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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Frozen Yogurt & Sprinkles | What Would Your Kid Do?

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So to see how our kids acts to injusticethe teacher has set up a little experiment.

Masquerading as treat time.

Teacher Alan: Hello!

Alfie has been helping me with the frozen yogurt.

Do you want to do the sprinkles part of it?

Diya: Sure, yeah!

Teacher Alan: Should we do Alfies first?

All you have to do it put that pot of yogurt underneath that pipe and can you see the big

red button.

Just press that once, and plenty of sprinkles should come out.

Hold it tight, under the pipe.

Aww lovely that is loads of sprinkles.

That looks amazing.

Alfie are happy with that!


You can go back to the other classroom now off you go.

I will go and get some spoons.

I will be back in two minutes.

You can do your sprinkles

Evie: Okay

Teacher Alan: Remember just the one press on the button okay?

But what Diya, Evie and Rhys dont know- is that went it comes to their turn the machine

is going to give them less than their fair share.

So will the kids except this injustice or press the button more than once?

Evie: Just once

So the kids have seen another child get far more sprinkles than they did.

With the teacher now out the room, I want to know what your kid would do?

Will they press the button a second time to get more sprinkles?

Familieslets lock in those answers

Okay finally honest parents.

Nobody trying to pretend that they are raising an angel.

Rhys then you think he is definitely going to press it?

Cheryl: Definitely if he thinks someone else is getting more than him I wouldnt be surprised

if he pressed it more than once.

Just keep going.

Okay lets find out just how well you know your kids.

Teacher Alan: Just the one press of the button okay?

Diya: Okay

Evie: Just once!

Rhys: Oh my... noo! What's it doing?

Evie: What happened?!

Stop it!

Diya: You got it in my back!

Rhys: Oh gosh!

Evie: O M G

Rhys: The sprinkle machine is attacking me!!


Rhys: I pressed once, now it's attacking the classroom.

Teacher Alan: What do you mean attacking youwhats happened?

Diya: I pressed it once, and then I accidentally pressed it thrice by accident, 'cos I forgot.

And then it all just dropped...droppeddropped!

Evie: I only pressed it once and then it went crazy

Teacher Alan: How many times?

Rhys: Once. Alan - trust me, once.

Teacher Alan: Just the once?

Evie: Yeah

Teacher Alan: Come on then.

Evie: I had no idea what happened.

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