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Welcome to the paranormal tv spray channel's channel

Share to you the mysterious videos about the spiritual world

And even in the weak heart series, don't watch today will include

The ghostly head in the house of ijesse

kuntilanak and

The spiritual mysteries of Indonesians

Mysterious shadow in the abandoned house

With glowing eyes

The ghost of the woman in the dark night

and to kick-start the video today

1 Video from YouTuber ijesse

The ghostly head in the house of ijesse

ijesse uploaded a video about what he feels like something is in his house

Chances are spiritual issues ijesse decided

Put the camera in the room that he is most afraid of at 2am

And he uploaded this video content to YouTube

with the title

There is something very strange in my house. And get a lot of comments

Speaking of which, what is the weirdest thing in ijesse's room?

invite you

Let's watch the video closely

According to you guys, that spooky head


Or is it just an ijesse joke and ijesse's fear?

Please take a look at Ijesse's channel to watch this video more closely

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Mysterious shadow in the abandoned house

This video is published on youtube

by channel امر / 3 AMR

From Saudi Arabia he made this adventure alone

to the abandoned houses

On the outskirts of the city

You met something very strange in these abandoned houses!

It was a shadow

with two eyes as bright as two flashlights and it is everywhere

in these abandoned houses

And especially our courageous cameraman

has come to where the black shadow appears


It disappeared without a trace and then reappeared in another

Please invite us to closely watch this video!

What do you think the bizarre shadow may be

And if like

If it was a human, then would human speed be that fast?

Please let me know in the comments below!

You can also visit امر / 3 AMR's channel to watch this video more closely!

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And the spiritual mysteries of Indonesians

According to the Indonesian concept of spirituality kuntilanak is the ghost of

The women die while pregnant and they often appear with pale skin

in white shirt

Often these are kuntilanak

I will appear to seduce men then kill them and eat their organs

The following is a video from YouTuber Bajul TV

This video will show you a kuntilanak that appears but kutilanak in this video

Appearing with a red immediately followed by the strange actions of the man

And strange things appear under the tree that kuntilanak has appeared

For now, let's take a look at this weird video


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ghosts in the elevator

This video was recorded from a security camera in the area where the video was taken

On June 28, 2012

And was found by the venna ohh o YouTube channel posted in 2014

The video content is an image of a postman

After entering the month he had encountered an extremely strange phenomenon and the corridor lights

Where the elevator opened the shutter shut off continuously then appeared a man

In a suit in a hand holding a magazine and disappeared immediately

Please invite us Let's Watch this video carefully!

Finally a video from Japan

and a pitiful story

It is said that in the past there was a suicide

A mother

with his son jumping from above

Since then at Dark

People often see a cart

And a child standing from the tower looked down

There were quite a few people who came here to discover and record the video they had met by the child standing from the tower and looking down

Since then this place has become gloomy

And not many people are going to this place anymore

Let's take a closer look at the video to see if the other kid appears in this video

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