Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bailey Shows Richard the New Normal - Grey's Anatomy

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Oh, hey! Oh!

Uh, what is -- Oh! No.

What is going on? Hi.

No, no. Um...

I thought --

We were texting and you said to come over with nothing on.

I didn't mean right now. So you -- Okay.

Okay. Um, sorry. I'm sorry. Hello? Hi.

Come on -- No, no, you know what? Actually. No.

It's fine. It's okay. It's good.

It's not that...cold out, actually,

so I'm just -- I'm gonna go. Hey. No, you don't need to leave.

No, I do. I have to, okay?

This is...

This was good.

This was a mistake. But this whole thing.

I'm not a...

I'm not a stepmom.

You're not a stepmom.

I'm just -- I'm a person who shows up at penthouses

wearing puffy coats and nothing else, so...


Wow. Okay.

Um, this was too much too soon.

Thank you.

Hi, Harriett, it was really nice --

really nice to meet you after all this time.

Um, okay, bye.


Next. Man: This happens when I eat nuts, but I didn't eat any nuts.

Uh, I don't think. Those food labels are small.

Here. [ Thermometer beeps ]

Okay, 98.6.

So you are going to want to follow

the purple line to the ER.

I don't want a Chinese doctor.

Oh, okay.

Then you're going to want to follow

this green line to the parking lot,

put your rude self back in your car

and hope you don't go into anaphylactic shock.

I'll follow the purple line to the ER.


OMG. Dr. Webber.

You look great. Hearts.



[ Indistinct conversations ]


Can you please make sure this gets up to the Covid floor

with Enna Ravera? Just leave it.

Uh, hey, Karen, uh, could I get an update

for Ike Donerson? He's a friend of a friend.

Happy to check on him for you, Dr. Hunt.

Hope the kids are doing okay. Oh, thanks.

Um, my mom's hands are full, but she's managing.

Bailey: There's another tent for visitors

'cause none are allowed in the hospital

unless accompanying a young child.

Dr. Webber? Ah, Hunt.

Altman. I-I-Is it still Altman?

Yeah, still Altman. Ah.

I hate to leave, but I-I-I got to get back.

Yeah, and I-I've got another --

Uh. Alright, the less severe symptoms

are sent home to self-quarantine.

The more severe are admitted.

The entire OR heard a recording

of Altman and Koracick having sex...

[ Sighs ] ...or was that the cobalt talking?

That was not the cobalt. Ooh!

[ Chuckling ] Stop it. Stop it.

You're bad. Stop it. Stop?

I came back just so I could ask the question.

[ Both laugh ]

Bailey: What is wrong -- What?

Bailey: The entire east wing is now a Covid ward.

We've converted whole floors into negative pressure rooms.

Severe patients go to this special Covid ICU.

So far we have enough ventilators.

Well, what about PPE for the staff?

We are reusing what we have,

but we need more -- a lot -- Wait.

No, no, no, no. Well, someone's coding here.

Uh, and we have staff inside to deal with it.

Look, hospitals are losing too many of their own.

So no one goes through those doors without full PPE,

which is in short supply.

Yes, it goes against everything we teach,

but there are no emergencies in a pandemic.

Marvin Lindstrom. 83.

He was fine yesterday, became hypoxic an hour ago.

It's the fourth patient I've lost today,

and they're all dying alone.

Welcome back, Richard.

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