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What is up guys! I'm Sean with, and today I'd like to welcome you to our very

first YouTube video, EVER!

And in this video, we're gonna speculate on the origins of Rey. So keep in mind, if you

haven't actually seen the film yet, go ahead and go do so; and then come back and watch this.

So kicking it off with what I think is the most frequently asked question, and

that is if Luke Skywalker, is actually her father.. Fans have speculated this, due to

a ton of compelling evidence, in which Rey's story, definitely points all signs to Luke.

And just like both Anakin and Luke, Rey also grew up on a desert planet, which is also

far away, so no one can find her. And just like her possible dad, and grandfather; she

also happens to be an expert mechanic and pilot. Another thing you might recall, is

that the very same lightsaber that Anakin built, and subsequently moved on to Luke,

also seems to be calling to her. And whether or not you agree with the evidence, Kathleen

Kennedy has also gone on record, saying this saga that follows the original trilogy, is

a Skywalker story. And although Kylo Ren happens to be a descendent of the Skywalker line,

I can't help but feel like Rey might be one as well.. Given that in episode 7, we see a similar

parallel to A New Hope, it's definitely gonna be interesting to see if Episode 8 borrows

from Empire Strikes Back, where we get the shocking twist of who Luke's father actually

is. And although Episode 8 might not bring us that ending, it may bring us to our next

theory... And that is Rey, may not have parents; she might have, a creator. That creator, could

very well be Luke Skywalker. And although it might not be the exact explanation we were

hoping for, it might just be the one that's less cliche. I know what you're saying, but

think about it. Darth Plagueis created Anakin, so it could very well be that Luke, created

Rey as a backup, just in case anything went wrong. And although some speculate that he'd

have to be on the dark side in order to do that, it is possible that just like in Return

of The Jedi, Luke has learned to tap into the dark side, without actually going all

the way. This would make not only Rey, just as strong as Vader, but it would also make Luke,

just as powerful as Plagueis, which also gives merit to the theory that Plagueis is smoke.

And if this theory is correct, it would make for incredibly kickass fight between Luke

and Plagueis in Episode 9!

Following that, we reach our last theory. When making the film, JJ Abrams was really

specific on the accents that the actors could portray. He was specific that Finn, couldn't

keep his accent, but Rey could. This leads me to believe, that Rey is a descendent of

Obi-Wan Kenobi. It is possible that during Luke's search for new Jedi, he stumbled upon

Obi-Wan Kenobi's family. And after Ben Solo turned, hid her on Jakku, with the intentions

of her finding him again. This could also explain why R2D2 didn't power back on, until

he felt the presence of Rey. Giving the final piece of the map, and leading her back to


Well guys, this completes our speculation video! If you like this, and you wanna see

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Until then, I'm Sean with, and I'll see you next time!

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