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The future of the WWE Championship picture will be on full display tonight.

What is going on guys?

Mackenzie Mitchell here for

WWE now with everything you need to know before tonight's Monday Night Raw.

>> [INAUDIBLE] Styles into the [INAUDIBLE]

Styles has most trouble for that match.

[NOISE] The first domino.

AJ Styles.

>> After a chaotic start to last week's raw, WWE official,

Adam Pearce set up a night of massive qualifying matches to

earn a spot in tonight's triple threat match.

>> A WWE Championship opportunity will be on the line when Keith Lee,

Riddle and AJ Styles meet in a sudden death showdown.

All three competitors moved one step closer to a WWE title clash with

Drew McIntyre in very different ways.Riddle atlast and Seamus and

a brutal Battle of rivals, Lee's dominance Crompton MB VP to intervene on

his client Bobby Lashley's behalf, resulting in a disqualification.

Who will emerge to earn an encounter with The King of Claymore Country?

>> [NOISE] >> Is Drew McIntyre about to fall

to the three most dangerous letters in all of sports entertainment?

>> Here we go.

>> Going for the RKO Play more,play more,for we go.

Drew McIntyre has taken back the WWE title.

>> Champion Drew McIntyre.

>> An unbelievably heroic effort by Drew McIntyre,

so sell out to achieve his goal of

regaining The WWE championship.

>> Drew McIntyre once again, reigns over the red brand and

we will give an exclusive interview tonight.

Following a colossal clash with the universal champion Roman reigns at

survivor series, the WWE champion is looking to make a statement as his second

title run gets underway.

>> With Randy Orton ensnared in the fields mind games will the Scottish superstar

offer his thoughts on the triple threat match that will determine his next


[NOISE] >> [INAUDIBLE] Jeff Hardy and Elias will

be playing a whole new tune tonight in a Symphony of Destruction match.

After months of turmoil,

the rivals will look to settle their

score tonight with an array of musical

instruments surrounding the ring.

The charismatic enigma recently belted Elias in a Guitar-on-a Pole match,

now drums, cellos and more will be added To the painful orchestra,

who will deliver the Knights biggest solo and walk away from the symphony of

destruction as the headlining act >> Focus 10 years is barred.


After the emergence last week,

Randy Orton is returning

to a moment of bliss to

respond to the mind game.

>> The demonic being caused the Viper an opportunity at the WWE title,

which will no doubt have the 14 time world champion in a vital mood.

Will Alexa Bliss help the fiend lay another trap for Orton?

Or does the Viper have his own strike plan, so do not miss it when it all goes

down tonight on Monday night Raw 8/7 Central on USA Network.


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