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anything Rd genius son nothing Doolittle for coming death I thought he's one of

them is named recommended um flu well if he had he's going to hear plenty from me

well why are you here why am I here I quit

that's why I'm here don't look at me like that

you were sent up there to work and help Ted ain't get started what I did work I

was like a dog for that young house what's your disability you promised me

you'd picked ahead by nobody who speak to that hello

I believe he's no good why I was up the hill and getting Castle what do you do

why he saw all the greater than hey well that's no excuse for running away and

leaving him alone running away I didn't run away

I told him calling back to his face I was quitting well then who's taking care

of the couch the couch there's no collars when I was out

getting the hail you gave the cards away yeah look at that

he won't fix offenses routledge

and he's no good where is it now

maybe he's on his way back with that horse

now I didn't need to talk like that

sandy here he comes

lieutenant if you want me I'll be near the bar

sandy all right huh now he belongs to you I got him for you you like him I

think he's swell

well huh why don't you try to make something of

yourself what do you do these awful things yes

defenses why don't you fix them your roof just stuck can't put on Earth's

wrong with you wrong don't you realize as a joke of Swiss woman listen honey

far as the fence is concerned what nobody ever comes to my place far as the

roof is concerned it it's been raining and I couldn't fix it

why don't you think - what it's not right it Oh Oh - don't rain it don't

leave I've been awful busy he'll never change

you've always been this way even when we were in school you are now listen don't

tell me again how come I wasn't school you're not dumb you're just playing war

now listen sandy let's don't argue it's time to be rich Brenda you know what

we're gonna be married married

yes don't you remember we're engaged tedding I wouldn't marry you if you were

the last man on it you're just not worth to who take that stinking get out of

here and don't ever let me see you again as long as I live hey hey tiny that

ain't no take a crate 11 horses for men


silver that those goes Roman this and goes to town what'll it be huh

as we go home and girls we go to town it you don't like us anyway good

he's like we and couple left today he's on the stairs now it is

- saw him brought in the livery stable with a palomino

Camino doing in town

hey Lorenzo da da da tech

not to get a fresh deck delenda games no not at all

back to your cart where they tenacious paid to hear some fool sent me

denise is me death it's nothing to talk about what do you mean I'm still alive

and kickin aina oh by the way you intend to give send me that Palomino Oh baby

rider you are pretty soon how much of each shift works final is it sting

I hope you don't know this winds doublet

Psalms it's all fair and square shut it what where's the funnel me know

whatever stable I'll pick him up later meanwhile JP right other things and take

over the right

maybe a big game user he'd lost him I said book and he had one of them uses

his speeds probably found it who'd ever tracked it any worthy


where you going inside watch open the gate Oh what's the use

hey this place what for the place doesn't belong to me anymore

don't well why don't you go and live in my house the house roof leaks

you got any hair on this place for my horse

sure the parts for hay

you know $10,000 is a lot of money mr. Klein but Truesdale

you know with my land and stock is worth more than that much and it's fair yes I

I think the world could be arranged Roberts drop another mortgage for

$10,000 for mr. Klein Shirley oh well McKenzie that time

Thanks excuse me a minute mr. Klein

I'll be miss Embry yes I'd like to talk to you are you dad either way selling in

herd that's good hope he gets a good price for him sandy what you could be

miss handy yesterday what can I do for you

I'm worried about today his head and I received this ace of spades and a note

demanding $10,000 of my father's life yeah the situation grows more desperate

hourly sooner or later they'll plunder let me catch them but in the meantime

dad's up there not knowing what's happening here he might be killed got to

have that money you won't any part of the knife wound ranch Center no no I

don't but I know but later dad would understand and realize I didn't see him

well I'm sure it there Robert got $10,000 for Miss Mackenzie and bring it

back at once

I haven't anything to almost the security except my wood but I know dad

will back me up on that the same thing I take you over at any time sandy here's

your money

Thank You mr. truth that I know I know I'm sorry this had to happen did you

just keep your creature people of Sweetwater are going to find some way to

catch those criminals are you cheer up mr. t everything's gonna be all right

thank you now listen folks

my brother has just been shot you all know I won today man till today sent a

couple things to take over Jake was found dead on the Ames ranch with a

black ice on his chest

when is what you say true well sandy that's about it

of course Ames might have some explanation but we haven't been able to

find hide nor hair of him he's no good sandy I wouldn't worry about him getting

water that's my business I'll do my own worryin and I don't want to see you

around my ranch again

hello sandy okay arrive until end of town to see the sheriff sheriff Ted

don't you realize what that would mean what I've said cottages do what sandy

don't try to pretend they're ready to lynch you in Sweetwater lensatic sorry

man what's up over your shooting Jake shooting Jake I didn't shoot Jake that's

why I'm on the way into town somebody else shot him well then why didn't you

report it to the sheriff I was out trying to find the real murderers last

night Jake started was found dead with the ACE estate on ace of spades

there wasn't any ace of spades only when I left him something's funny about this

you take my word for it and keep out of sight till this thing blows over

there's somebody coming thank you

your tears don't you take it this one Henry James what are you doing here

hungry you want to help apart out what do you got there expecting someone yeah

all right put your hands in the air that way yeah throw that bag back here you

stay just the way you are for five minutes if you don't want to get hurt

Henry what do you have in that bag $10,000

$10,000 yeah yeah anyway they're black aces didn't kill us listen you mean to

tell me you gave $10,000 to that fella what for

Wow did you ever get a note telling you to leave ten thousand or you get shot

well then you ain't never had a refills boy and with a black ace black ace ah

that's where I got you hey get your hands up you got back sure

what did you do about it nothin you mean you ain't afraid of them black cases I

haven't got any time to bother with that boogeyman stuff boogeyman

didn't you just see me hand over ten thousand well what could I do you want

me to get shot you haven't got any trouble Henry I have trouble

suppose you know I lost everything I had to lend start it and besides that sandy

quit me Jake started was killed on my place last night

would you there sure was and if I don't you agree then tell the truth in the

first place they wouldn't believe it they don't put me in a jail the second

place well I'm gonna find out whose back of the scared boy you and me could work

together you want to know something sure there's no playing outlaws in on this

deal when we find the trail it'll be big stuff head that's what I'm aiming for

I think it's okay now to put our hands down Henry

who's that looks like Loomis I don't like if you talk to

oh you don't hear Oh lemon I just looking for some black aces where's man

started now you feel long hey that's a dame

hey dad was here when them scoundrels took my money I'm not surprised after

what's the nothing around here without looking for you when the murder of Jake

started I didn't kill Jake started now you can

tell that to the court let me know something about these black aces to lack

cases do you mean that Eames had anything to do with that well after

killing Jake started he might do anything why you snake in the grass

letting me harbor a criminal the boys would be glad to see you in Sweetwater I

ought to finish you right now imposing on me the way you've done you're gonna

take an awl wait for land I'm gonna take him no if y'all didn't how did you miss

him I musta fired afore I got soft I've got a horn right over there today's a

check here he stole my hostage he left the road how

do you do that uh how do I go come on Matt Horsham let's go

well I guess we left him you realize what happened the saddlebags was funky

finds her money if he does he'll have to prove the money was in the bags when he

took her horse you put the ten pounds the one Allah for save I don't know what

I'll say to you it's another story so pretends lawyers lose without looking

sorry for you

hey where's your ball coming who should be soon

here's another looks like Jeff Walker's writing must be new

hey here take these old boys Loomis his horse ran out of plans please when Boyd

accused him of killing gee thanks that isn't true we must be even though the

Henry plan to mention boy doll from $2,000 warmth of the right things to

done bad sandy my daddy's voice we have not had to begin yeah

hi Ike

hello sandy with all the tension speaks good night Mike I want you to ride a

five toss to harpoon this came from Judge Walker just now fun of the old man

Barrymore I heard very funny I I want you to wire dad in Prairie Island asking

me to Baltimore hood if the answer is no I'll just walk her immediately to bring

the boys back home sure you watch me I'm afraid something terrible might happen

go on your hide kind of scare fell into death

what you got there I've been robbing the bank never see that before my money

that's the bag nature where'd you get it out of the saddle bag on Loomis's horse

where'd he get it that's what I'd like to know

it means I'm you keep it where's the horse now oh here's back I just worry

men I'm gonna send him home after a while I'm down to tell about this you're

gonna do no such thing you want to spoil my skin my skin don't you remember what

you said about somebody big bein at the head of this sure

well I'm after that big guy and this is my party and I want you to be a good

throw for a while okay here's your novel now are you keeping I want to figure

this out in my own way listen I've been riding all night I

probably thinks my back bones broke I'll buy something be sure got plenty of grub

come on oh that's silver horse I might find it easier to buy maybe the Black

Aces seal it right

thank you get my horse boys a little accident

whoops yeah Burke nuts no the bed big idea


hey what is this hey enough I guess it did all right hey give me that like a

gooch of that where you're going you don't need letters or anything let me

move over the horse will you take him with us

hey see the old worn clothes that's what you get for quitting a good outfit

they've got a letter I'm supposed to take in town what Colonel Sanders never

from Jess Walker I've got to send the boy out of the old man town to get back

here see you trouble that's her business then

why don't you stay off the main road kind of stuck around a brush a little

bit get a ride sure I can ride it in the old Bronco this ain't the first time I

tell you letting my old carcass well let's get your old carcass on that hole

over there come on

get on your way we did

what happened

say if you ever leave me the fuck alone again I'll cut your throat get up

I want to know what happened I'm hit pretty hard folks fine pair to sin app

anything get on your horse and go to the cabin no they have that old guy all

sewed up fellow on our plate horse came along and decreased me that's all played

horse boy that's Teddy's you've got to give him the boss would like to talk to

him but where did he go how the lion oh he was chasing that's all I'll get back

to the cabin read to you straight off we're picking up

just done voting on his horse we're taking the macam alright some of you

fellas lend a hand

that's right football that's it all right

come on

well if this was better stop he looks plenty low to me I hear lasts long

enough until the boss finds out what he wants to know you better take a look at

this well she is hard to get another message to you don't know better when

all like gets back to the ranch and tells her what happened

come on let's go

I'm kind of worried about him he's been quiet too long

I hear view alright you'll be around preaching you couldn't shoot him with an


get up into that room it's too short I don't want to find him here in the

meantime get outside and stand by him he just trouble


oh yeah I'm from the 2x get my city here looking for strays rather dangerous

times was pre-op this to be Campbell around Sweetwater no stranger

remember when Stoddard introduced me to you then he comes now oh well then bad

you got here started as afraid that she'll might pick me up as a suspect

didn't remember meeting me with you well sure looks like we're all out

filling up my cases any news some way I can't bring myself to believe that the

boys really remember the Black Keys is honor he's a little wild but that's all

but anyway I sent for a handwriting expert to look these over

you ought to be able to take back on some of this right

maybe truth there with an elephant on those he has the signatures though most

of you folks around here at the bank sorry Lynn but I think I better keep

these in tonight and read until it gets here

alright y'all write it down no not yet my friend do is promise to help me round

up some spray as well he's in Sweetwater okay

let us down hand keep your eye open fuzzy and you won't need that he's out

stable the top on it I hope so this one's on the boys on the west of

our own yeah you ran ahead what's that more old can't afford to take any

chances he makes a break shoot shoot to kill

I said once you won't get away things get too hot you can always head back for

the basement

the guess who's in Black Aces who then started can you prove it I just left the

check you want to overheard the basements our hideout

hey we got a gun sure if you have mine they took mine who are you going now run

up the mountain to find that old prospector he knows the facing like a

book see you later client

for a long time where's your grandma's done this hundreds going to arrive

please join Dilip he's a goner a fried chicken is nice all right I won't be

late for that understand it now please don't be late

very know what you want see you I am Joe

glad to see you Joe what you doing up around here

Joe general run across to these cabins up in the foothills here nope why the

gang of Outlaws making this mighty miserable for folks in Sweetwater of

course their only tools for the IRS I'd like to find where they hang out well if

they're most likely the base I thought how do you get there well the days

before sir yes their height the only way you'll get in there he'll be by the

swinging bridge swinging bridge of course it'd be guards up there wouldn't

oh yeah booth likely they would tip hey you know

I reckon I know about every foot of this here country I went down into that

basement once yep yeah oh it's down here now I'll draw your net all right not

from here you take the road going over there huh yeah and then take a turn you

give it a right teeth Yeah right wait a minute y'all wait all of these

turns in here no Jake nervous I want you get over here now right there's a

swinging bridge and down in here well that's the basement there you be well

stand for supper champ oh no no thanks you're all right I gotta get through

that baby some other time maybe huh any time thank you

see you later what I can't

they ain't this kind of carriage driving around full of daylight ain't any danger

not to limb half moon boys come back and that won't be for a long time

hey what's the losing town well that ain't got that big gun Lonnie they're

giving orders to shootings on site I thought the law was after Ames it is and

I'd like to get my hands on him first Oh stolen fuzzy we got to get moving

boss is right nothing started is happening you need to split the money

sir hey I've gotta fix my saddle I'll catch

up with you guys later okay

turn around

put your hands back here

turn around back over there

yeah we've had a heavy pop off

I'm going to take jabs with you that that gun

you do exactly as I say you won't get any credit stare down a trailer

I wonder what fuzzy is you ought to be here huh don't worry about him he likes

to travel alone

now watch the password come on what's the password Volvo

better not double-cross me on this when they holler down are you answer

all right gang how many more coming three more three

more who are they you'll find up when you get there a bad

spot to get tough you know that don't you

that's the one doing on a bridge he belongs to that first game notion up

bumped him off just for fun

reported only WIC the rest of them up

listen I'm going up to the shack alright I'll join you as soon as I finish this

thing they want for me with hey come on oh they're gone

don't you

sandy what are you doing here you better let me go if you know that's good for

you yeah we let the boss decide that take her on into Kappa hey you what take

that gun off over

and I felt comfortable Philip Larkin who's the boss I said make yourself


why don't you get the fucking law that oh you know dog we're late a minute on

you distress don't know who's for you Oh

what's wearing these where is she she ain't in the habit stand away like

this is she ike a little but no

I wonder what's happened now all how do I know that touch is gone to place this

anyway the phone those are mine we're only here

jetsam the boys of chores i'ma do it all for I've taught to get back with silver

problem at Ames then the horses got tired of waitin it aims nothing but I

cases got the folks almost crazy around here like yeah hey hot on that horse

he's got some money

well it looks like they're all here let's go there comes a three now

answer them and don't make any mistakes get down

all right gay guess that's all of them listen you're a good boy I'll turn you

loose when I get through down there don't forget it it's cold out here at

night you're pretty tough you won't freeze there's a shotgun

other voice honey you got a visitor in their house

many others have been playing this camp for a good many days now then you are

mr. truth these are people wanna hear about it don't you talk to me lent

started and you had the nerve to offer her a report that I capture a pity

well Ava's got in our way still is for that matter boys let's get down to

business there's 10,000 Western I figured off boring bungled that aims get

away with the client money you'll never get away with this

oh yes they will they're leaving tonight and you're going with them

sheriff I don't know

what the have two boys take the risk I think the chef's wicked what try to be

n1 and what today's round here someplace

it's too hot for me what's gonna cross a bridge

yes I see you got the fenders rubbed it up I don't know certainly did

what do you mean young man sure the head of the Black Aces and I have both here

and for the most respected man in this country

this is enough Ricky Hayman I just got his lying

we think of a businessman a business


and now your partner sure

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