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Hello I'm Dr. Bernice Bernhard a New York State Licensed Psychologist practicing here

in New York City. In this segment we're going to be talking about how to beat depression.

The most important thing about how to beat depression is to get a good evaluation for

medication from a psychiatrist and to also rely on friends and support groups, to rely

on people who care about you and also the most important thing I can teach you is that

when you are saying negative thoughts it helps to keep depression alive. So I'd like you

to make a list of negative thoughts and I'm going to stop at the worst one that you can

possibly write because it is real. I have lost somebody in my life because that person

died. On the other side I would want you to write something positive as hard as this is

which might be I will always have positive memories to sustain me when the grief and

mourning time is over. You can do that with almost anything that causes depression, your

job, your family, your relationships, write it down and next to it write down something

you can say that turns it around so there is not so much doom and gloom. It does make

a difference. Thank you, it's Dr. Bernhard.

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