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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sentence Diagramming 12: The Appositive

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I want to show you how to diagram


that is nouns or noun phrases or noun

clauses that rename some down they

appear right next to in a sentence so

I've written this sentence on the board

which we will diagram the idea you

mentioned that's old time is unjust

fascinated my cousin Gabor for months


you'll see that there are two positives

in this sentence the first one I'd like

to address first because it's the easier

one and it's Gabor my cousin Gabor

my cousin is Gabor Gabor just renames

the noun phrase my cousin and the way we

diagram of positives is simply to put

them in parentheses we put the

appositive in parentheses right next to

the noun that they renamed so cousin my

cousin you see there the line descending

from cousin my cousin and then

parentheses Gabor and that's how we

indicate that that that gavel work isn't

a positive for my cousin agreement get

Gabor is my cousin my cousin is gavel

and that's how you can tell something's

in a positive you can stick in his

between it and the thing in renames and

you get something sensible

my cousin is gab or gab or is my cousin

and you can switch them around think is

there exactly equal now I've got a grand

the what's easy here that the idea

fascinated my cousin that's the backbone

of the sentence the idea fascinated my

cousin the idea you mentioned now what

is this meant you mentioned well that's

a relative clause it's answering the

question which idea the one that you

mentioned that's which idea so we would

we would write that down here the idea

we would need to have another baseline

you is the subject and mentioned is a

little traffic jam here you mentioned

now we're met what we're missing here is

a relative pronoun because they can be

dropped and so in fact what we've got

here is an invisible that the idea that

you mentioned because that can be

dropped in English all the time or often

so it's actually would be functioning

like a direct object you mentioned that

and we put that in brackets to show that

it doesn't actually appear in the

sentence and now we're going to have to

I'm going to shorten our little line

there and now we do a dotted line

between the relative pronoun and the now

that if that the relative Clause

modifies so the idea that you mentioned

and now we get the second of our

positives in this sentence and it's this

thing here that Zoltan is unjust that is

and now we have the idea that you

mentioned and the idea that Zoltan is

unjust they may seem the same they both

begin with that but there's an important

difference and that is that this you can

do our little my cousin gab or test on

the idea is that Zoltan is unjust that

Zoltan is unjust is the idea the idea

equals that Zoltan is unjust but you

can't do that with this thing you can't

say the idea is that you mentioned

that's the idea well that isn't the idea

and you similarly you can't say that you

mentioned is the idea well that makes no

sense at all this thing is

it's functioning as an adjective but

this thing here like all the positives

functions as a noun and so we need a

pedestal that Zoltan is unjust so what

we do make our pedestal and we put the

base of the pedestal in parentheses to

show that this is an appositive and what

do we have now it becomes quite easy

soul tongue is this subject is a now a

nice little subjective compliment unjust

so this is a predicate adjective there

and now the only thing missing is that

that and that's an expletive that as you

see it has no place to sit on this base

line whereas the relative pronoun does

have a place to sit and namely is the

direct object but there's no place for

the back and that tells us that it's an


and so we build it a little penthouse

here dotted line ascending from the verb

in the nominal clause and if this is a

nominal clause that's all time is unjust

and there we have it there we have a

sentence with to a positive one very

simple one just the name gab or and this

rather more complex one the nominal

clause functioning as a positive two

idea so I'll this stand back I'll show

you the whole beautiful diagram

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