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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FOREVER ALONE | Trollface Quest Internet Memes

Difficulty: 0

Have you seen this man?


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Completely mind-blowing

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there's only like two weeks left so go get your tickets now because they're selling out fast.

*whip crack* Top o' the morning to ya ladies, my name is jacksepticeye

And welcome back to troll face quest.

we're doing internet memes this time. I haven't done this one.

At least I don't think so, none of this is familiar to me at all.

Aw even the logo is half a troll face like the Apple logo,

And there's a whole bunch of other troll games *slurs and tries again* games *starts over*

Troll cames (nailed it jack)

that I haven't played yet either.

God, there's so many of them.

ANYway, Let's get into Internet memes.


Are you the forever alone guy?

Ah ha HA.

*troll cries*

Yeah, I had to make him forever alone.

Forever alone never on the phone.

You don't have any friends

You don't have any friends because this is how it ends

Take it

N-no thanks, and I'm gonna just go on in here.

Did I do it? Haha!

Hey this one isn't so hard this isn't nearly as obnoxious as the last one.

Oh, no Doge, Doge is cold.

I'm gonna heat him up.

Oh shit okay

Can I throw a Doge on the fire?

Do-don't throw anything else in the fire.

If you throw anything else in the fire everyone else's gonna die.

Okay, so just...

I don't know actually.

Just what? Just...

Just what? Just-Just Dance?

Okay, there's something else to it.


Here we go.

You do something.

I'm able to click you so you do something.

Click. Click. Click.

Can I click and drag?

No. If I click and hold?

Holy God!

Okay is that-

Clicking and holding worked by the way.

Is that supposed to be them...


burned because of the fire.

It looks like they're covered and shit.

or like baked beans

probably shit


Is that sad Keanu? You want a sandwich?

Oh shit he ate it

Okay, that's cool Keanu proud o' ya. That's a good job


What the fuck? Do I make him dodge it?

Yeah *chuckles*

Now we all had a good time, but we're both hungry now because

I was going to eat that sandwich but I threw it at him, and he was going to eat the sandwich, but he dodged it, so

Who gets the sandwich?

Okay, we can't get the kitty outta the tree

So how bout we get the treee.. on the ground (wut?)

No, okay. Um.

Can't click you, all I can click is this.

I'll figure it out. Don't you worry.

Just keep jumping


I can literally only click this tree

There's nothing else in this level that lets me click.

Can I have a bush?

Is somebody hiding in the bushes?

Hemmm can I throw you? And here's my phone to get it available on the App Store. Oh, I'll pause the game


I was trying to click the buildings and all of a sudden you popped up, who are you and why?

I mean the cats back, but there you go.

Wait! That was a fail?

Wait, what did I do?

Oh! I clicked and dragged!

Oh God do I have to do another step?

Ok if I drag you in..

Now I can't do anything with this.

I don't fucking know (we're losing him) Give me the answers! Give me, give me the surprise. I can't click and drag you.

Can I bring in another one?



Fuck sake

Ok joke's on me guys oh egg on my face

Oh shit I burnt the house down




I did it it's no problem. It's no problem.


There we go, I was gonna say isn't this the house where the girl stands outside of it burning and she takes a picture





That was it okay, I thought she was supposed take up a camera or something, umm

I don't know what one you are

*Chuck testa says "no"*

Okay, he just announced that I failed the level no

Okay, I don't know what he wants

No, I don't I don't know the meme


This is not what you want no?

How many iterations of this shit is there?

Okay, let me, let me just search around for a sec see if there's anything else I can click on. At least maybe..

Uh that still counts as picking him. At least maybe if I knew what the meme was I'd be able to do it.


I know what meme you are you're Chuck testa

Nope Chuck testa


but I don't know how to get you to do thing. Does he have a- I want to look up Chuck testa.

Does he have a thing in the video with him?

"You probably thought this deer was alive, and this coyote was alive and this pheasant was alive. Nope they're not

They're dead. They've been taxidermist by Chuck testa

Ojai Valley taxidermy." oh, I love him. So maybe I have to get all three of them in one

You have a swirl. So I need one with all three, right? There we go.

It still doesn't count??

Okay, that's not a pheasant. That's a duck

Okay, let me just go through the iterations for a sec.

There's three parts

Do I have to click it?

I was just going to say do I have to click and hold on you, but I can change you. Oh my god!

Nope, Chuck testa, I don't think that's what your tester was.

Okay, a scary maze game

Don't do it


He got sad by his own face. Do you not have to punch the screen or something?

Apparently I can't click anymore

Ohhh! I had to click the cat!

Got 'im! I scared him twice now he's dead I did that! Go me.




I'm gonna have to

I'm gonna have to go answer C. Final answer.


Well shit can't afford the boat, sorry


Okay is the answer none of them? Is the answer secret answer number somewhere else? Tro-tro.

Just gonna guess all of them

Okay, they're all wrong, so there's something else I have to pick. Can I move shit?

I've tried clicking on these and dragging them but they don't work.




How did that work? I just started clicking on things and dragging them!

Oh! I feel like I'm gonna sneeze. I'm allergic to the bullshit



Okay, what are we doing playing some gambits?

Your friends are all laughing at you. You upset for that?

Oh shit! Dude I just got schooled!

C-can I make him play more cards?

okay, just

click and drag on everything

That's all you have to do apparently, okay. Can I play my card first?


What if I click and hold on you

Can I do something to your cards? I don't fucking know!

Ohhh *chuckles*

I had to click on that guy. Ah game complete

Every time I play these I'm always simultaneously being like "Really? Can this just fucking be over?" And also being like "Aww man it's over already."

Jesus some of the solutions of those are really obnoxious

Cuz the ones that I hate the most are the ones that are kind of time-based

So you click one thing and then you click the other thing?

I don't mind the ones where I have to go searching in the environment for the different pieces that I have to put together, but overall,

Decent I like the art styles in these games

Their nice to look at, even though I didn't get ALL the memes that were in that

And I don't know if that makes me sad or happy. I think it makes me happy if I don't know every single meme

That's happening. I think that means that I've pulled far enough away from the internet that it hasn't consumed me so

That's good in a way even though. I probably did know most of them

I just couldn't think of them when they were in the middle of this. Anyway!

There are more troll games to come! I've seen some in the sidebar here that I haven't gotten to, at least one anyway..

No, two there's two that I haven't played, so I'll get to them next and we"ll see where we go but for now!

THANK YOU GUYS so much for watching this video if you LIKED it PUNCH that like button IN the face



high fives all around



Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes!




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