll

make a plan from there, okay, shh.

Hey, you and Kyle, meet me out by the patio.

- Okay, got it. - Okay go go go.

(suspenseful music)

(whisper) Okay here we go, do you see him?

- (whisper) I didn't see him. - (whisper) Oh he's coming,

wait wait wait, he's coming. (suspenseful music)

(whisper) Quiet quiet quiet quiet quiet.

Get down get down get down, okay, okay.

- (whisper) Be ready to run that way if he comes.

- (whisper) Okay.

Okay, are you ready, we're going to the couch in three.

- (whisper) Three, two, one, go go go go go!



- I got the key, I got the key, yes!

But Luke's still inside, Luke's still inside.

Oh man, guys I got the key, I got the key!

Did Luke get out of here?

Did Luke make it? Where is he?

Where is he? - He's still behind

the green screen. - Where is he?

He's still, oh, I got the key!

I got the key, go go go!

When I was over here, in the corner of the couch,

I could see right where that, I think that,

the last item is, what's it called?

- The crowbar! - Yes, the crowbar!

- Where is it? - I think the last item

is in the basket by the plant by the entertainment center.

Oh he got him, oh no, oh no!

He got him, oh he got him, oh no!

Luke got captured again, he's having horrible luck today.

You got captured again! - I know.

I waited too long, I should've gone.

- Oh my goodness, you should have snuck out.

But look what I got, the key! - Yes!

- So we have the apple and the key.

Okay, awesome. - All we need is the crowbar.

- And I think I saw the crowbar, I'm not sure.

So you're going to get in this basket right there,

you see that? - Yeah.

- I think you can fit, I don't know.

And then once you see him pass, you sneak out,

go by the entertainment center, grab the crowbar,

and get the heck out of there!

- Yeah, okay! - Oh my gosh this is scary.

- Go go go! - Go go go!

- (whisper) Oh my gosh, I'm waiting.

He's right out there. (suspenseful music)

(screams) Guys, I made it! (suspenseful music)

I got the crowbar! - Good job dude.

- You got the crowbar! - Whoa, that was so awesome!

You got it Kyle, good job!

That was amazing, we got all three items!

Yes, that was so cool! - We got the key,

the golden apple, and the crowbar.

- You guys, we rocked this family challenge.

We did it you guys, we got all three items!

- Yeah, that was so fun! - Yeah, but it's time

to change the lights back to normal.

Deactivate Hello Neighbor Mode in three, two, one, go!

Whoa! - That is so cool!

Thank you for watching, you guys.

Make sure to click any of these videos to watch more,

and we'll see you guys next time!

- Bye! (grunt)

- Thanks to Uncle Pete for being an awesome neighbor!

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