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Hi guys, it's Emily.

So if you guys know, I love pranking my sister.

So I decided I'm going to do a prank on her,

and I am going to pretend like I lost my memory.

So right now, it's morning, and I just woke up,

and it's kind of perfect timing.

So I'm just gonna pretend like I lost my memory about her,

and see her reaction, and prank her,

and I really hope this works.

So yeah, let's go see

and find her, and act like we don't know who she is.

Good morning.

Morning, Emily.

How did you sleep, baby?

Good but...

Who is she?


Who is she?

What-- Why is she doing that?

Who is she?

Who is she?

That's your little sister, that's Evelyn.

What do you mean "who is she"?

We're adopting?

I've always wanted to adopt.

What are you talking about thought?

That's your little sister.

I have a little sister?

What's wrong with you, Emily?

I'm perfectly fine.

Is this the one we got, or we're interviewing kids?

What-- What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?

I've been your sister for 8 years!

You're 8?

I'm really confused.

Why did you do this?

When do I do anything?

That's your little sister.

No, she's not.


Doesn't even looks like me.

She looks just like you.

Just tell me something about yourself.

We've been sisters for 8 years, and my name is Evelyn,

if you don't remember me.

Nice to meet you, Evelyn.


We're sisters.

What's your favorite color?

What's your favorite food?

I really really love bacon.

Are you messing with me, again?

What do you mean again?

This is the first time I've seen you.

So what are you trying to say, Emily?

You don't recognize your sister?

Your own flesh and blood?


Thank you so much for the new sister.

Oh, boy.


You guys are actually really weird.

You're acting really weird.

I have an idea,

you can sleep in the guest bedroom.

Let me come and show you.

Guest bedroom?

She has her own room.

Yeah, I'll come and show you.

I want to show you the guest bedroom.

You don't have your own room.

This is my bedroom.

No, this is the guest bedroom, not your bedroom.

Don't you see?

These are all the things I own.

These are my toys.

This is my desk.

And this is my bed where I sleep on.

No, these are my old toys

and all the stuff I don't use anymore.

Emily, did you fall out of bed last night

and bumped your head?

Because I think that's what happened.

No, I'm perfectly fine.

I slept like a baby.

How about Mango?

Do you remember our puppy, Mango?

What do you mean our puppy?

She's my puppy.

I picked her out.

What about the fish, Emily?

Do you remember Katniss the catfish and Slushy

that I chose?

Well, I don't know

where'd you came up with those names.

Those are not the names I gave them.

So what names did you give them?

Well, the catfish is Pusheen,

named after one of my favorite toys.

The betta fish is Ice Cream, not Slushy.

I think you got those two mixed up, honey.


Who are you honeying?

Daddy, you sure this is the right choice?

Well, do me a favor, Emily.

What about you exit my room?

Wow, this is a rude one.

For once, she listens.

OMG, guys.

This is getting really funny.

And I think she's getting like really really mad.

Like she kicked me out of her bedroom.

So yeah, we're going to see what happens next.

Okay guys, watch this.

So, you know,

I'm just gonna close the door, houseguest.

I'm sure a guest.

She's really mad at me.

So Emily, you remember your room, right?

Well, yeah, of course I do.

Stop playing around.

You're my older sister.

I done with this.


Did you forget me or something?

I can't forget something I didn't know before.

You're so mean.

Remember all those times that we play Roblox together?

Who's like confetti?

I don't know.

It wasn't you.

I have an idea.

Daddy, what's wrong with Emily?

Why is she acting like that?

I have no idea, Evelyn.

She's being a clown.

Well, Emily, we are sisters.

This was us when we were babies.

Well, I know that's me.

That might be you.

But let me tell you something,

you're really good at photoshopping.

I don't even know how to Photoshop.

Well, how'd you get that picture?

We are sisters!

Wow, she's on fire.

Emily, let's play Roblox together.

Let's try to get along.


What do you mean play together?

I don't know you.

My Dad have always told me not to play with strangers.


What strangers?

We are sisters!

No, we're not.

Emily, you were 2 when I was born.

Okay, that makes you 8 years old,

but that doesn't prove anything.

Well, we used to share a bedroom together,

and I remember your smelly socks.

Your memory is wrong, because my socks don't smell.

Daddy, Emily's still being a weirdo.


I'm just gonna go to my bedroom myself.

You mean the guest room?


Later that day.

Daddy, can we go and pick up some Chipotle?

Sure, go get your sister.

What sister?

I don't have a sister.

I heard that.

Okay Daddy, we got the food.

Should we share some with my new friend Evelyn?

I'm your sister.



Emily, stop messing with me!

I'm your sister.

Daddy, help!

Daddy, help!

Okay guys, so I'm starting to feel bad now,

because Evelyn's my sister,

and we do a lot of things together,

and I just kind of feel bad,

and I kind of miss like playing with her,

and I'm pretty sure she misses it too.

So I let her suffer enough.

I'm going to go now, admit to her the prank,

and let's--

Hopefully, she understands.

Evelyn, I've been pranking you this whole day.

It's not true that I lost my memory.

Who are you one?


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