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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Story: Hiking Kwanak Mountain in Korea

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hi I'm Sarah and I'm going to tell you

about something funny that happened to

me in Korea so last year on a really

really hot day my friends and I climbed

gwanak Sun so it was really really hot

really really sticky I was sweating I

was hungry

it took so long we got to the top and I

was out of water I had drank all the

water on the way up so of course there's

the men and women who sell maca Li there

and luckily I don't think there's

anything more delicious on a hot day

after hiking so I had one ball two bowls

three bowls and by the time I was

finished I could barely stand up that's

a problem because I had to go back down

the mountain so I was like a monkey

there were tree branches above me and I

was just kind of swinging down like this

dropping on rocks and I dropped myself

on a rock that was too small so I let go

of the branch landed on the rock and

flipped backwards behind me was a really

steep hill with some trees and some

grass and stuff and then just drop I

skidded all the way down on my back the

trees stopped me maybe ten more feet and

I would have fallen off the cliff my

boyfriend was so mad he came stomping

down the hill screaming at me about how

stupid I was and dragged me back up I

had bruises here some cuts here I was

bleeding I was shaking but it was

actually really really really funny

once we talked about it the next day so

that's my hiking story in Korea hope you

enjoyed it


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