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Hi, I am Tia Ward and you are tuned into my series at the model's corner on haulrox. As

you may know, pink is one of spring's biggest beauty trends and I am going to show you how

to take the look effortlessly from day to night transitioning without looking like Barbie.

[music] So I already have on my foundation, a little

bit of concealer, my eyebrows are filled in, and I have mascara on the outer corners of

my lashes and I am going to build on this base with some really nice pink products.

So to start with, I am going to use a highlighter. This is from NARS new collection and it is

called adelaide. It is a really illuminating formula. You do not need a lot and just with

your fingers you can literally, just to highlight your cheekbones, just tab it gently. The key

to this is blending it out because you do not want anything too Barbie looking. As that

is the final stage of my wet application, then I am going to powder my face. I am using

today Bobbi Brown and it is her amazing golden orange powder. It is pressed powder and I

am just going to lightly tap off the excess and just dust my concealer, foundation, and

highlighter just to set it and buff it out a bit. The next product that I am going to

use is blush. Now I am an avid fan of NARS orgasm. It is the perfect combination of peach

and pink and it suites absolutely everyone. It has got a slight shimmer in it, so if that

is not the look you are trying to achieve then maybe stay away from this blush in particular

but I love it so I am going to show you how to use it today. I am also going to mix it

with a new blush from NARS which is called new attitude and it is part of their new pink

range which is amazing. So using a NARS blusher brush, this is my favorite blusher brush,

I am going to apply one on top of the other. So I am going to start with the more pink

shade which is the new attitude. So swirling it around and dusting off the excess. I am

just going to smile and that is the apple of your cheek is the plump bit so that is

where I am going to place it. It looks a lot more scary in the packaging, but it is not

that bright. The aim of this pink color is to really make yourself look fresh and very

spring appropriate. It is one of the hottest trends for spring. So after dusting off the

brush that you applied the first color with, I am now going to apply the orgasm blush over

the top. I am using two blushes because I like to custom blend a color and these two

really compliment each other. One is a matte finish, which is the pink that I have got

on already and this one has a slight sheen so it is great for a sort of dewy beauty look.

Again I am just going to gently apply that on top. I am just taking it up towards my

temples a bit more with this one because it is less pink and it does not look as flushy.

With the remaining product on the brush after you have done your cheeks, I like to dust

my chin and just around my forehead just to tie in the look. If you are used to seeing

your face just a little bit more structured and contoured and this is too bright for you,

you can go ahead and just slightly contour your cheeks underneath where we have placed

the pink blush. I like to do this with Kevyn Aucoin's sculpting powder and a dome head

brush. So I take the brush into the powder and dust off the excess and just underneath

where the pink is just start to sculpt a line just blending it out so that nothing is separated

by really harsh lines. Everything has to be blended into each other so that it looks really

natural. With this look, I like to play up my eyes a little bit more and to do that I

would usually create a black line. Nothing like a graphic wet liner, more of a soft powdery

liner just to emphasize the shape of your eye. I do this with MAC's carbon. It is their

powder eye shadow and it is great for placing really careful lines above your lash line

and below. I would apply this using a flat brush. This one is great for precision liner.

Tapping off the excess and just pressing it as close to the lash line as possible and

then I would blend this out using a really small dome head brush just to soften up the

line and to create a tiny little flick in the outer corner. Even though we used an illuminator

underneath the eye and above the blush to give a subtle glow, I like to further enhance

this effect with a pigment. This is vanilla pigment by MAC and it is a beautiful sort

of champagne gold color and it really, really compliments pink. I take a tiny bit of this

product. It is very powdery so you have to be very careful with it or else it can go

everywhere and I take a really precise dome headed brush again. Dab it in the powder.

You do not need too much of this stuff. A little of it goes a long way and I will highlight

my cupid's bow. Just blend that out. The key here is subtlety. So we do the inner corner

of the eye, underneath the brow, and again, the key here is being really subtle and low

key with it so it is not too in your face. Pink is a really beautiful color and it can

be quite hard to wear. It is about how you wear it and where you place it. Then using

a slightly bigger brush, I take the remaining product. There should not be too much now.

I dust it over where we put the NARS illuminator. Up the middle of my nose, center of my forehead,

and just on my chin. This really adds dimension to the face and helps you not to look to flat.

Sometimes when you have used a matte powder you can really make your face look very one

dimensional. So this just helps to combat that. Again there are no harsh lines. To finish

this look, I am going to show you two different ways that you can wear your lips to compliment

the rest of your face. First of all, I am going to show you a little bit more paired

down, low key, maybe a day time lip. For this I am using MAC's lip pencil in soar. It is

a really versatile pink. It is not too bright and it is not too fuchsia and it is not baby

pink. It is a really nice balance of both. So I am just going to line my lip with that

and then fill in lightly the rest of my lip to help my lip color stick to my lip and not

move all day. This is a really rosy color and it was seen on the Dolce and Gabbana catwalk

for spring summer 2014. Really beautifully paired with a gold eye and a little flick

of liner, so not too dissimilar from what we are doing today. So over this I am applying

lipstick queen's oxymoron matte gloss. Now obviously that is a contradictory statement.

But it really is incredible. It manages to keep your lips hydrated but not too shiny.

To keep this very daytime, I am going to use my finger to apply it so I am just going to

swirl my finger around and gently pat it on top of the liner. Nothing too together. Nothing

too polished. But very beautiful, very cherubic, and angelic, and something that you can wear

day to day that is not going to look too heavy. If this is too low key for you and you are

trying to achieve a more evening look for pink, I am going to show you how to build

on this look and make it a bit more dramatic for night time. This is really easy to do

just by changing your lip color. So I am going to remove the pink that I have on already.

I like to powder my lip after I have wet wiped them clean just to take off the shine and

help the product stick to the surface of it better. So to line my lip for the vibrant

pink look, I am using MAC's shock value pro long wear lip pencil. This is a really vibrant

color and it is great. This is not for the faint hearted, as you can see. So after lining

your lip, if you continue to fill the whole lip with the color, just roughly so the next

product has something to stick to. Today I am going to layer two different products on

top of each other. The first of which is NARS. Now this is their satin lip pencil. It is

called yu. Now this is just to hold moisture on top of the lip liner that I have. As you

can see, it is kind of already very drying. This is a great product because although it

is not extremely precise, it is still precision enough to get to the heart of things if you

have got a lot of lip liner on already. As you can see, this is a lot brighter than the

lip before. At this stage, I like to clean up the line a little bit just with the same

powder that I used to dust over my face when I was blending the pink together. So taking

the Bobbi Brown powder and an angle brush, I just draw around the line to clean up the

pink that may have slipped out of where I want it to be. Another product that I love

is obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar. This is in the shade nylon which is a really,

really vibrant pink and using a lip brush from makeup forever, I am just going to apply

the tiniest amount of this over the top. This final layer just works to create another sort

of barrier to keep the moisture into your lip and keep it looking a bit more jewely

and less matte and cracked as it usually gets by the end of the day. If you do try this

at home, please send your pictures in. You can tweet me personally at misstpw on instagram

or twitter or you can also get to the haulrox channel at haulrox. Next week, I show you

how to create the flawless matte skin that the catwalk is going crazy for at the minute.

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