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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves

Difficulty: 0

[theme music]

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[horses galloping]

[people clamoring]

You better lock off your doors today

♪ 'Cause Abu Hassan is on his way

Go in hidin' when I go ridin' ♪

As me and my forty thieves

Your wives and children and money too

I'll steal it from you before I'm home

I'm out gunnin' so startin' runnin' ♪

From me and my forty thieves

Abu Hassan

Abu Hassan

My gang's the roughest but I am the toughest

And that's no lie

Abu Hassan

Abu Hassan

You've got to hand it to this bad man

♪ 'Cause I'm one terrible guy

Abu Hassan

Abu Hassan ♪♪

[theme music]

Oh, Popeye, I've got a surprise.

- Oh, you have, huh? - Mwah!

Left guard, right, present arms, hip!


Face to face front.

[scatting continues]


As you were! Attention! Right up!

Oh, if you aren't just too too..

chomp chomp chomp


(man on gramophone) 'Attention, everybody!'

'Alarm! Abu Hassan, the bandit, loots town and escapes.'

'Last seen, headed thataway.'

Oh, which-a-way?




Call to arms! All hands..

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait for me!

Hey, this ain't nothin' for women.

We're out huntin' bandits.



ack ack ack

(Popeye) 'Maybe we better try across the street, huh?'

[Popeye scatting]



Maybe, I should trade this in.

sputter sputter sputter

Something is definitely wrong.

I'm right, it's wrong!




[pleasant music]

[dramatic music]

I wish there was a bird block on this beach.

If I had some bread, I'd make a sandwich, if I had a witch.




A bitter disappointment.

Oh, Wimpy. Would you care to join us, young fella, huh?

You know, that's just one of those invisible garages

that you can't see on the desert, that's all it is.

[alarm ringing]


[alarm ringing]

Now, come on, we got the green light with us now.

I can go for a nice cold chocolate soda right now.


Popeye, Olive Oyl has collapsed completely.

Whoa! Uh, keep your vitaliky up, Olive, huh.

That's it.

- Ooh! - Ooh!

Come on, Olive. We gotta save little women and children

from bandits.

I'll get you out of this desert some way.

[rumbling] Like a tank we can go now.

ack ack ack

[Popeye scatting]

Whoa! Water!

Oh boy!

Come on, I'll revize ya.

Here we are.


gulp gulp gulp

Here. I'll squirt your face for ya.

gulp gulp gulp

This is on the house.

blub blub blub

Is that good. Ooh!

I'll ask in here for bandits.

But fyrst we'll go get a cup of caffee over here.

- Come on in. - Goodie-goodie. Am I starved.

[upbeat music]

(Popeye) Boy, this place is wide open.


sniff sniff sniff

creak creak

- I wonder where everybody is. - Why don't they come over?


- Service! - Yeah, that's what we want!




Oh, there you are.

Hey, what is this? Double talk or something?

I didn't send out any laundry.

I can read readin', but I can't read writin'.

This writin' is wroten to rotten if you happen to ask me, huh?

Hey, this Chineet is Greek to me.

Haven't you got somethin' to eat?


[speaking gibberish]

Well, that's better, huh?

Bring me some dessert without any sand this time.

[speaking gibberish]

Oh, boy! Am I hungry. Let's--

(man on radio) 'Attention, everybody.'

'Attention, everybody!'

'Calling all towns and villages, beware!'

You better lock up your doors today

♪ 'Cause Abu Hassan is on his way

Go in hidin' when he comes ridin' ♪

There's him and his forty thieves

Your wife and children and money too

He'll steal 'em from you before he's through

He's out gunnin' so startin' runnin' ♪

From him and his forty thieves

Abu Hassan

Abu Hassan

In every village he'll steal and pillage

There's none he'll spare

Abu Hassan

Abu Hassan

If he should file the greedy pile

To cross his path if you'll dare ♪♪

Abu Hassan

Abu Hassan

When things get quiet I start a riot as I go by

Abu Hassan

Abu Hassan

And you'll discover they run to cover

♪ 'Cause I'm a terrible guy ♪♪

[thieves clamoring]

[clamoring continues]


Hey, are you guys the forty thieves, huh?

That's right.

(male #1) Hotdog.


(both) Hotdog.

What? Another illusion? I can't understand it.

Oh, hey! What's goin' on?



Giddap, horsie!

clippety-clop clippety-clop

Come on! Oh! There's something..

A bag of wind blowin' through here some place.

- Take his shirt! - Shirt? Shirt!

Hey! Give me back me shirt! What's the big idea?

Stop in the name of the coast guard.

Come on, gimme me clothes. Who are you?

Oh! You little tough guy, eh?

Do you think I'll make a good model, huh?

Take me home for a $1.90.

With half the price I'll tell you that.

- Two cents. - Whoa!

Hey, your pen knife's dent. I'll straighten it out for you.

- Ah! - How's that?

You, I show you.

You'll hurt somebody with that thing, huh.

Oh! You got rheumatism.

You know, I'll fix it for you.

Ah! Why you.. Look, look..

Yeah, I'm lookin' up.

Hey! Give me back me belt.

Pretty good faker, huh? Watch this one.

Aba daba kaba.

Abu hasn't got 'em anymore. Ack ack ack!

Oh! You wanna make fool from me, eh?

Uh, nature beat me to it.

- I'll show you. - Whoa!

I hang him up.

[dramatic music]

Ha ha. You make fool from me, eh? Ha ha.


Hey, I'm burning the candles of both hands.

Hey, let me out of this thing.

[trumpet blaring]

[horse neighing]


[thieves clamoring]


(together) 'Barber, barber, barber.'

rattle rattle

(together) 'Teeth, teeth, teeth.'


(together) 'Fish, fish, fish.'

[thieves clamoring]

Well, I think I'll get out of here now.

'Oh, I better stay.'

[Olive screaming]

[music continues]

Abu Hassan

Abu Hassan

Popeye, they're taking me away!

Well, they like me, they like me. They're taking me away..

[muffled speech]

Abu Hassan

Now make no error I'm called the terror

Of every village and town ♪♪

Hey, what am I hangin' around here for?

Come on, let's go for it.

That's using your head.

Where did those guys go to?

Wait till I get a hold of that fella. I'll show him.

Taxi! Taxi!

Follow that Abacadaba Hassan guy, will you?

Come on, get goin'.

They're way ahead of us. Attaboy! Show 'em your heels.

Wake up! What's the matter? You asleep or somethin'?

Hey, you got four flats. No wonder you can't run.

Come on there, camel cake. Step on it.

Let's get going there. What's the matter?


I think you're runnin' dry. That's what's wrong with you.

clink clink clink

Oh, you eat up an awful lotta gas for only a two cylinger.

That's enough for you. Here we go.

[engine cranking]

[Popeye blabbering]

[truck horn blaring]

[thieves clamoring]

[Popeye scatting]

Why, we beat 'em to the punch that time.

Come on, the whole forty of you. I'll take you on one at a time.

Open sesame!

Open what?

[dramatic music]


(Abu Hassan) 'Close sesame!'

Wait for me. Wait for me.

I wonder what word was he used when he opened this door.

Open sissy. Open seazal.

Oh, that can't be it.

Oh! Oh! It's givin' way. It's givin' way.

Oh, that was me that was givin' way, huh?




It's a violation for not havin' no exit that you can go in to.

Oh, it's quite modern in this take-out, tell you that.

I hope this isn't a one way street. Tippy-toe! Tippy-toe!

I gotta give all these jewels back to the people. Tippy-toe!

I hope I see them before they see me. Tippy-toe!

[instrumental music]

What's that noise, huh?







chomp chomp chomp

chomp chomp chomp

Ah! Mmm.

gulp gulp gulp


chomp chomp chomp

Aha! Mmm.

gulp gulp gulp



There must be thieves around here!

Oh boy! Now's me chance.

Hey, you gotta give back all them jewels

to the people you took.

Oh! Hello, Wimpy. How did you get in here?

ack ack ack

Hey! Outside, you!

Oh, this wash is getting heavier and heavier and..

Oh! Popeye!

My darlin'! My sweetheart!

- Hey! Hey! Out you go! - Oh!








[speaking gibberish]

Hey, what is this? A wishing well or something?

I only wish I was out of this place, that's what I wish.

Oh, just a little crowded, that's all.

A little snapper, that's.. Oh!

Hey, you're loving to hurt your teeth, huh? Oh! Oh yeah?

[all laughing]


Boy, somebody's gonna be sorry for this.

boff boff boff

That will hold you.

[theme music]

Open sayz me!

[dramatic music]

chomp chomp chomp

rumble rumble rumble

[instrumental version of "Yankee Doodle Went To Town"]

[all screaming]

[speaking gibberish]


Oh yeah?

[fanfare music]

One at a time.

Line up!


Hey, how'd you like to go for a little ride, huh?

Here we go! Whoopsie!


[speaking gibberish]

[all clamoring]

[Popeye blabbering]

Here I am.

Over here.


- Come out here. - 'I see you.'

Here I am. Over here!

boff boff

Come out here.

Oh yeah? Fine.


[speaking gibberish]

[all clamoring]

Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five, thirty

thirty five, forty.



Oh yeah?


How does that strike ya, huh?

[instrumental version of "Yankee Doodle Went To Town"]



Popeye. My Popeye.

[upbeat music]

[people cheering]

(together) Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

I may be a shorty but I licked the forty

I'm Popeye the Sailor Man ♪♪

toot toot

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