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Whassap yo? This week on Thug Notes we straight buggin with The Metamorphosis

by Franz Kafka.

Things dead as usual in the life of Gregor Samsa. Oh yeah, cept for one

thing: Fool realize he dun TRANSFORMED IN TO A GIANT FUGLY-ASS INSECT. I aint even

playin, man. But compared to slavin away for the man, Gregor dont give a fu** bout lookin

all jacked up. Instead, he start marinatin on how much he hate his daily grind as a salesman.

When his mama come a knockin, she sayGregor! Get yo lazy white ass outta

bed and go to work!” Gregor try to talk- but his mouth just spittin gibberish.

Then his manager rolls up to the crib and sayYo Gregor. Man da boss aint

gonna take none o dissick-dayjive. Get yo sh** together and go to work!” After

Gregor finally opens the door, his Mama passes out COLD, the manager BAILS, and Gregors

daddy tries to swat his ass with a newspaper before holing him up.

Eventually Gregor on a new grind- chillin under the couch, eatin trash his sister

Grete tossin him, and listenin to his family go on bout how they all tapped out now that

Gregors useless bug-ass cant bring home the bread no mo.

Later, Gregor be creepin round his grimey digs when his mama peeps dat crusty

ass and be all likeOh SNAP!” Then his pops start chunkin apples- wreckin dat big

bug FO REAL.

Without Gregor hustlin fopaper on the streets, the Samsas start rentin out some

space in their digs. One day Grete busts out her violin and starts layin down some fresh

jams for the tenants. Dem beats are so next level that Gregor crawls out from under the

couch so he can get a closer listen. But when dem scrubs peep game at Gregors nastified

self, they tweak out, throw up the deuce to the Samsa crib and tell daddy Samsa that he

aint gettin none of their cash monies.

After dat, Grete sayLook, this nappy vermin gotta hit the road,

yo. I cant live like this anymore!” Our boy can take a hint, so Gregor crawls back

under the couch, and checks out of this whack- ass world fo good.

With Gregor no longer trippin up their game, the Samsas finally get to chill

outside the city. Ma and Pa Samsa take look at Grete and realize she turned out pretty

damn fine. So she gotta start bussin dat ass so she can find a man. Hopefully one who stackin

mad grands. Priorities. Naw mean?

This text right hurr layin down some righteous truths bout what it means to

be human in a modern capitalist society.

The only thing ERRYBODY want you to do is keep yo head down, grind hard

at yo job, and stack that cheddar. And it aint just the boss-man wearin yo ass down,

it can even be yo own blood.

See back when Gregors was hustlin for dough by being his bosss favorite nut-rest,

all that bug boys family did was just sit on their asses.

But after Gregor gets smacked wit the ugly stick, errybody in the family gotta

sack-up and start makin dat scratch.

Grete got Gregors back at first, but eventually cant stand dat nasty mug

no mo and say he gotta GO. Even though back then Gregors cash flow was providin fo

THE WHOLE DAMN FAMILY, they trippin now that all three gotta support JUST him. Aint dat

some sh**?

When even yo family lookin at you like you aint nothin more than a

cash machine, you livin in a cold- ass society that can turn even the hardest hoods in to

insects. For Gregor, all dat mess he gotta put up with makes him a little less human

erry day.

Some scholars wonder if Gregor ACTUALLY transformed in to a bug at all. Maybe

gettin dumped on day in day out just made him feel like an insect.

In a hopeless world of hoods always rollin fake, Gregor does the only good thing

a bug can do: curl up in to a ball and die. Damn.

And if Gregor had only one regret, it would probably be that he didnt subscribe

to my channel. So what you waitin for? HIT IT and catch me later. Peace

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