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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 不應該檢討受害者:冠狀病毒與種族歧視 (中文字幕) / Don’t Blame the VICTIMS: Coronavirus outbreak and RACISM

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his is Stan from 斯坦說中文, and this time Im going to make a video in English

as this topic affects not only my Mandarin-speaking audience

but also many other people in the world

As most of you know, the coronavirus is spreading swiftly through China right now

and there also are some cases confirmed in the US, Hong Kong, Thailand,

Taiwan, Australia, Macau, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia

as well as France, Canada, Germany, Nepal and Vietnam

this situation is as of Jan 30th, the day I made this video

Ive started noticing some racist comments about China, the people and even the culture right after the virus started spreading

like there is a YouTuber from the UK with hissome cultures are better than othersvideos

which make me a little nervous, as he probably doesnt know what is getting into

Firstly, Ill make a short disclaimer

Ive always been vocal about my position against communism in China, Russia and anywhere else

I do not and I will never support totalitarian regimes

especially those that are people-hating, cultural heritage-destroying

human rights-neglecting and religious freedom-oppressing, as it is in China right now

I wanted to point out that we should never project our disagreement with whats going on in a country onto its people

We should always separate the government from the average Joes and Janes

especially when we are talking about totalitarian and oppressive countries like China

where the people dont have freedom of choice

What the CCP is doing is inhumane to its core

but it is not the average people in China who should be blamed for that

Yes, sometimes there are people who behave badly and irresponsibly

like that lady who took paracetamol to mask the symptoms of the virus before getting on the plane)

but people like that can be found in every country

Yes, hygiene is a big concern in the wet markets

and the lack of hygiene control in Huanan Seafood Market was probably one of the reasons the virus started spreading

but it is not the people who wanted to spread the disease on purpose

it is the government who hid the outbreak up until the last moment, when it was already too late

The same situation happened in Chernobyl, when all key government officials knew about the disaster but did nothing to inform the citizens and the world

Totalitarian regimes will always find someone to blame other than themselves

its the USs fault, its the local governments fault, its the human factor, whatever

Everyone is to blame but the secretary general/chairman and the party

The people in China have been held captive by the CPP for 70 years

They suffered through the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward

They were crushed by tanks on Tiananmen square

and the current virus situation occurred as a result of the failed policies of the totalitarian government

We should not blame the victims. They are just ordinary citizens of China

They have had their cultural heritage destroyed for 70 years

theyve suffered through multiple famines

and theyve been brainwashed by the party they didnt elect

But at the same time China is a world

Im not using the word country on purpose

of rich culture, vivid traditions, and many different religions

Its a place of friendly and welcoming people, breathtaking views and delicious cuisine

Centuries old culture, literature masterpieces

traditional art, calligraphy, unique architecturethese things are also China

Today Im going to teach you guys one thing in Mandarin: 反共不反華

it means that you can be against the communist party

but you should not be against the Chinese people and the Chinese culture

And dont forget that there it is not only in China where the Chinese culture is prevalent

We have a culturally Chinese society in Taiwan, which is an independent democracy

We have Hong Kong, where the people are fighting for their freedoms right now

There are many places in the world where you can find Chinese traditions and culture

Macau, Singapore, the Chinese people in Malaysia - all of them are unique and yet they share the same cultural origin - China

And now there are some YouTubers saying thatsome cultures are better than others

Come on, if you dont even know anything about the Chinese culture

I can only blame it on the lack of education

Right now we should show compassion to China and the people who are suffering from the outbreak

We can be critical about the governments but we should never project our position on the people

And its not only about China - there are many places in this world that suffer from totalitarianism

but it doesnt mean that the people born in these countries are people of aworse culture

I have friends from Nigeria, Indonesia, and many other countries

They are all wonderful people who just happen to have hypocrites in their governments

But it doesnt make them worse people and it doesnt make their culture worse

And it makes me question how civilized the people are who say thatsome cultures are better than others

I think that probably the right answer would benot very

And one last thing

You cannot choose your parents or the country you were born in

We are lucky to be the citizens of the western world

but it doesnt give us any right to be arrogant

or to judge other people based on where they come from or where they were born

Thank you so much for watching!

This is Stan from 斯坦說中文. If you like my videos feel free to press like, subscribe or leave a comment.

See you next time. My next video is gonna be in Mandarin.

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