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[This video has not been edited excessively]

[You can watch calmly the way Hyun-Joong]

[having his meal.]

Let's not order lacquer.

I'm allergic to it.

Shall we order traditional medicine chicken or steamed duck?

Let's have stew for 2 person, 2 spicy, and 1 acorn jello.

And also seafood pancake.

Is the tofu here handmade?

You mean the tofu...

is really handmade?

How did you find such a place?

I came here for a paragliding session

and walked around the town.

Then I found this place out of nowhere

a few walk from here,

there is a cafe

People go there?

that's where most people go

why though?

[Hyun-Joong doesn't enjoy going to the cafes]

Cafe is convenient and there are a lot of beautiful cafes

[drop the pancake]

- So this is that tofu? - Yes.

Thank you.

Enjoy your meal.

[Seafood pancake 12,000 won]

[Tofu 10,000 won]

[Acorn jello 10,000 won]

Let's try this.

What would go best with tofu?

The soy sauce... I think it's the soy sauce.

[(One bite)]

[Nervous nervous]

[Forced smile] It's just tofu.

I think you should cover it with Kimchi?




how can you tell? if it's a good tofu or not?

Like, is there a standard?

honestly I expected more

it's just an ordinary tofu.

[Just nod along] it's definitely different from the store-bought ones.

I don't see any difference.

[(I don't know about that)]

Let's try the seafood pancake.


The seafood pancake is a work of art.

[(glad to hear that)]

The pancake is really good.


It tastes like fried egg.

I think they put in lots of egg inside.

I think the seafood pancake... Is among the top 30 of what I've tasted.

[Top 30???]


I think these acorn jello is also handmade.

(Acorn jello) This is definitely different from the store-bought ones.

But still. Tastes the same.


[(1 Tofu)]

[(2 Tofu)]

[(I thought you didn't like it)]

[(3 Tofu)]

[(4 Tofu)]

tell you what,

the tofu is better than the ones from Sokcho(?)

[It's. Just. My. Personal. Opinion]

[(Fourth menu is here)]

Frozen-dried Pollack and Tofu stew...

Is this oyster mushroom?

[Frozen-dried Pollack and Tofu stew + stone pot rice = 10,000 won]

[Frozen-dried Pollack and Tofu stew + stone pot rice = 10,000 won]

Shall we order stir fried seasoned duck too?

[(Stir fried seasoned duck?)]

excuse us~?

[PD Seo is the most impatient among them]

They'll be here form the kimchi.

Is there anyone more impatient than us?

As soon as we got our orders..

I wouldn't even be mad if they

ask us if we can finish them all

Let's check on the prices and rate them.

[judgement time]

Tofu 10000 won... okay

10000 won is acceptable.

Seafood pancake 12000 won.

[Adjusting posture]

sounds fair, right?

usually, when you go to a bar,

12,000 won is never enough for a seafood pancake this good.


Acorn jello is cheap!

This is 20,000 won.

Two stone pot rice.. and this is cheap.

400g of Stir fried seasoned duck is 12,000 won. That's a steal.

400g is half of a duck, right?

[You tell me]

ah this is interesting.

All the dishes here are handmade.

[Mother Bowl Father Tofu]

[The two person who hate waiting the most]

[(he's not standing up because he has to film)]


[he's the customer] Hey this is delicious~

Hey this is delicious~

Wow what is this?


Oh great, oh great.

A good analogy of this would be

[what a relief] on a weekend, when dads had

a lot of drink a day before

And they're forced to go an a family outing

this will cure their hangover for sure.

This is really good.

Oh the soft tofu is really good.

Is there cheese inside?


The tofu has a deep taste because it's handmade, right?

I thought there was cheese inside.

[Stir fried seasoned duck - 12,000 won]

[home.grown.lettuce.] Hey I think this is home grown.

[home.grown.lettuce.] This is home grown.

[Big bite]

[(A nod of truth)]

The chili paste is handmade.

[Hand. Made. Chili. Paste]

[Home.grown.DUCK] Oh this duck is home grown.

[Home.grown.DUCK] now you've crossed the line

but I think the chili paste is handmade.

We need to go to the cafe and eat again?

Yes, as a finale...

I don't usually eat desserts;

You can throw your coins and make wishes here

[Hello I'm ice.]

I think it'll be nice.

what's the meaning of this stone?

I think it looks like a side profile of a person.

sitting down, crouching.

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