Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 사람 말 알아 듣는 천재 고양이!!?? 이정도면 사람임?‍? -귀염주의-

Difficulty: 0


I can't reach it.

Can you take out toys?




You got this out!

Soul. Good job.

There's another one in there.

Can you get me a toy? Soul?

Get them out. Please.

I can't reach it.

I can't reach it.

Oh! Good job!

You're better than my son.


Good job!

Get it out. Please.

Oh, wow, Soul.

Can you reach the toys?

What do you think?

Can't you reach it?

Can you get it out?

Here we go!

Oh! Yes!

Good! Oh~

Good job!

You're so smart!


You're taking it out of there, too?

They're taking it out, too?

Because you can't reach it?

Let's get it out of the front.

Oh! That's right!

Oh! Did you take it out?


I needed that toy. Hahaha

You got everything out now?

Come here. Come to me.


Rollin' around


I put it in here.

Like this!

This is how you take it out! Like soul.

This is the easiest level.

Soul keeps taking it out.

Look at this.

Just take it out with your feet. It's easy.


Too hard?

Try it! Try it!

Oh! That's right! That's right!

You have to use your feet.

Hey! Don't put any more in.

Hey! Are you putting more in? LOL

Look! This!

You want to play with this, right?

Don't you want to play with it?

Yes! Here! Here!

You can take this out now. Okay?

Why do you keep putting it in? LOL

I think you put it in deep.

Where's the toy?

You did magic.

It's gone.

The Description of 사람 말 알아 듣는 천재 고양이!!?? 이정도면 사람임?‍? -귀염주의-