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All the best for barcelonismo

from the editorial board of the best site about FC Barcelona in Poland

and probably in the world.

Blessed, joyful, family and peaceful Christmas.

Good luck, a lot of health,

let Dembele envy you.

Christmas as peaceful as Valverde on the sideline.

Lot of patience to watching FC Barcelona's play.

That Bartomeu would leave the club forever.

Hail of gifts like goals,

like Barca of Valver...

of Guardiola.

With all his entourage and our beloved trainer.

Rest, relax.

Gaining strength for talks on La Rambla.

More money than Perez has.

Have Suarez's spirit.

Family warmth, a lot of love.

Smile like Frenkie,

let this season be great.

Let your pets speak at midnight with a human voice

and they didn't reproach you too much

how many times you didn't want to get up with them.

Time spent with loved ones, time spent with family.

Delicious dishes on the Christmas Eve table

and that you would have better form than Hazard in the preseason.

That this last piece of cheesecake would always be eaten,

and if you have not eaten, I will gladly take it in,

I will always consumed it.

May your Christmas be colorful, and 2020 will be like "unicorn".

Entries with a bang on New Year like Frenkie to the first squad.

To enter 2020 with new ideas and energy.

We hope that the next weeks of this New Year will be marked

not only wins, but also a beautiful game of our beloved Barcelona.

And also a successful New Year's Eve party,

at least like the one that is preparing for the birthday of Neymar's sister.

And now I hit the bar and you give us a subscription.

Great and Merry Christmas,

Wish You,!

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