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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Satanism

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10 biggest misconceptions about Satanism number 10 devil worship this

misconception is actually pretty understandable seeing as he's literally

names out in the title you'd assume Satanism is the worship of bill Zebub

but the majority of modern Satanists are actually just atheists in fact the

Church of Satan states on its website yes Satanists have websites too that we

do not believe in Satan as a being or person instead of the site explains that

Satan is a symbol of pride liberty and individualism and serves as a

metaphorical projection of a highest personal potential basically that means

that Satan is used as a symbol of the rejection of religious ideas that people

should live to serve others instead the religion preaches what Church of Satan

high priest Peter gone were described as either ism / atheism whereas theistic

Satanism does view Satan as an actual dirty it's not the same Redskin horned

idea probably picturing instead of the Christian perception this Satan is

typically a God of freedom and personal betterment given that Lucifer was once

the most beautiful angel in heaven he's seen as a figure of beauty commonly

referred to as the light bringer which doesn't sound quite so scary number 9

one church addressing the misconceptions how about Satanism is difficult because

of one overriding fallacy whenever people talk about the concept is

addressed as a singular belief system shared by everyone under the umbrella of

Satanist but as with any other religion Satanism

is a collection of differing beliefs and denominations that can vary

significantly the most popular of these denominations was started in the 1960s

by American author an occultist Anton LaVey he formed the Church of

Satan and wrote The Satanic Bible laveyan satanism is who view themselves

as their own God they make up the bulk of what's known as a recreation area

Satanism but in 1974 Michael Aquino broke from the Church of

Satan to form the temple of set who believe the Christian Satan was a

corruption of the Egyptian deity set this is

considered the foundation of the other main branch of Satanism theistic

satanism whose followers believe in one or more powerful deities then within

these umbrellas of Satanists belief countless smaller sects also exist

making the whole question of what is modern Satanism a difficult one to

answer number eight sex-crazed owing to its more liberal status on

personal relationships Satanism has earned a reputation in the eyes of many

as something of a sex cult in celebrating free love and personal

indulgence Satanists are often imagined gathering for some sort of gothic

swingers club and engaging interpret acts with varying levels of consent it

is often assumed that sexual activity is the most important factor of the Satanic

religion nothing could be further from the truth

Satanism doesn't encourage fetishism or participation in any gratuitous act but

simply believes that followers should be true to their sexuality and have the

freedom to express it this isn't offered by most major religions meaning Satanism

has had an influence of members with unconventional sexual practices this

created a chicken-and-egg misconception where people assumed that these

practices were demanded by the religion but the Church of Satan values can send

so highly that the fifth of their satanic rural states do not make sexual

advances unless you were given the mating signal whatever that is number

seven ritual sacrifice one of the most inseparable perceptions attached to

Satanism is that of the ritual sacrifice this perception has spread for a number

of reasons but there are as many reasons explain exactly why it's nonsense take

sensationalist news stories about satanic sacrifices for example typically

these killings are attributed to Satanists but have typically just been

committed by the mentally ill and are based upon a Christian perception of

Satan and Satanism in fact the Church of Satan's found our Anton LaVey outlined

12 rules for Satanists and number 10 states do not kill with non-human

animals unless you're attacked 4 for food granted the rules do mention

destroying enemies but Church of Satan Reverend Ashley Palmer explains that

this is heavenly opens our interpretation the destruction mentioned

is typically reserved for self-defense or as

I for a night act of retaliation rather than sacrifice of the innocent but

Palmer assures that Satanists are strict advocates of law and order this requires

them to operate within the legal parameters of their country of residence

and last time I checked most countries uphold ritual sacrifice

as a strict no no number six war on Christianity

seeing as Satanism was established to highlight and to ride the floors of the

Christian Church is usually assumed that Satanists hold a deep hatred of

Christians but to this broad-stroke judgment would actually be out of line

with the individualism at the center of the Satanist belief system Satanists are

critical of the adverse effects of mass religion and are generally wary of

Christians not least because of the regular smears and media attacks they

face from them but the Satanists generally try not to impose their

beliefs upon others and are very tolerant providing you do the same in

return for instance the Christian metal band Stryper explained that despite

their religion heavy songs many Satanists openly list them as their

favourite band Satanists can even celebrate Christian

holidays like Christmas they're able to celebrate any unhallowed a day wish and

the Church of says it explains the Christians stole this holiday from the

pagans so they see no real conflict of interest they also claim that Santa

Claus has come to signify indulgence which Satanists are famously all about

number five demon summoners the misconception here isn't actually the

Satanists summon demons but that it's a bad thing when they do as I mentioned

before most modern Satanists are atheists so then trying to summon demons

is pretty much a waste of their time or at most a way of parading religion

barfle theistic Satanists demons are seen as positive figures and in the

words of redditor satan's underscore secretary of gods of humanity among

theistic Satanists demons often treated as if they were real people stories of

possessions and evil demons are explained by their annoyance at having

been bound to someone and haven't been summoned by their magic dabblers and

this anoint sin frequently leads to an aggressive response which seems pretty

understandable when is summoned correctly theistic Satanists believe

demons are spirits that should be bonded with intentionally and respectfully this

way the Summoner can have a beneficial relationship in

which they learn from the demon again a source of all knowledge redditor Satan's

secretary describes having a go at ik demon as a guardian whose presence

apparently smells of honey who knew number four the satanic panic

the word Satanism is frequently banded around during discussions of systemic

abuse especially that of children the two are so synonymous that every time a

public figure is outed for such crimes stories abound of their secrets Satanism

and many just see the religion as a front for ritual abuse but this can all

be traced back to one book published in 1980 Canadian psychiatrist Lawrence Paz

de published the book Michelle remembers based on his wife's and patients

childhood memories allegedly Michelle Smith had repressed memories of being

abused by her family in satanic rituals when she was a child in which the devil

himself appeared for some strange reason this resulted in widespread scepticism

and the book is now widely considered as debunked but regardless is started an

epidemic of fear with others suddenly remembering their own satanic abuse in

1983 this led to the high-profile trial of the owners of a California preschool

the FBI looked into the claims and eventually all suspects were cleared but

the fallout of these accusations had persisted in Satanist perceptions to

this day number three cult status in the array of sensationalist news stories

about Satanism is the food to find an example of the word satanic not being

instantly followed by the word cult this isn't always strictly wrong but it's

usually taken to mean that modern Satanism as a whole miss a cult which

isn't the case in fact the same way that there are Christian cults satanic cults

are usually a misrepresentation of the religion of Satanism that's right

religion in numerous countries Satanism is a recognized and protected religious

organization several high-profile court cases in America have even been fought

for the rights of Satanists to practice their religion freely this isn't just

about arguing that the First Amendment protects and don't sacrifice either one

case in Missouri challenged the state strict abortion laws because it violated

satanic beliefs that a pregnant woman's body was subject to her will alone other

cases have challenged widely held beliefs that religious

freedom laws favor certain religions like Christianity while some satanic

denominations do more closely resemble cults groups like the Church of Satan

are quit to address this and disavow their beliefs in practices number two

woe domination this one is pretty conspiracy heavy so it's as difficult to

definitively disprove as the inevitable comments accusing us of being Satanist

Channel similarly to illuminati conspiracies this theory follows that

the world is secretly run by Satanists who pray and make sacrifices to the king

of darkness in return for wealth and power but the theory is questionable for

a number of reasons firstly Satanism is about self-empowerment not to the

empowerment of the religion itself it was formed specifically to oppose what

it saw as the overbearing power of Christianity which asked people to live

modestly for a greater collective goal so to say Satanists run the world or

have a secret global agenda it's not exactly in line with their MO in fact

the first of the Church of Satan's eleven rules improves followers not to

keep opinions or advice unless you are asked even ignoring all of that if

Satanists really ruled the world would they have not at least cultivated a

better image for themselves and avoided all the constant media attacks safe to

say and they're not doing a great job if this one is true number one black magic

magic is a central aspect of most denominations of modern Satanism but

isn't the dark affair you're properly picturing

it's not about cursing or sacrificing and it mostly has the reputation it does

because of the ramifications of the word magic instead it's really better thought

of as the Satanist equivalent to a prayer in most branches of modern

Satanism magic is performed much like a prayer to basically ask for things you

want and has about the same success rate the only major difference is the more

complex or ritualistic nature of the magic with mortals and ceremony around

the act but as for black magic Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey rejected the

idea instead merging perceptions of evil black magic and good white magic he

preached the personal responsibility of each practitioner

teaching that the Satanist being the magician should have the

ability to decide what is just instead he separated his magic into lesser magic

all the use of one's natural abilities to manipulate others and greater magic

greater magic was more about psychology than witchcraft

it serves to focus one's emotional energy for a specific purpose that was

10 biggest misconceptions about Satanism which one did you find the most

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