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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I’m live! Who has questions about English?

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hey you guys is anybody up anybody want

to talk some English learning all right

let me get my video straight here hello

everybody I'm here to answer your

questions about English and we will see

if anybody comes on here I'm just up

working on some awesome new material I

have some exciting announcements later

in the video

about what's coming up and so yeah I

just wanted to go why while I'm getting

all this new material ready

I'm so excited there's going to be some

new videos coming out and some other new

surprises that I can't tell you about

yet but maybe near the end of the video

I'll tell you so if you have questions

about English go ahead and write in

their chat me let's talk about all your

English questions live chat that's what

I want

hopefully I'll be able to see your

questions here alright if you're here

chat me up I want to make sure that I

can see messages before we continue on

okay I think this is my first time going

live here on YouTube I've gone live on

Facebook before answering some questions

and Instagram and I've done a few other

places but this is my first Youtube live

so if you're out there and you want to

chat that way I know if it's working

okay hey hey just submit your English

questions just by chatting below you can

see I'm in my office which is also my

husband's music room so my husband plays

guitar some and he writes songs and so

this is where he does it so you can see

his guitar here but yeah I just wanna

while we're waiting some person

are people to join and I'll just start

talking about some things that I think

are really important one thing I wanted

to talk to you guys about is the

importance of making English a part of

your life like your whole life okay so

when I think back about all the most

effective English learners like all the

people who really became fluent quickly

those were people who looked at English

not just as a an academic subject and

not just as a something to be studied

but they looked at English like a whole

culture to adopt they wanted to learn

everything about English and English

became their life right so oftentimes at

the beginning of the semester I would

meet new students and some of these

students would tell me they have no

American friends they have no they don't

want to do any activities they only want

to stay in their room and study their

books and that I always thought to

myself those students are gonna have a

difficult time but those students on the

other hand who said yeah I have an

American roommate I go to activities I'm

excited about American culture I want to

learn as much as I can I want to make

friends I want to try new things

IRA myself those are the students who

will do well and every semester those

are the students who did really well the

ones who looked at English learning not

just as something to be studied but

something as like your whole life so um

so yeah these these are the students who

do the best so that's what I want to

tell you guys tonight

um among other things if you have

questions go ahead and chat those to me

okay I see a few people are on and it's

not telling me

it's on so hey if you're out there hi

but go ahead and chat me your questions

but but yeah what I want to tell you

guys tonight is that language learning

is not just an academic study it's right

it's way more than that the best

language learners are the ones who have

fun with it and they make it a part of

their whole life they look at it as an

opportunity to make new friends and to

experience new cultures they want to try

new things and so you might be asking

well how do I do that I live in a

neighborhood where nobody speaks English

or maybe you live in a country where

nobody speaks English right how do you

do that well number one I would say that

you need to find an online community of

people who speak English and you need to

talk to those people okay

a big thing I recommend is just you join

the conversation so you have interests

you have hobbies you like many things

maybe you like fortnight or maybe you

like I don't know basketball NBA okay

what you need to do is you need to find

groups that are only in English to talk

to those people about those subjects in

English okay it's okay that your English

isn't perfect when you talk to these

people you want to make sure that

English is a part of your whole life not

just an academic subject to be studied

right so let's say you're into NBA all

right let's say you love I don't know

LeBron James right he's the king okay

you love LeBron James so you want to

find maybe a Facebook group or some

people on Twitter who are talking about

LeBron James and you join the

conversation and you get excited right

this is something you know something

about you know all about LeBron James

you know every statistic about him you

know all of his information and you love

talking about LeBron

right okay so that's the perfect time to

talk in English or communicate in

English with people about this and your

English will grow when you're talking

about things that you love I promise

right um so my second language is

Spanish and I'm just like intermediate

in Spanish right I lived in Panama for a

while and I studied Spanish there today

it's not as great because it's been a

long time since I've used Spanish but

when I was there whenever I would find a

subject that I got excited about like

for me it's travel so whenever I talked

about travel with people oh my goodness

the Spanish would come out and out of

now I love talking about travel in any

language right so if I'm excited to talk

to somebody then my language is gonna

come out a lot and I'm gonna be excited

to speak in that language so that's what

you need to do in English you need to

find people find your people right find

your people there on the internet they

speak English and talk to them about the

things that make you excited but talk to

them in English right if you only ever

talk to people in your own language

you're never going to improve your

English skills okay

all right has anybody chatted to me any

messages let's see here chat me your

questions if you if you're just joining

us and you have questions chat me your

questions I would love to hear all about

it let me check on my computer and make

sure that I am seeing you guys seeing

your questions all right if you're there

chat me cuz I don't see any chance yet

so I want to see those just say hi

anybody okay cool

well um hopefully those will pop up oh

hi Carlos hey guys hey I see a chat I'm

excited awesome so if you have a

question about English maybe it's about

grammar or pronunciation

or whatever now is your time I'm here

live right now I'm here to answer your

questions so chat me your questions and

I will answer any question you have

right now I'm going to stay on about

five more minutes and then at the end of

the video I'm gonna tell you some

exciting things that I'm working on that

are really gonna help you improve your

English okay so chat me your questions

about English until then I'm also going

to tell you let's see would you guys

rather hear some vocabulary words or

would you rather hear a grammar tip okay

so chat me would you rather hear about

grammar or increasing your vocabulary

anybody I'm just gonna pick one if you

don't chat me and tell me grammar or

vocabulary what do you want to hear

about tonight okay I'm gonna go with

vocabulary grammar Carlos thank you

Thank You Carlos you're being awesome

tonight all right I'll talk to you about

grammar tonight um okay can I just tell

you that grammar is my favorite subject

to teach I know you probably think I'm

crazy because most people don't like

grammar but I love grammar okay I love

it um I love talking about grammar

I love teaching grammar most people are

nervous about grammar or they think it's

boring I think it's exciting okay you

know why because grammar is in

everything right and also I love math

and grammar reminds me of math and so

like it kind of has that logical math

brain that's what grammar does for me

and I love it

um Carlos since you said grammar would

you rather talk about verbs or would you

rather talk about what else

buh-buh-buh-buh or subject and object

verbs or subject and object

giving choices tonight verbs cool

alright I'm going to talk a little bit

about the difference between progressive

verbs or continuous verbs and simple

tense verbs okay

so progressive verbs anybody know an

example of a progressive or continuous

verb can you give me one what's an

example of a progressive or continuous

verb alright nobody okay so an example

is am talking I am talking is a

continuous verb right so it's it's two

verbs together mix a verb phrase the

first one is going to be a be verb so

that's where your amour is or are comes

in and the second one's going to be an

ING verb okay am talking is running are

walking those are all progressive verbs

okay let's move over now to simple tense

verbs simple tense verbs are verbs like

what can you give me an example of a

simple tense verb chat me who knows what

a simple tense verb might be who can

check me a simple tense verb if

progressive is am walking or am talking

let's go with that I am talking then

simple is talk or talks right okay so

we're just going to talk about present

simple so the difference between the

continuous am talking and the simple

talk is really kind of different so

simple tense verbs are usually states of

being or something that's always true or

doesn't change or it's true for a long

period of time another way you use

simple tense verbs is it's a repeated

action okay

so I talked with my husband every day I

talked with my husband every day so

that's a repeated action that happens

every day so I'm going yeah I work every

day great one fall bear that's a great

example I work every day so it's a

repeated action that happens every day

that's a simple tense verb let's talk

about the progressive I am talking right

now so the way I like to think of

progressive or continuous yeah woohoo

the ball bear is that it's continuing

right now okay so it's continuing right

now it's happening at this very moment

that's what a progressive or a

continuous verb is so I am talking right

now right I am talking but I talk to

students regularly

I talked to students regularly I am

talking right now okay this is making

sense so one so let me go back to this

the simple tense verbs are usually

permanent or they're a state of being or

maybe yeah it's something that's that's

true maybe that's always true or it's a

repeated action but over here with

continuous verbs it's something maybe

that's temporary it's only happening for

a little time right I will stop talking

soon I will stop talking

and so so that is it's not always true

right that I that I am talking I am

talking right now it's continuing but

it's not always true I'm not always

talking right I will be sleeping tonight

so yeah I'm watching you right now

there you go I'm watching you right now

so that's an example of something that's

temporary right when the video goes off

you won't be watching me anymore and so

that's a temporary action it stops and

so that's why you use progressive tense

but if something is always true or if

it's repeated then you use a simple

hence for cool does that help me answer

your question about progressive and

simple tense verbs and probably I need

to make another video when I want to

talk about perfect and perfect

continuous because that's a lot that's a

long conversation and I will get into

that sometime hey but hey I just want to

say thank you for watching and I have

some special announcements okay I'm

really excited because I'm working on

some exciting stuff you guys like brand

new really brand new stuff exciting

stuff um I don't want to tell you all of

it yet because it's kind of like in

progress but in the new year in January

I'm gonna be working on something really

big I'm not gonna tell you about that

yet but I am starting something really

soon and about a the next month or so

that is going to be really cool and I'm

going to be starting a podcast okay who

here listens to podcasts anybody do you

like to listen to podcasts

I love podcasts I listen to them all the

time I have a long commute to my to work

and so I listen to podcasts all the time

and I am starting an English teaching

earth teaching you English podcast

within the next few weeks and I'm so

excited about it you guys so yeah just

what I'm gonna share that first

announcement so you need to be looking

out for it but yeah cool there's just a

lot of cool stuff happening with me and

with you guys I am my biggest

inspiration in in what I do is to see

you guys grow in your English cool I'm

glad you enjoy podcasts - I love

podcasts and I just know a lot of people

you know a lot of people like watching

video but some people don't have time in

the middle of their day to watch video

but everybody has headphones in all the

time right and everybody can listen to a

podcast and just imagine when you're

driving or you're taking the subway or

whatever you're doing you know

maybe you're chasing kids around or

maybe you're running to your next class

whatever it is you can have earbuds in

and you can be learning English as you

go and so that's my goal with the

podcast I'm so excited about it and I

want to hear from you guys if you'll

comment below I want to know the kinds

of things you want to hear in the

podcast okay so yeah what do you get

excited about learning yeah

thanks Carlos I'm really I'm really

excited about this yeah

even sleeping yeah you can yeah you can

learn English while you sleep this is

perfect yeah yeah I wish it work that

way um but cool yeah you guys comment

below or you can reach out to me over

email my emails Andrea at ESL basics

comm but just comment below and let me

know what you want to learn in the

podcast let me know what you want to

learn yeah I've got some big stuff

happening coming soon but you guys are

my inspiration I get so excited when you

guys learn English my job I view my job

as your guide like this is your journey

this is your adventure to learning

English but I get to be your guide and I

get to help you find your way okay my

biggest dream is for you guys to find

your voice and join the conversation

worldwide because everybody's out there

speaking English right and that's why

you're gonna join the conversation

there's so much to talk about in our

world right now and if you have English

you can join a big big conversation

instead of being you know stuck in your

own you know your own language only so

yeah anyway love you guys thank you for

joining me this was super fun I'm gonna

do more live videos then this was my

first one so thanks for joining me you

guys were awesome and thanks to

everybody who chatted alright guys have

a good night see you later

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