Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Will & Falco Ebben with 'Linus', 1st National S3 Châteaudun vs 12,511 p. (English & German sub)

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This is Linus.

He won the 1st national Chteaudun in sector III against 12,511 pigeons.

Linus has been raced 11 times in 2018 and he won 9 prizes 1:25

Among others 4 x 1st.

He was three times one of the fastest 6 pigeons against more then 10,000 pigeons.

His father 'Diablo' won a 1st NPO against 16,971 pigeons.

And his mother Indy won 6 x 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th in NPO-competition.

We were expecting the pigeons around 2.30 p.m.

I was here with Henk Schiltmans. He is 83 years old and our most loyal supporter.

Falco was filming at Verkerk.

I said to henk: I expect them around 2.30 p.m.

Immediately after I said that he was there, over the roof.

He immediately went inside.

We were both shocked. We had not expected them in a long time, some 20 minutes later or so.

I called Falco to say we had one.

He was at Verkerk and they immediately knew this had to be a really early pigeon.

I immediately knew it had to be our topbird Linus.

We had very high expectations of that pigeon that day.

It had to be like that.

But I did not expect that it would be the 1st national.

I saw it immediately. Its a white flight pigeon. And I expected him, he was our 1st nominated pigeon.

Thats him! Now it is going to happen!

The 1st national in the sector and the fastest 1-day long distance racer of the Netherlands that day.

Of all sectors.

My uncle values that a pigeon has a good character.

Goes well in the group. Not has an annoying character.

Is attached to his territory.

That you have to do little work with it.

That it is a nice bird to have in the loft

A pretty big and strong pigeon.

A nice bird to have in the loft.

He won a first prize on two other races.

Three times. Four times in total.

There was a reason he was our 1st nominated pigeon.

I insisted to race him on the one day long distance.

Falco did not agree with that completely.

He wanted to keep him on the middle distance. But I thought, he can handle the long distance.

We actually have the pigeons for that discipline.

Our season was really good again.

The season for the old birds has finished now.

The cock that has won this race was going for an acepigeon.

Overall and middle distance in our federation.

He won 9 x 1:25 this year.

He won 4 x 1st this year and he was 3 times one of the fastest 6 pigeons against more then 10,000 pigeons.

I wanted to race him on the middle distance again.

I thought: then he can become provincial ace pigeon if we are lucky.

But Willy said: you want pigeons for the one day long distance, then you have to race him.

The first two 1-day long distance races we kept him at home, because we didnt trust the weather.

Now he has immediately achieved the highest goal on his only 1-day long distance race in 2018.

That was amazing!

His mother is our Indy, she won 6 x 1st.

A/o 3 x 1st in our combine against many pigeons and also a 2nd, 3rd and 4th in NPO-competition.

She comes directly from Ad Schaerlaeckens.

His father Diablo won 1st NPO Morlincourt in 2008 against 16,971 pigeons.

He turned out to be a great breeder. His decendants have won several 1st prizes on a provincial level.

I thought about it for two days and then I decided not to race with him anymore.


He is going to the breeding loft now and we hope that he turns out to be a great breeder as well.

That he becomes the successor of his mother.

Shes a great breeding hen.

Linus is a cock, so it is easier to get more youngsters from him.

We hope he will become our new basic pigeon.

You can say that yes. He is a great pigeon.

We have not had many pigeons like this one.

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