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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: スローでシンプルな暮らし * ワンコと過ごす雨の日 / おにぎりランチ / ガーデニング / 美味しい時間 [vlog]

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A bird that always comes to my home.

She loves massage.

I thought it was "100g" but it was "1Dog".

She wants to play in the garden, even if it's raining.

With a raincoat, you're invincible.

She is not the best at getting the soles wet with rain.

Spring is coming soon.

I make a Japanese omelet with one egg taken on a cold day.

Rice balls mixed with chicken and vegetables and cooked.

The miso soup is made easy instant miso soup.

The flattened Japanese omelet (Tamagoyaki) was also completed.

The new tree I bought this week is "Beni Mansaku".

I heard that it grows up in a sunny place, so I tried it.

Because it is a deciduous tree and a shrub, it is ideal for places where you do not want to stretch the tree too high.

It is the first deciduous tree to be planted in my home.

I am looking forward to the autumn leaves.

"Calluna vulgaris" fell in love at first sight.

I heard that it is a plant that grows in the wild in Canada and Europe.

In summer they prefer cool places, so they are planted near "Beni Mansaku".

I guess the flower will be a little further away.

And another tree ...

"Enkianthus perulatus" I've always wanted. In Japan, it is called "Doudan Tsutsuji".

I have been planting a lot of trees this year,

I will stop planting trees soon because it is a small garden.

Switch on.

It is the latest wonderful Juro that water comes out from various places.

Eucalyptus also showed small buds.

Klapia remained green without dying, probably because of the warm winter this year.

A clever kurapia who grew up so big from only 10 seedlings.

I hope this year will be a great ground cover for the garden this year.

Relax with a bean jam toast from a neighborhood lady.


Bean toast tower.

Looking forward to this casual little time of the holiday,

I have a favorite scenery that makes my days happy.

The room where the setting sun goes is the same color as the bread baked in the toaster.

Boston fern

The outside is still cold, so she is evacuating inside the house.

Pithecellobium confertum is in the shape of rock✊.

Before opening, the leaves are brown like dead.

The plants are obedient and cute.

Tonight with plenty of baby leaves,

Favorite sashimi found at the supermarket.

I like beer, but I drink non-alcoholic beer because alcohol is weak.

The fat is delicious, the texture is good, and the taste permeates the body.

The dessert is "Rokkatei" chocolate.

Delicious time ends in no time.

Put your heart in "now"

Please spend your favorite time carefully.

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