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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Story of Nazjatar - Alliance & Horde POV [Lore]

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Hello everyone!

Last patch we saw heroes of the world have a close encounter with the old god nzoth.

The blade of the black empire, no longer containing Xalatath, was picked up by members of the

Horde and brought to their warchief.

As they presented the dagger to Sylvanas, a faint smile curled her lips.

For the briefest moment, it seems her eyes darkened.

This blade is the compass that will guide them to victory and now Nathanos calls upon

their champions once more.

The warchief has entrusted him with a mission of the highest priority.

It will succeed of this there is no question, but to ensure that any obstacles encountered

are dealt with, he once again has need of our particular skills.

Even though the Horde fleet has been decimated when the alliance attacked dazaralor, the

Horde still sets sail.

This does not go unnoticed by the alliance who believe this is going to be easy picking

for their superior forces.

With one strike they can eliminate what remains of their enemies fleet and rid Azeroth of

Blightcallers filth once and for all....

Cutscene: Come wail away with me following the guidance

of blade of the black empire.

Oi alliance!

Keep on them!

We cannot let them escape.”

Darling its better down where its wetterMy queen...they have arrived.”


Set the tidestone, wont you.”

Oeee smokey sneaky tentacle.

Nzoth is impatient.

Feeling anxious are we?

How frustrating it must be for you still locked away.

So powerless.

For now.

Do not worry.

Weve both waited so long... but at last...

Youre about to see what I do best.”

Set the tidestone of golganneth, BIG LASER, ohhh baby look at that splash.

Does nathanos look resigned in his fate?

Shes not responding.

Set the sails, set the sails!”

We cant escape.”

Oh boy were going for a dive yall, brace yourself.

Oh hey Lorthemar.


welcome to Nazjatar.

Ive been waiting for you.”

A lot to unpack from one single cutscene.

Nathanos guides the horde fleet and his enemies to this precise location.

This of course has you wonder if he knew this was going to happen.

Are Sylvanas and Azshara working together?

Does Nzoth have control over the banshee queen or did the blade just whisper to them

to go to this spot and something really, really cool would happen.

Thats uncertain, but its pretty safe to say that the blade has worked as a compasss

and the blade is connected to Nzoth.

Speaking of the old god, hes rather restless and wants to get out of his prison.

A goal he has had for a very, very long time, even before he turned Azshara and those that

chose to follower her path into the naga and thats over 10.000 years ago.

In the queens possession is the Tidestone of Golganeth.

This is one of the pillars of creation that we gathered during Legion in order to seal

of the gateway at the tomb of Sargeras.

In Azsuna we met the cursed prince Farondis and his people.

The prince wanted to rise up against Azshara and her plans, use the tidestone against her,

the queen found out about this and wasnt very happy.

She shattered the tidestone leavign a cursed Azsuna behind too which we, many years later,

showed up to gather the pieces.

The naga stole those pieces, were even kind enough to reforge the pillar and we stole

it back to use it at the tomb.

Someway, somehow Azharas forces entered the tomb after we left and took the Tidestone

with them.

This of course raises a lot of questions, first and foremost how did this happen and

sadly they dont really explain this.

I would have loved a mini scenario where you become a naga and fullfill this mission for

the queen, but all we really get as an explenation is that the queen wont leave it unguarded

as we did.

Why didnt she take any of the other pillars, is the legion gateway open again? was this

perhaps their plan all along to have us gather these pillars and use it to their advantage...

Who knows...

Youre back on your feet.


Your survival is key to the dark ladys plans.

Look around.

The vaunted alliance fleet lies in ruins.


I suppose you will want to find safe haven for our wounded.

Oculeth will assist you.

I have a mission to complete.”

Massive ship crash, oh boy that gotta hurt.

This does make it look like Nathanos doesnt even really care about what has happened and

is still on the right track to complete sylvanasmission.

Hopefully in time well figure out whats going on with the warchief.

For now we have Occuleth thats kind enough to give us a safe passage down the waterfall

where we meet up with Lorthemar who sends us over to Thalyssra.

The naga are taking some of our forces captive, are tapping into the power of the ley lines

and are working on some damnable ritual which we stop by killing Tidemistress Ethendriss.

Tidemistress: “His ascension comessssss

This spot is not defendable so we have to move deeper into this place to find a better


Cutscene: Whats that?

Oh dear, its a bit of a naga army isnt it.

Yeah this isnt looking great for us.

What are you waiting for?

We have the enemy in our sights!


Naga got some sweet azerite weapons

I Knew Ashvane could not be trusted.

Damn her treachery!”

This makes no sense.

Why would the naga accept a human as an ally?”

Another moment that raised a couple of questions, how did Ashvane end up with the naga?

Again, we dont have a clear answer.

Last time we saw her was during the Horde war campaign where they got her out of prison

and into a secret meeting with Sylvanas.

Now all of a sudden she shows up here.

Lorthemar does seem to know about her and is as much surprised to see her allied with

the naga as we are.

The scepter of”

An illusion!”


Something stirs beyond this wall of water.”

Look out!”

Fun fact, the beast that stuns us here is actually the second boss for the Eternal Palace


This might have been the moment our adventure into Nazjatar ends, but luckily...

Neri sharpfin:”Chew on this, monster!

Atolia, free them from the beasts grip!”

We get saved woei!

Okay everyone.

Lets get moving before the creature regains its wits.

We have a safe place where you can regroup.”

We are strangers here.

Why did you help us?”

We had our eye on you since this chaos started.

Walls of water rising, ships crashing everwhere...then the naga swarmed all over you!

Any enemy of the queen is a friend of ours.

We know the bad guys pretty well, and youre not one of them.”

There are some who would beg to differ.”

Tell me, whatqueendo you speak of?

What queen?

Are you telling me you dont know where you are?”

Of course by the stars I should have realised.

Lorthemar this place is...”

Cutscene: Biiiig fish.

Ah good.

Your guests have arrived.

I must say, that was a delightfully dramatic entrance.

Behold the wonders of Nazjatar.

The finest sight your eyes will ever behold...and the last.”

Can you get us to safety?”

She is...preventing teleportation...”

Giggle, please do stay.

Explore all the comforts my kingdom has to offer.

I will hold the waters at long as I remain entertained.”

The elves; night elf, nightborne, blood elf, pretty much all of them have a lot of history

with this place.

When Queen Azsharas plans of summoning the legion into the world failed, their well

of etenty became incredibly unstable.

The destruction caused sundered the land.

She, her people and their kingdom was dragged to the bottem of the sea.

Thats where they entered the bargain with Nzoth and were transformed into the naga.

At the bottom of the sea, the naga built for themselves a new city, Nazjatar, originally

a bit closer to the maelstrom, the remnants of the well.

Our new friend Neri Sharpfin is part of the Horde faction in the area known as the Unshackled.

She was the first of the kelfin to escape and made a home for them.

Sea giants, Makura and gilgoblins are oppressed by the naga, but have now banded together

to rise up and seize their freedom.

Okay, folks.

Here we are!

Its not much, but its home.

Tell your troops to make themselves comfortable.

I have a few things to discuss with my people.”

We are in your debt, Neri.”

Dont sweat it.

If you wanna show your appreciation, you can lend a helping hand.”

The Alliance survives their descend into Nazjatar as well.

Genn Greymane, Jaina Proudmoore and Shandris Feathermoon are leading the charge.

They too save the forces captured by the naga, stop them from tapping into the leylines and

stop the ritual of the tidemistress.

Ashvane has the naga launch their azerite weapons at us as well until we also encounter

an illusion of the Scepter of Tides.

Sharasdal, a weapon wielded by Azshara herself, is the legendary artifact restoration

shamans used during Legion which is why its odd we encounter it here.

Another naga ambush!”


I am Okani, leader of the Waveblade clan.

We share a common foe.

Come, we will lead you to safety.”

And why would we trust you?”

We are departing for our shelter in the reef.

Come or do not, but decide quickly.”

It could be a trap.

What say you, Jaina?”

They seem to be our best chance.

My instincts tell me to trust themat least for now.”

Very well.

Okani, we will come with you.”

Okani is part of the waveblade Ankoan, an anciet species of deep sea warriors who traverse

the deepest and most dangerous parts of the ocean.

Where the gilgoblins find their origin as goblins, they have Hobart Grapplehammer to

thank for existing, the Jinyu find their origin as murlocs who found their way to the sacred

waters of the vale of eternal blossoms.

Its powerful energies transformed them and they left the land behind long ago.

The Ankoan are not from these waters.

Their clan has been battling the naga for generations, but it was only in recent times

that they took the fight to nazjatar.

Their leader was slain by the vile queen, and now honor binds their clan to avenge their

death or die here trying.


Perhaps the most powerful sorceress the world has ever known.”

You could not have stumbled upon this place by accident.

She wanted you here.”

But why lure us here?

Why not simply drown us and be done with it?”

There is something going on here that we do not yet understand.

We must find out what shes after.”

Both Jaina and Oculeth need our aid, the power of our Heart of Azeroth, to set up a portal

back home.

Speaking of the heart, magni bronzebeard tracks us down in Nazjatar to let us know that mother

is done with her calculations.

The chamber of heart has been fixed up, but Azeroth itself is still heading to terminal


We must amplify our heart of Azeroth by gathering essences found from all kinds of different


The first one takes us back into Highmountain, Neltharions lair, where we meet up with

our uncorrupted black dragon friend; Ebonhorn.

Together we prove ourselves worthy to obtain the petrified ebony scale, all done under

the watchful eye of a Blacktalon Watcher.

Theyre allies of another uncorrupted black dragon, Wrathion, who hasnt been seen for

quite a while now.

Last we heard was from an island expedition quest which suggests that hes hanging out

on the dragon isles.

Another blacktalon watcher has been spotted in Nazjatar, so hopefuly that means well

see Wration or the dragon isles real soon...

Time will tell!

Back in Nazjatar were well aware that we cant hide forever.

Well need to assault Azsharas palace and figure out what kind of defenses she has

in place...

Cutscene: “Queen Azshara, more landwalkers approach.”

They seek the Tidestone...but I will not leave it unguarded as they so foolishly did.

You are bound to the Tidestones might, Zharessa.

Use it to wash away this unsightly intrusion.”

At once, my queen!”

Azshara has the tidestone of golganeth.

The recent invasions much have been a diversion!”

As long as she holds the Tidestone, she has the power to bring back the sea and drown

us all at any moment.”

Then it is imperative that we take control of it ourselves.

We must find a way to break that barrier!”

Going even near the Tidestone while its still has its protections is just suicide.

We have to be smarter, prepare our forces and figure out a way to penetrate azsharas


In the meantime Neri could use our help as she hasnt heard from their scouts in a


They have been keeping an eye on the Zankir Slave Pens, where the naga take their people

to break them.

Something is going on and we quickly discover that were only on time to save Poen and

his close friend mak.

I guess one is better then none.

With Neri, Poen Gillbrack returning home and Vim Brineheart already living in the base,

they are the 3 followers we can choose from to take on our adventures.

The Alliance do a similar thing except theyre asked to go and save their shaman, Farseer

Ori together with his young initiate called Odari.

They left to investigate nearby disturbance in the elements, neither of them returned.

Turns out that the naga attacked and the elements are in chaos.

The farseer must complete the ritual that he started, must be released from his cage.

Ori is safely brought back together with Unter Akana and Bladesman Inowari, theyre our

choices for followers to take with us on our adventures.

I am honored to fight by your side.”

Nazjatar awaits with specific quests designed for the follower you choose to take with you

on that day.

Quests like killing naga forces, rares, murlocs, hydra.

There are scrying stones to reveal hidden treasures.

Chum to throw in the water, ore to collect, plants to feed in order to summon rares.

Jumping on jellyfish, gather materials, make wine.

World events with pvp to capture objects.

PvE world events like massive bosses summoned by azshara or groups of naga forces getting

ready for the assault.

Neptulon the tidehunter, the elemental lord of water, is not happy with what azshara has

done in his domain so he sends over some powerful forces of his own to teach the naga a lesson.

Theres a murloc trading game, trees you can awaken in special ways.

Mad mardivas has locked up his most prized possessionswith mini games like bejeweled

and uncross the wires as well as his laboratory where we can summon some of his creations.

Our flightwhistle is upgraded after helping the spirit of Kelya Moonfall track down her


We also learn the origin of the snap dragons.

Anyone that has played warcraft 3 remembers the naga using these units, but theyve

never been added to World of Warcraft.

That has now been changed and as it turns out, their origin lies with Professor Elryna

who modified the local Rabid Hillstalker in order of Azshara.

That in a nutshell is what we do while adventuring in Nazjatar yet theres one more side quest

that stands out before we return to the main story.

A lot of Nazjatar looks like the ocean floor just being raced to the surface without a

whole lot of adjustments too it.

The exception is found closer to the Eternal Palace where you can find more of the nagas


Yet to the east we find the ruins of Zin-Ashari, the glory of Azshara, originally named Elundris

meaning the Eye of Elune.

The queen was so loved by her people that they renamed the city to her.

This is the original capital of the night elf empire where Azshara desperatly tried

to hold back the waters.

Both Thalyssra and Shandris wants us to accompany them into the city not for our factions, but

for a more personal matter.

Shandris lost her family during the war of the ancients and was adopted by Tyrande and


Her city was attacked by the Legion and many of the survivors fled here only to drown...or


Eventually she hears the name Janius who was her closest childhood friend and she tries

to find out what happened to him.

Meanwhile Thalyssra, a nightborne of suramar, also remembers the nightmare that was the

war of the ancients.

Her people eventually sealed off their city but before that, they would often visit their

sister city of Zin-Ashari.

Sivara was her most gifted student and she was the one who recommended her to enrol into

the Royal Academy.

Pushed her right into the hands of Azshara, she must make sure thats shes not stuck

in eternal torment like all these other spirits lingering here.

I can abide the ignorance of your companions, but you should know better than to defy your

rightful queen.”

WOESJ WATERBut I digress.

You hoped to be reunited with a lost loved one.

Allow me to grant your wish.”

For Queen Azshara!”



You chose to serve Azshara?!”

Fight for a bitEnough, Sivara.

My subjects cannot grovel if they are dead.

I will allow them once final chance to kneel before my throne.”

Hold, champion.

Sivara is beyond our ability to confront alone.

We will need reinforcement.”

Sivara will wait for us as the first boss in the eternal palace while the spirit of

Janius finds peace.

Its clear that Azshara is toying with us.

Showing us the moment she made the dark bargain with nzoth.

Showing us the power she could unleash at any moment.

The waters surrounding us a constant reminder of the immenant death she could unleash...

Its time to take charge and regain control.

Our efforts have helped with rebuilding our supplies and gained our friends some much

needed combat experience, but we need more information.

Our allies still held captive by Azsharas forces should be able to give us a firsthand

account so we ride out to rescue them at the Deepsea Slave Pen.

They thought they would die in that cave.

Sometimes they wished it...

Azshara has minions across all of Nazjatar.

The Azshari summoners can force the tides to do their evil bidding.

Some of the naga have learned to harness the Void.

They call themselves the Shirakess.

But the Zanjir are the ones who should worry you the most.

Thyere hiding something powerful within their miltary stronghold.”

We cant just walk in there and expect the naga to tell us what theyre hiding.

Instead, a dead zoatroid on our head will make them believe were under their control.

The dirtiest of jobs are given to us by the overseer like feeding the snapdragons, collecting

pearls, sharpen their blades...azerite blades...

Special weapons crafted by none other then Priscilla Ashvane.

She must have taught the naga how to forge azerite weaponry.

We dont know why, but its certain that the naga having access to this kind of weaponry

is not going to be good for anyone.

By following the azerite residue trail, we track down their stash where a very loud Ashvane

is enjoying giving orders.

This wont end well for you im afraid.

You face far greater forces than you know.”

This is your last warning!

I can still offer you mercy.

Leave now and I will call off the assault.”



You cannot leave me here to die!

We had a deal!”

Contain yourself human.

Show faith in your queen.

I would not let them take you.

Not before you have fulfilled your destiny.”

I really wonder how this relation with Ashvane and Azshara came to be and if well see

a proper explenation for it.

For now, Ashvane wont trouble us and weve secured their weapons.

We must consider our next move carefully as our allies gain more and more experience and


Information that lets us know about a naga enclave located in the ruins of zin-ashari.

If there is anything potent enough to counter Azsharas sorcery, it will be in the ruins

of the capital city.

The experience of this part of the quest is actually rather different depending on the

faction that you play for.

The Horde joins Thalyssra into the city where a communication crystal needs a bit of power

to get operational again.

Worth the effort though as it allows us to talk to Thalyssra where ever we find one of

these crystals.

Zin-Ashari is wondrous to behold, but do be careful.

It would be a pity for you to suffer harm before I can grant you a proper audience.”

We should move forward.

Azsharas preening must not distract us from our goal.”

The water nearby radiates a foul wrongness, unlike the magic of old but more ancient and


The corrupted creatures are defeated while the source of the corruption has quite a lot

to say.

Gotta love the whispers of the void and this little creature is like an old god on steroids.

You might remember walking into AQ and have Cthun whisper to you.

Say that you were already dead and what not.

It reminds me a lot of that, corruption seeping into our minds.

Defeating a mere herald means nothing.

Nzoths visions are growing stronger...more tangible.

There is so much he wants you to see.”

Your ambitions doomed the people of Zin-Ashari!

For this?

All to earn the favor of your dark master?”

The bargain was struck on MY terms, and through it, my loyal followers embraced a

grand destiny.

You cannot see the truth yet, but you will.

Oh, how you will!”

It seems we struck a nerve.

Let us continue the search.”

Good old Oculeth used to have a workshop in the highborne estates.

We check it out to find some of his notes.

Of course it wouldnt be Oculeth if there wasnt some sort of orb trap involved.

Atleast this time it doesnt teleport us halfway into the ocean.

The spirits in the area are some of the most loyal followers of the queen in life.

Lets not forget, they renamed their city from their goddess elune to azshara herself.

When signs of the legion coming into the world started to show.

When the rebellion formed...they were unable to accept that their queen might be doing

something wrong.

It had to be the advisors surrounding her.

Thats the kind of devotion Azshara had from her followers.

We talk to the spirits and they mention that the Javalins of Azshara, or Suramar as they

were originally called could have the power to pierce nearly any ward.

Thalyssra had thougth them to be lost but apperantly theyre in the hands of one of

Azsharas most loyal handmaidens.

Care to admire the Highbornes handiwork, Thalyssra?

To look upon all that your hubris has wrought?”

Suramar rebelled against Azshara.

Were it not for our courage, the Legions forces would have overwhelmed azeroth.”

Yet instead of fighting alongside the rest of us, you walled oyurselves off as Kalimdor

burned around you.”

It breaks a queens heart to watch her subjects squabble.

Such a futile argument.

In the end, you will all be mine againone way or another.”


Rest assured that we stand united in our contempt for you.”

You see?

We have found common ground already.

Dear children, it is only a matter of time until you kneel before my throne.

As a willing subject...or a broken corpse.”


We sealed off Suramar to keep the Pillars of creation free from Azsharas grasp.

The power she holds with just the Tidestone...”

I know.

So long as it remains in her clutches, we have little hope of victory.”

The bit about Suramar shielding themselves to keep Azshara away from their pillar of

creation, the eye of amanthul, thats been added with this quest.

Originally the explenation was just that they sealed themselves away with the coming of

the Legion.

My queen, forgive me.”

The alliance also go into zin-azshari, together with shandris.

Its a real shame that they decided not to add Tyrande and Malfurion to this experience.

I understand that you can only shine the spotlight on so many characters, but those two played

a critical role in the rebellion against Azshara.

These are the streets that they walked too.

How cool would it have been to see Tyrande and Azshara talk with one another.

The priestess of elune has always been afraid to turn into a azhsara herself during her

rol as leader of the night elves.

She has now gone through extreme lengths to force elune to empower her.

Imagine that night warrior ritual to have its origins somehow connected with azshara

or being used as a tool to taunt tyrande...

Ahwell what could have been!

Lets check in with Shandris.

I will savor the moment when we finally strike her down.

Come, we must push deeper into Zin-Ashari.”

Holding back the waters around us is not going to easy, even if we do take control of the

tidestone so we gather some elemental cores, not only to rid the area of the befouled elementals,

but also to power the spellwork to keep the water at bay.

Our ankoan ally would like us to get some vengeance by slaying the makrura and make

sure to take out nzoth corruption in the form of the eye of the corrupter.

Meanwhile Shandris has us talking to the spirits of the highborne to find something to overcome

the guardian of the tidestone.

The books and the spirits bugged out a little bit, but all the same, they point us to the

handmaiden and the javalin.

Queen Azshara has chosen me.

I will slay you in her name.”

One book that did peak my interestest was the one of naga origin: We have spoken with

the spirits that reside in this place.

There was some hope that we could either convince them to our side, or to remove them entirely.

The Queen has ordered us out of the city.

She wants to leave the denizens of the ruins alone.

I feel its shortsighted, to abandon the ruins to spirits.

We could reclaim and restore this part of the city, turning it from ancient highborne

to the glory of naga architecture.

Is there a sense of nostalgia within the queen?

Effection for the subjects she lost or merely part of her plan of using the spirits later?

Since a side quest explains that some of the spirits here are unable to accept the truth.

Admit that Azsharas pride and vanity destroyed them, when they worshipped her...

They would lose everything if they admitted she allowed them to die.

That in combination with the naga using foul orbs to drain their energy and keep them trapped

here is why these spirits linger so we destroy the orbs too hopefully, with time, have them

move on.

With the javalin of Suramar in our possession.

Once wielded by azshara herself.

Capable of piercing most magical barriers, were ready for the final stretch.

Both sides have worked hard to arm themselves and of course run into another just before

theyre ready to strike.

Ah, Champion, youve arrived.

Perfect timing.”

We plan to secure the Tidestone.

I advise you to stay out of our way.”

Your arrival is timely.

They seem to be spoiling for a fight.”

I thought I smelled an ambush...”

This is our best opportunity to seize the Tidestone from Azsharas grasp.”

Their champion holds the Javalin of Suramar.

We should hear what they have to say.”

Thalyssra, there is little our troops can do against the guardian.

We shall assault the nearby naga camp to buy you the time you need.”

Our champion bears the Javalin.

We must ensure it strikes true.

First Arcanist, if you shield me while I attack, we stand a better chance of succeeding.”

A sound plan.

We face a formidable foe.”

Coordination between our forces is the best strategy.

But know that any duplicity will be met with retribution.”

Be warned that if I catch even the scent of treachery, I will tear you to shreds.”

Assault the Gorgonian Overlook with Genn and Lorthemar.

Champion, with me.

I would have you by my side as we take the camp.”

As you wish Greymane.

Your champion does not frighten me.”

I shall accompany you.

Together, we will strike at the heart of the camp.”

Two against one is it?

You are right to beware of me, elf.”

Impressive, Greymane.

A pity we never had the honor of facing one another on the battlefield.”

How fortunate that we never did.

It would have been a waste to kill you.”


You fight well...for an elf.”

And you fight well for a wolf.”

Perish landwalker.”

Commander Kresh slain.

Now champion!

Hurl the Javelin!”

Cutscene: His helmet was stifling, it narrowed his vision.

And he must see far.

His shield was heavy, it threw him off balance.

And his target is far away.

JOINK, bye barrier

Impudent wretches!

You shall all drown.”


I...cannot queen...”

Cutscene: “Azsharas forces are routed.

We have broken her hold on the Tidestone.”

Our way into the palace remains blocked.”

The Tidestones power could be used to shatter the barrier...

But I cannot control its energies on my own.”

Perhaps we could...together.”

So be it.”

Casting our magics together now, oe boy look at ally and horde teaming it up.


It is done.

The way is open.”

Azsharas reign must end.”

The Hordes champions will drive every last naga from the palace.

Azshara will pay for what shes done.

Alliance heroes will dethrone the would-be queen.

We wont seek a fight with you, Lorthemar, but we will not abide interference.”

What have we here?

Bitter rivals standing united around my Tidestone.

I really do possess a gift for bringing my subjects together.”

You cant stop us, Azshara.

We are coming to end your reign.”

Stop you?

My dear child, why would I want to stop you?

Consider this a formal invitation.

My palace has been made ready.

Your presence is eagerly anticipated.

So many wonders lies in store.


The way is clear.

The palace awaits.

We must end this.

Queen Azshara is the most powerful sorcerers in existence.

Even back during the war of the ancients, when she was still a night elf, the pitlord

mannorth sized her up and he thought that her power would rank around the area of Archimonde

and Kiljaeden.

Imagine now that shes allied to Nzoth, imagine just how powerful shes become.

She mastered magics thousands of years before our archmagi were even born.

We cannot underestimate her power or her planning, for she has had thousand of years to prepare

for us...

And that is the adventure in Nazjatar and how the alliance and the horde make their

way into the eternal palace.

Our weapons are turned away from one another for the moment as we focus on the real threat,

the queen and Nzoth.

There was the warcampaign in which the alliance and horde teamed up to rescue Baine from the

cluthces of Sylvanas.

There we saw Jaina team up with Thrall and Saurfang and here we see them team up with

one another; Genn, Thalyssra, Lorthemar and Jaina, all of them pointing their weapons

towards Azshara.

But old hatreds are not that easily forgotten, Thalysra fears.

The wolf king will not be at ease until the Banshee Queen is no more.

And shes right.

Greymane does not trust our Hordeallies’.

We will make use of them when we take the fight into the palace, but this is an arrangement

of convenience.

At least he doesnt detect the Banshees stench, nor that of her bootlicking general.

Speaking of the bootlicker, what is Nathanos doing during all of this.

How and why did Sylvanas lead our forces here?

What is up with Ashvane and her allegiance to Azshara...

Still a fair few questions left to be answered...perhaps well see them coming reset as then the

eternal palace opens up.


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The Description of The Story of Nazjatar - Alliance & Horde POV [Lore]