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This is Show! Champion

Show! This is the Champion waiting room!

These days E:U seems to do

Braid hair style a lot.

I like her hair style

How about Braid-E:U?

Braid-E:U, not bad!

Braid-E:U seems nice

E:U really like half-tied hair these days

Do you know why?

You told me that I look nice with my hair tied

Right, actually, its just because I told her so

Aisha likes my ponytail

So I do it often these days

With ponytail, my facial features look more clear

And my face contour looks better

I need to do a ponytail sooner or later

Then I'll try half-tied hair that day!

To become a sharp eye these days

Like this

Doesnt it look sharp?

Really sharp

On the day I put my eyelashes up and down

Even if I open my eyes halfway like this

My eyes look bigger

I saw a picture

Taken on the stage of


How did my eyes look

So sharp like that?

You may know

How much I was into that concept

So scary dark shadow!!

It is the point of this performance

Wait a sec

What is this picture?

I was watching YouTube in this morning

And I captured this because it was so funny

It's the same as the Sihyeon of dark shadow..

We will go to rehearsal then!

Is it EPICKlogue?


Dumpling Yiren

WangYiren so cute

We just did our Twitch Live!

Now we need to take

The behind picture!

I will post it on the fan cafe later!

Please visit our fan cafe and check it out!



This is Onda of Onda Cam!

This is Mia Cam(?)

As we have Mia Cam

We dont care about Onda Cam

So good bye


Please pay attention!!

ONDA: Today we did MIA: I, Han Mia, cannot hear Reporter ONDA.

ONDA: Our first Twitch Live! MIA: I, Han Mia, cannot hear Reporter ONDA.

ONDA: Are you listening? MIA: I, Han Mia, cannot hear Reporter ONDA.

ONDA: Oh Please! MIA: I, Han Mia, cannot hear Reporter ONDA.

Please listen to me at lesast once!

Give us a comment please!

It was fun!

Another comment please!

I enjoyed it!

Please be specific!

I feel very satisfied!

Really!! Soulful!!

There is a Everglows

Unique filming style

Oh wait!

I will ask in interview style!


Please let me do it!


I heard you have analyzed something recently

What did you analyze?

I am a skilled analyst

I am good at observation

Onda tends to ask a lot of questions!

She asks What are you doing?

Mia tends to talk about herself!

She talks about herself

Like this

And my style is kind of


Like a eat yogurt

Or have a meal

Or have some conversation!

But Yiren!

She gets angry!

She is angry in her video a lot.

E:U shows something a lot!


Something thats her inside!

Sihyeon tends to eat, like salad

Is it like a salad VLOG?

I hope the comparison video goes out

Did you catch it? It is actually a request

And weve made it!!

Im wearing a hat today!

Beret sss

My dream is to be a painter

A painter

Ill begin Montshell Mukbang

Then Ill have Custard


Not yet!

Ill cut it like this

You know that right? On Youtube..

I dont know!

Pro Youtuber

Take it out!

Put it here!

And pull here!

And you hear the sound!


Archers hold it like this!

There coming out all of Archer characters lol lol

Watch out!

It feels so good!

~ Never ending shooting play ~


(My nail art went out)

(Its fine)


There is a request for you

Do you know Hamtori?

The surprised Hamtori!


So soulless

Another one!

You shouldnt fight

Hairband Hairband

Hairband made with earphone!

Mask made with earphone!


I did fan signing event yesterday

And there was teabags


English breakfast, Earlgrey tea bags

Peppermint tabag!

There was three kinds

And I brought them to

Enjoy daily

And Ill have the first one


The color of peppermint tea is originally like this!

It tastes a little bit like toothpaste

Like a Wooden Toothpaste

It makes your mouth fresh

So Ill have this today!


My nail arts fell a lot

All at once!

So I hastily cut these

My nails

And changed it!

So I feel really fresh

And I like these fingers a lot!


This not ONDA Reporter!

Todays TMI(Too much information)!!

There is something like TMI Sharing

I am so sleepy today

And I couldnt sleep enough

And the reason is

Cooking became my routine

So I make breakfast and dinner for the next day

Before I go to sleep

I slept late yesterday

Making them

I went to sleep almost at 2am

(Today) After the pre-recording schedule

I was so hungry

So I ate the meal

I prepared a day before

But actually, I was to have breakfast and dinner

So I put them apart


Lunch! Like this

And the menu is different

For breakfast

And lunch

I should have had one of them

But I had two of them at once

As there were more than enough eggs

I left some

And I had all of

Meal boxes!

So I am thinking seriously about

What am I going to eat for dinner

I should have posted pictures to FanCafe

Yesterday evening

But time past so fast

Cooking my meal!

I cannot

Post picture

To. FanCafe At 1:30am right?

When our Forever is sleeping

I cannot wake them up


I couldnt

I thought I would post

Next day in the morning!

So I posted today~


We are going to do Power of K with a lot of energy!

Beautifully and Wonderfully!!

Way to go!

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