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Facing many accounting, GST and tax problems?

Not sure how to incorporate a company?

Unclear on employment pass issues?

Don't worry!

3E Accounting is the one-stop solution to solve all your problems.

Founded in 2011, 3E has extensive experience in tax, secretarial, business advisory and many more services,

and has provided comprehensive services to many companies as a one-stop services provider.

3E's network group has presence in 24 countries,

with a total combined strength of 33 offices and more than 500 staff.

Through a strong emphasis on ethics and quality,

3E has helped countless SMEs grow their business.

3E has also achieved many prestigious awards and recognition.

Hence, you can be assured that 3E only provides services that are Efficient, Effective and Economical.

You can be assured with 3E because

3E will help you to minimise your costs and maximise your revenue.

If you want to know more information or to engage 3E,

please send an email to

and visit our website at

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