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(upbeat music)

(water crashes on shore) (heartfelt music)

(birds cawing)

(walks in sand)

(bottle screws open)

(sand pours)


- [Narrator] That's a disappointment,

but Sneaky Stardust makes throwing back a handful

of powder a treat, since in a few moments, it shape shifts

into chewing gum that's surprisingly sour and super tasty.

The interesting textural transformation will make you go

- Hm.

- [Narrator] While the satisfyingly sour flavor

will make you go

- Mm!

- [Narrator] And even though it's kind of gross

to watch somebody chew gum, we're going to do this anyway,

since the transformation is so amazing.


(bubble pops) (chewing)

In fact, it's so good, you'll probably chew the whole thing.

- Come on!

- [Narrator] Buy Sneaky Stardust gum and hundreds more gifts


- If you're salivating for more videos

where water works wonders, check these out.

- I've done it!

I've created a new and improved water balloon.

The Water Glove.

- [Narrator] Yep, the future of water warfare is here.

(glove splats)

(water spills)

But, that isn't it.

(water spills)

(glove smacks)

Start soaking the enemy with Super Splashers,

the reusable water weapon.

The foam interior soaks up water like a sponge

and releases it with a big splash.

Unlike traditional water balloons,

Super Splashers refill in seconds, always splash on impact,

and can be reused for multiple soaks with each refill,

plus they're just as fun when used as pool toys,

and they're easy to clean up.

(glove splats)

- I went ahead and put Water Glove in here.

We'll play with that, that's cool, right?

Water Glove. (chuckles)

- [Narrator] Create colorful works of art

by painting on water

using Aqua Illusions.

This kit gives you everything you need

to create water-marbling masterpieces.

Mix the powder with water, and add it to the tray.

Spatter paint on the water

to create a multi-colored collage,

and use the plastic wand to add swirls and shapes.

Lay paper on top of the water, and in seconds,

you'll have preserved your uniquely beautiful design.

It's easy to make a variety of paintings,

so anyone can create art.

- Oh wow, look at you.

You're becoming quite the artist.

- I just dabble.

- Oh, it seems like you're getting really into it.

I like what you've done here.

- You'll never understand my work.

- [Narrator] Buy the Aqua Illusions kit,

and shop hundreds more gifts at

Turn ordinary glass containers into elegant home accents

with Water Candles.

Simply fill a vase, jar,

or other wide-mouth glass vessel with water.

Stir in some of the coloring

until the desired shade is reached.

Add just a bit of cooking oil until you get a layer on top

of the water about a quarter inch thick.

Now, insert the wick into the hole in the clear base.

Submerge the assembled base just below the surface

of the oil, leaving the wick exposed.

Finally, light the candle, and enjoy the ambience.

Take it one step further,

and fill your vessel with flowers, stones,

or other kinds of decorative ornaments.

Because the floating base is clear,

it's virtually invisible, creating the beautiful illusion

of a floating flame.

As a household fuel source, cooking oil is safe,

slow-burning, and easily replenishable.

The do-it-yourself Water Candle gift includes

three floating bases, 18 wicks,

and a small bag of coloring powder.

Water Candles, buy them now at

(upbeat music)

Set your sights on the sky, and launch your own water rocket

with the AquaPod.

The contraption can launch two-liter bottles

up to 100 feet in the air using only water and pressure.

After partially filling a two-liter bottle with water,

slip it over the AquaPod's launch tube.

Then use an air pump to pressurize your rocket.

The AquaPod's overpressure vent means you don't need

to worry about pumping too much.

To launch, stand back and tug the release cord

to send the bottle flying.


As the rocket ascends up to 11 stories in the air,

it can travel as much as 50 feet from the laucnpad,

making recovery a competitive challenge.

(upbeat music)

The AquaPod is seriously fun, but it's powerful enough

that we'd be irresponsible if we didn't list a few cautions.

Use only fresh, clean water.

Liquids like soda don't make better flights,

but they're messy and can gum up the AquaPod's plumbing.

Make sure your launch area is clear

of overhead obstruction.

(bird caws)

And don't hold the AquaPod during a launch.

- This thing can shoot to up to like 100 feet in the air.

- [Narrator] And definitely don't shoot a bottle at people.

- [Cameraman] It's not funny.

It's not funny at all.


My eye!


- Oh.

Did you want some?

- [Narrator] Basically, just use common sense,

and enjoy it.

Take outdoor fun to new heights

with the bottle-launching AquaPod.

Buy it now at

Who doesn't like a good watermelon?

Great for eating,

not so great for sports.

(watermelon splats)

Until now.

Watermelon Ball is a pool game played

with a water-ready watermelon.

The game's vinyl ball is a faux fruit filled with water

for neutral buoyancy that's made

to look just like the melon.

To play Watermelon Ball, all you've got

to do is get the ball to the goal

on the other side of the pool.

Play a mellow game with this melon,

or get as rough as rugby.

To fill, simply insert the included needle,

and turn on a hose.

Now you're ready to play.

Pass it through the water.

Bounce it off the bottom,

and wrestle your way to the goal.

It's a full-contact game,

but remember to play safe.

(whistle blows) - Hey, no horseplay!

- Yeah, Todd, you ever think about safety?

Ya animal.

- [Narrator] And don't forget to have fun.

Buy Watermelon Ball,

and shop for hundreds more gifts at

(brass fanfare) Water.

This miracle molecule covers over 70%

of the surface of our planet

and makes life possible.

It fuels our body,

and now

part clocks as well.

The Water-Powered Clock keeps accurate time

using only water.

No disposable batteries, no power cables,

just tap water.

- The Water-Powered Clock runs off a galvanic cell

that uses ions in the wa--

- No, it doesn't.

It's magic.

- (chuckles) That's silly.

It does not.

- No.

You're silly, it's magic!



- All right, come on

just look it up on Wikipedia.

- (scoffs) More like thinks-I-can't-time-travel-ipedia!

Shall we duel, nerd?


- [Narrator] (clears throat)

However it works, the ecologically-minded clock

is available in basic time-keeper

and multifunction alarm styles.

Both will operate for up to six months.

Yeah, that's right, months without replacing the water,

and with the drop style,

you won't even need that cheesy calendar montage

since it has an alarm and a calendar

in addition to the digital clock.

When it's time to replace the water,

the LCD display will dim.

Simply pour out the old water,

and refill the reservoir with fresh water.

Don't worry, the clock will retain your settings

as you replace the water.

The Water-Powered Alarm Clock makes

a great conversation piece at the office

or a pleasant alarm on your nightstand.

(clock beeps)

Buy the eco-friendly Water Clock now at

At Vat 19, we offer of fun products that keep you

from dying of boredom.

The LifeStraw can save you from literally dying of thirst.

It's a portable, personal water filter made

from BPA free plastic.

Just collect some water from a stream or lake,

insert the straw, and drink up.

You can even drink directly from a water source.

Life Straw purifies water without moving parts, batteries,

or chemical additives.

As water is sucked up, the hollow fiber membranes

inside LifeStraw filter out anything larger

than 0.2 microns.

The filter strains 99.9999%

of microorganisms including E. coli and giardia,

protecting you from disease.

LifeStraw can transform over 1, 000 liters

of murky, cloudy water into potable drinking water.

It filters so well that you can even drink from a toilet.

But just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Seriously, stop it.

When you're finished drinking,

blow into the straw to clean the filter,

and seal the caps to keep it clean for the next use.

At nine inches long and weighing just two ounces,

LifeStraw conveniently packs away

for hikes and camping trips.

Since it's reusable and can be stored indefinitely,

it's handy for emergency preparation.

When you buy a Life Straw,

the manufacturer provides a year's worth of fresh water

to a child in a developing country.

Buy the amazing LifeStraw now at

After years of pain-staking research and development,

chemists have finally created


Spitballs are fascinating little projectiles

perfect for launching at just about anything.

Prior to activation, they could be mistaken

for a handful of salt, but add a little water,

and like magic, they grow up to 200 times the original size.

In lukewarm water, Spitballs will stop growing

at around four hours,

but how long you leave the balls in is up to you.

The longer they soak, the bigger they'll get.

If you're terribly impatient, use hot water.

Spitballs can be ready to go in five minutes.

Bigger Spitballs will explode easily

when thrown at the ground or at this guy's face

or smashed or thrown at this guy's face

while smaller Spitballs are durable and bouncy.

They're also perfect for shooting from a straw or two.

(upbeat music)

(blows through straw)

(slams table) - Freakin' A, guys!

- [Narrator] Spitballs stay hydrated in water

or when sealed in a bag.

If left out, they'll slowly return to their original size,

so you can reuse them again and again.

Try putting some in a vase for an attractive way

to keep your flowers fresh.

There are about 1, 250 Spitballs in each pack,

which is more than enough to take it a little too far.

(balls pour on table)

(upbeat music)

But how exactly do these wonders of chemistry work?

- Well it's very simple really.

When the molecules-- (blows through straw)

- (chuckles)

What are we talking about?

- So test your throwing arm,

and keep your friends on their toes with Spitballs.

Available now at

Aquabot is the outdoor hydration bottle

you didn't know you needed.

It's a hand-primed pump in nozzle

that sits atop the included plastic bottle.

It's useful for the athlete as it is for the outdoorsman.

With a portable, pressurized jet,

you can more done with less water.

- [Voiceover] What happens when two naked strangers try

to survive in the jungle with nothing but their wits

and a single tool of their choice?

Find out in tonight's

Bare and Scared.

- I bought an Aquabot.

This things is great.

I can stay clean and hydrated,

and I don't have to share diseases with him.

What did you bring?

- Berries and raw nuts are natural laxatives, so.

- Yeah, I've got that covered.

(water spurts)

- [Narrator] Prime the integrated pump

to build pressure, and release a stream of water

with the push of a button.

Adjust the nozzle to release a powerful jet

that shoots up to 25 feet.

Soak yourself with a shower,

or mist yourself to stay cool.

The water bottle sprayer comes with a 32 ounce bottle

and also fits most popular wide-mouth plastic cantines.

Buy the Aquabot Water Bottle Sprayer,

and shop for hundreds more gifts at


♪ .com

(upbeat music)

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