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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE MAGICIANS | Season 5 Episode 8: Making Magic | SYFY

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- Eli's bar mitzvah. - Eli's bar mitzvah!

- Was fantastic.

- Eli! - So...

- Mazel, Eli.

- Yeah, mazel tov, Eli.

- Was it, like, "Grease" themed?

- No, it was, uh... it was director themed.

- Yeah, it was director themed. - And, uh...

Francis Ford Coppola's table, like,

was not having a good time. - Kinda... yeah.

- But they had a lot of wine.

So that was good. - They were very drunk.

- Seb needs to die.

You can't do it, but I can.

So get ready to--

- Ovary up, btch.

Margo comes up with this incredible

and very original body swap idea that she...

doesn't even tell Eliot about.

She kind of just lets it happen.

In order for Eliot to not actually kill Seb,

she'll inhabit his body herself

and do the deed so that he doesn't have to.

- I have to give kudos to, uh, Hale and Summer.

I think it was really helpful to see the transition of...

you guys know each other so well.

Not only as characters, but as,

uh, friends. - Yeah.

- That you guys were able to learn each other's process

and just being able to be on the other side of it

was so much fun and I thought you guys

were really, really incredible.

- Tell anyone we swapped,

and we won't be able to swap back.

We've been, like-- - We killed it, though.

- I mean-- - It was so much fun!

- I don't know, I, like--

I'm a little-- - I thought you killed it.

- It was a bit, like, you know,

I hope it's not too-- it might be a little "SNL,"

but-- that-- from my end.

I was very much, you know, gave it a lot of--

- Also, I'd go there sometimes.

- Yeah.

- I do-- I do that, sometimes.

I go there.

- I hope that the-- the die hard fans and all--

and "The Magicians"... - Yeah.

- Stans of the multiverse

really get a kick out of this episode.

'Cause we put a lot of work into becoming each other,

and I--

I think it's fun as much as it is anything else.

Particularly the scene where we first switch bodies,

I think is an opportunity to go all out.

And we did.

- Yeah, we did. - Yeah.

If Josh tries to pull you into any kind of talk,

just don't.

- It was a good moment for Josh, too,

because he thinks, "Here's a great opportunity."

He's finally gonna get to talk to his maybe girlfriend

on a long hike.

- For sure girlfriend, no?

- Well, they're a little on the rocks right now.

- Sure, sure, sure, sure. - So, like,

maybe this is the moment he can smooth it all out

and leave it--

it's the one time they body swap, so.

- It was interesting to be in her body during that moment

for you, and to-- - Yeah, that was crazy

how you actually did that. - Yeah.

It was weird for me. But it was good.

I liked it.

- Is there like a magic plant or something out here

that I can pee on to...

find out if I'm...

- Pregnant.

- Henry and Sera and John gave me a call

when I told them I was pregnant

and after a couple of weeks had gone by,

I think they, like, had time to digest it

'cause I had to let them know, you know,

"What do you guys wanna do with this?"

"Do we hide it?"

And then they decided to write it into the script.

I really appreciate if we can keep this between you and I.

Please? - Of course.

I'm really good with secrets.

I've kept Eliot's fear of butterflies secret for years.

Fen finds out that Julia is pregnant.

There's a lot of emotions happening in Fen.


Our baby-- - And Brittany.

- And Brittany! - Oh, yeah.

- There's, like, the difficulty with it

because Fen and Eliot had a baby

that died in childbirth, and so she has jealousy

that I think would be natural in that scenario.

But then guilt about the jealousy

'cause she also wants to feel happy for her friend.

And then actual excitement and joy

because Fen loves babies and bunnies

and there's babies and bunnies in this scene, and, um...

There's just so much happening!

- It's okay.

- So... - You can let it out.

- Funny enough, we have babies and bunnies!

Bring 'em in!

Bring 'em in!

- Bax sets up an interesting dynamic for Alice.

You know, he's another really smart person in the mix.

I mean, they're all really intelligent characters,

but he just adds this-- a different...

take on everything and she eventually sees him

as somebody who can help and contribute

to the bigger problem and have some sort of...

insight into what the page could mean

and, so, it's really fun to have a different person in the group

and in the scenes with us.

- Penny lets Raylan in because of Alice.

Because of his relationship with Alice.

He sees Alice going through something

that Penny 23 went through with Julia 23.

And in the loss of her and in that grief,

he recognizes that she needs something

and it is an act of compassion.

And then she shares that this has to do with Quentin

and it's that--

that is the thing that

causes Penny to say, "Okay, let's let this guy in."

- Action!

- Bax!

- What's cool about episode eight,

what's really fun...

is that it's a horror episode.

What's really fun about our show

is that, like, different episodes can have

a completely different genre.

We obviously, as you know, have done a bunch of musicals,

which is fun.

This was our horror episode! It was fun, and, like,

we had you having to go through the stacks--

does that change things for you when you're, like,

in a horror episode when you're--

how you approach "The Magicians" or not really?

- I don't know, I've done a lot of horror projects in the past.

That's, like, kind of my genre.

So, it's really fun for me to dig into that.

Like, when we were in the stacks and Alice is having to

loop through the stacks, and-and hide,

like, that was, like a dance.

That was really fun with the camera team.

And we spent a lot of time in working on the suspense

and the timing of it and...

There's a scene in the library where

I'm weaving through the stacks and I'm hiding

and the camera's kind of following and it's--

it's like, oh!

Is he gonna see her? Is he gonna see her?

And then he misses me and...

we spent hours doing that scene and it was just really fun.

It's just a dance with the camera department

and figuring out just the right timing

so it's just scary enough.

Is she gonna make it?

- Cut, beautiful. Print it.

- My name is Sean Maguire and I am playing Sebastian.

I think this character is very, very complex.

Very, very old.

He's been around for a couple hundred years, and, um...

I think the main thrust of this character

is a man who has lost love.

The love of his life died and...

like all of us, he's grieved and he's found it hard,

but most of us begin to get our lives back together

and start trying to move forward,

but for Sebastian, I don't think he could.

And so, that is-- the thrust of his arc, is-is...

how does one deal with grief if you can't get over it?

So, it's very interesting for me to play.

- Sean is a total professional.

He's been doing this forever and he has, uh...

an incredible charisma on camera.

He's so prepared, he's so professional.

He's, uh, incredibly sparkly and watchable

and just, uh...

like, an all around great person.

So it's great to work with Sean.

I absolutely love it.

- Well, Julia, like, slices the Dark King with a knife

and she thinks, you know, that's good.

He's dead. We did it.

And then-- surprise! "Magicians!"

- Yeah, surprise Magicians.

- He ain't dead. - Nope.

- And cut it!

- I can keep going about the bar mitzvah.

The Torah portion was really nice,

talked about the sanctity of life,

which was lovely. - Yeah.

The Stanley Kubrick table was...

hard to find.

- It was-- yeah.

They were blending in everywhere.

- Yeah.

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