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Improves Posture of Our Body

Many of us spend a lot of time in front of the computer,

this causes our shoulders to fall and our hump to come off.

Thanks to swimming, we get a better posture since the core area, that is, the abdominal and waist muscles, are strengthened.

Why is a good posture important?

If you have a good posture; By standing more strained in the water, you can minimize friction while swimming.

If you have a good posture; you apply all swimming techniques better.

Improves Our Breathing

It is very important to breathe clearly at the right time while swimming.

Thanks to swimming, our lung capacity improves and more oxygen intake takes place.

Increases Strength and Endurance of Our Muscles

Swimming is a very repetitive sport, which increases the strength of our muscles.

As water is denser than air, high resistance helps strengthen muscles.

Thanks to swimming, we perform an activity equivalent to the exercise in the gym.

Moreover, since we only use water resistance, there is no risk of injury.

Reduces Heart Rate and Pulse Stress

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular activity that increases the heart's blood-pumping capacity.

So swimming is a cardiovascular friendly activity.

Runs the Whole Body

Swimming is one of the rare sports that work our entire body as it occupies almost all of our muscle groups.

It reduces stress

Water is like soil.

Thanks to the hydrodynamic effect of water, you get rid of negative electricity in your body.

Swimming helps to relieve stress as it is a peaceful and relaxing exercise.

Swimming for an hour after a busy day at work makes you feel refreshed and energetic.

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