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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 50 English Conversations for Office Staff

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office affairs

one work attendance

dialogue 1

Mike you have been late five times this

month I remembered I just was late three

times let me check the timesheet I am

right it's five times I estimate the

bonus for this month will be deducted

yes but why are you always late you know

there always is traffic jam in rush hour

commuting to work by bus takes me a long

time why don't you take subway I never

really thought about it but I will give

it a try just try to be punctual

dialogue to

Mary could you tell me why I lose my

bonus last month I'm not clear you

should ask the personnel department

Wendy why do I lose my bonus you were

late three times last month but we will

lose one month's bonus only if we are

late five times in a month it's the old

rule and it's different now what do you


the new director has paid close

attention to our attendance since he

took the post it is laid down in the new

office rule that employees will lose one

month's bonus if they are late three

times in a month I see

- transferring phone call

dialogue 1

hello is that X school for Japanese

training yes

may I help you I'm eager to know how

long to finish studying all the books

which are needed to get middle level

hold the line please

I will transfer the phone to miss Jang

thank you I'm sorry she is not in now

you can call back later

or leave your phone number I'd rather

have her call me back my phone number is

zero one zero five eight zero zero one

two five five

I will transmit the message to her as

soon as she gets in

dialogue to

hello new century hotel could you

transfer it to the sales manager for me

hold the line please I will put you

through operator someone else is

speaking over the wire sorry there is

terrible interference on the line I will

transfer it again by the way what is the

extension number for the sales manager

the extension number is two one to zero

let me write it down sir you are through


three arranging meetings

dialogue 1

Linda the meeting is scheduled for 14

o'clock this afternoon

have you made necessary arrangements yes

sir we'll have the meeting in our

number1 conference room how about the

microphone I have got them ready

anything else I've put the notebooks

some paper copies of the agenda and

pencil on the table for each attendant

good how about refreshments yes they

will be served in the lobby I also

prepared coffee for the interval great

you really did a good job

dialogue to

lucy is everything ready for tomorrow's

meeting yes the room is ready for the

meeting and here is the agenda

have you noticed everyone I have

informed everyone either by telephone or

by memo good

who will take meeting minutes is it

requisite to take minutes of course it

is necessary for such kind of meeting

sorry I ignored that why can't you get

out of the habit of being so careless

ask Linda to do that she is experienced

ok I will tell her right now


Publishing notice

dialogue 1

the May Day holiday is coming

have a good rest what will you do in the

holiday it depends on how many days

we'll have three days

are you sure of course

the notice about the holiday has been

posted on the notice board

haven't you seen that I didn't focus on

that you should go and see it okay I

will have a look at it at once

dialogue to

our meeting has been canceled really but

no one told me anything about it

didn't you get the notice what notice

there haven't been any notices this

whole week the notice was typed and

distributed to everyone two days ago

are you sure it was distributed to

everyone in the office it should have

gone around to everyone don't you ever

look at the message posted to the

bulletin board I have a lot of work to

do and I'm usually too busy to take a


you should often check your inbox if not

you never know what you are missing out

you are right


arranging appointments

dialogue 1

hello it is Jessica from a company I

want to speak to mr. Brown he isn't in

right now it is his secretary may I help


I want to make an appointment with him

when do you prefer how about Thursday

morning let me see I'm afraid he won't

be free he will attend a meeting of a

new product analyzing wood sometime this

week be convenient for him Wednesday

afternoon is OK

dialogue to

hello this is Susan I'd like to visit

miss Wong sometime this week well let me

check her schedule she will be free

before 10:30 tomorrow morning but I'll

be tied up at 10 o'clock tomorrow

morning how long do you think you will

spend on talking half an hour is enough

how about 9:15 that's okay

I'll pass on the message to her see you


six arranging trips

dialogue 1

Linda I'm going to Tokyo on business

next week when will you leave for how

long will you stay I'm going to set off

on 15th and come back on 23rd well I

will book ticket and room for you which

flight do you like the flight takes off

at about 10 o'clock a.m.

what's your requirement about the hotel

you could book the hotel which has

company credit agreement with our

company I got it after I receive

confirmation of the ticket and hotel I

will give you a list about the trip

agenda please remind me to bring my

passport and other important things okay

dialogue to

Ivy when do I leave for New York you are

flying out next Wednesday morning from

Capital International Airport when it's

the meeting scheduled finally next

Thursday that's the 25th well what about

the location yes I think I've found the

ideal spot not far from John Kennedy

International Airport a five-star hotel

well how about my report to the head

office you'll report to the head office

on 29th after finishing the meeting I

will notify you after I discuss the

details with Emily fine let me know what

happens you may rest assured

seven arranging interviews

dialogue 1

Lucy there is a vacancy in our office I

want to get someone to fill it

these are resumes I received recently I

think we can choose from them well you

will choose five candidates and inform

them to come and have interviews when is

suitable for the interview let me check

my schedule first Thursday morning is

okay how about at 8:30 at our number one

conference room on Thursday morning okay

what should I pay attention to you when

I choose please pay special attention to

their English skills okay I see

dialogue to

mr. Brown do you still remember the want

ad certainly how was that going we

posted an advertisement online last

month and these are the materials from

all the applicants good we should choose

10 candidates through the first round

then have them come back for a second

interview who will be charge of the

first round and second round separately

the personnel department will run the

first round then I will handle the

second round myself how many people do

we need this time three people what

should I do to make preparations for the

interview you need make 10 interview

notices and inform them the time and



room reservation

dialogue 1

Linda have you booked the room in

Guangzhou yes I have booked a deluxe

suite in Hilton Hotel my schedule was

changed a little

I must go to hefei first is it necessary

to booked a room in hefei yes booked a

twin room for both 12th and 13th

anything specific the room with shower

and nice view okay I have already

written them down

dialogue to

I'd like to reserve a twin room from

20th to 25th sorry there is no twin room

available for those days how about a

double room I'm afraid not

is there any single room available yes

$50 a room per night does the room rate

include breakfast yes it includes

Chinese breakfast how many do you want

two single rooms for five days well

could you tell me your name and phone


Wang ping my phone number is zero one

zero eight four five seven six three

four five

nine booking tickets

dialogue 1

hello this is booking office for airline

tickets hello I want to book the tickets

to Balto okay could you tell me the date

of the tickets you want on March 7th

which flight to you prefer CA 1 1 2 1 2

tickets ok I will book them for you

dialogue to

hello is that mr. Lee yes is that Peter

yes you can make out my voice of course

you are my frequent visitor where are

you going this time I will go to Seoul

next Tuesday is that 25th yes it is

is there any discount for the ticket let

me have a look the flight on 10 p.m.

takes 20% off okay I will book that one

business-class ticket yes I will go

there by myself well I've already booked

it for you

ten receiving and sending a fax

dialogue 1

hello this is green life company hello

this is a and Q company I'd like to send

a fax to your company could I ask whom I

will deliver it to please hand it over

to your sales manager

well how many pages does it include five

pages including the title page hold on


I will check if there is enough paper

okay okay it's good to go send it please

dialogue to

hello is that ABC company hello speaking


it is Linda on the line and I'd like to

send a fax to your company could I ask

how many pages it includes ten pages in

total wait a moment

it needs printing papers okay please

pass on the fax to mr. brown all right

the electoral graph is ready and I'm

going to give you fast mile signal



dialogue 1

Mary do you have a free moment yes what

can I do for you the speech draft needs

to be done word processing what are the

requirements for that all the numbers

should be in italics and the title

should be in larger font size anything


could you please double-spaced it so I

can make corrections sure when do you

need it could you finish it by three

o'clock this afternoon

no problem

dialogue to

Lucy would you please type this report

for me of course

could I get it before 13 o clock I need

it this afternoon if I do it right now

it should not be a problem

good please print it out on the laser

printer okay would you like this report

done in a formal or informal style a

formal style I see I will call you if I

finish it

twelve using photocopier

dialogue 1

Susan would you please copy this

contract for me of course

how many copies do you want 10 copies

please by the way could you magnify the

letter by 1/3 the original document is

not very clear you can make it a little

darker alright

do remember to use the b5 paper I see

would you like to staple these for you

yes thank you

dialogue to

Lucy why doesn't the copy machine work I

don't know

as it was okay just now let me have a

check look there is no reaction when I

press the button it should be no - you

know you that add toner is displayed on

the small screen oh dear how silly of me

I didn't see that you are really an

expert at it

thank you you flatter me

13 computer problems

dialogue 1

crashed again this computer must be out

of date already the CPU is Pentium isn't

it it is a Pentium 4 if you install more

memory you can use it fairly well if you

use it just as a word processor you can

use quite an oldsman we used to work

with one in my former company what are

you using for word processing I'm using

ms word I cannot see who doesn't use it

now that is not necessarily true I'm

using WPS

dialogue to

my computer has gone all haywire did you

follow the instructions closely I've

tried many times which made me in

despair what's the matter I can't access

my disk you got me there I also missed

the password of the computer you have to

ask Peter for help right otherwise I'm

spinning my wheels give him a call


file management

dialogue 1

hello Jessica I'm the new secretary

Amy hello what can I do for you mr.

Brown told me that you were good at file

management so I want to consult you on

it okay do you know the file management

system of our company yes I attended a

training class before I started working

in this office what is the essence of

filing do you know the essence of filing

is to bring together in a single folder

or file all papers relating to a

particular subject that is what we call

one customer one file

dialogue to

would you please file these reports for

me yes should I file them in ascending

alphabetical order okay

will you also make copies and file them

using both methods yes I will can you

also list all the documents in those old

files when do you expect it to be

finished before next Monday all right

thank you for all the trouble you've

taken it's my job


staff training

dialogue 1

marry I will help you familiarize with

your work thanks a lot that is your desk

just near the window it looks fine is

that my computer yes and the duplicating

machine is over there what is my duty

your main duty is to answer the phone

calls and transfer them to the person

wanted what if the person wanted is out

in that case you are supposed to ask the

caller to leave a message I see is

anything else I should do you are

responsible for keeping all files in


dialogue to

David let me introduce every department

to you in our company that's so nice of

you thank you

then this is the Quality Control

Department the advertising department is

the neighbor of it where is the human

resources department it's on the third

floor the finance department is also

over there is the president's office on

the third floor as well no it is on the

second floor

sixteen making remittance

dialogue 1

I'd like to send money to America would

you please tell me how to make a

remittance it is my pleasure

there are three modes of remittance

available what are they

telegraphic transfer mail transfer and

demands draft what are the differences

among them telegraphic transfer is the

fastest but the fee for it is the

highest how about others both take a

longer time and the formalities for

demands draft are more complicated I

prefer mail transfer please fill in the

application for remittance

dialogue to

hello I want to remit some money could

you tell me what I should do what's the

reason for the remittance we've just

received a shipment from Germany you

need to present us with your contract

and import customs declaration I have

brought them with me then you should

complete a remittance application form

okay do you have enough balance in your

account yes we want to remit two hundred

thousand US dollars how do you want to

remit by telegraphic transfer okay now

please fill in this form


mailing letters

dialogue 1

hello I'd like to send a letter do you

wish to send it as an ordinary or a

registered letter I will send this

letter by ordinary mail how much is it

is it local or out-of-town I will send

it to Shanghai the postage is 1 yen

could I ask where I can find the zip

code there is a forum about zip code on

information desk you can also write down

the address and stick the stamp over

there will be dropped in the mailbox or

be given to you both are ok

dialogue to

hello I want to ask for international

Express mail service

what will you send some documents please

fill in the expressway bill first does

it like this you should sign your name

in the blank delivered by okay anything

else I need to weigh it in order to

confirm the postage okay how much is it

totally 120 yen when will it be there it

takes three days including today


chatting in workplace


pressure in work

dialogue 1

Lucy you are spending too much time

working do you think so well there is

too much work at hand I just cannot stop

you see working long hours has a greater

negative impact on women than men Oh

why do you say so women are willing to

be emotional eaters and tend to turn to

food as an escape once they had much

more pressure I think so

dialogue to

Rose you look so tired is there anything

wrong yeah one of my customers is so

boring I even don't know how to deal

with please relax yourself first it's no

big deal I know I should I feel too

tired just have a break first all right

to payment of work

dialogue 1

how much yearly bonus did you get last

year only 5000 yuan not too much to tell

you the truth I think so but I could do

nothing with that how much did you

expect around 10,000 yawn it is indeed a

little higher come on buddy

I've been working so hard during the

whole year

dialogue to

how much do you get every month I get

money not by month I'm working on

Commission what is the rate I can get

four percent commission on everything I

sell I see sounds good but I'm not the

lucky dog every month

three job hopping

dialogue 1

you're very bright and breezy today

something good must have happened to you

you're absolutely right I got a new job

at NEC how wonderful what will you do

there I'm in research and development it

suits me perfectly how are you getting

on are you still working on the project

yes that's right why not make a change

then there are many companies looking

for professionals to tell you the truth

I really like this job here

dialogue to

I plan to hand in my notice letter in

the next few weeks following the spring

festival holiday have you made your

decision yes many friends of mine plan

to start working for a new employer

after the festival are you unsatisfied

with the money or the boss neither just

because of the career and prospect you

mean you hope to start a totally new

business in the new year yeah I think

it's time to challenge myself good luck


further study and going abroad

dialogue 1

when did you graduate it from your

college I graduated in 2008 why didn't

you get a further study you mean to

study for a master's degree yeah

there is great pressure upon the job

market for bachelors I have to work to

support my family as soon as possible my

parents health are not very good I see

dialogue to

I know you graduated in 2005 and then

you went on study for a master's degree

yes what you said is right your major is

English haven't you ever thought of

going abroad not ever I think English is

only a tool of communication

I choose law as my major in my further

study period I think it is sensible in

this way you have a more bright future


carpooling for work

dialogue 1

Bob I can't wait until my car is

repaired taking the bus every day is

killing me come on Jack it can't be that

bad but it really is taking this morning

for example the subway was so packed

like sardines this morning I got totally

squished by about a hundred busy

commuters on the way to work why not get

a carpool that's a good idea but I don't

know who I can get a carpool with

dialogue to

how do you come to work every day I come

to work by car oh it is so convenient

for you not so much

Beijing has banned vehicles with even in

odd-numbered license plates on alternate

days since last year now vehicles with

different and numbered license plates

are banned on alternate days you can't

drive your car every day in this way yes

you can try to find someone who is on

your way home and get a carpool going

eight office romance

dialogue 1

I'm having this huge crush on Lily I'm

going to try and see if I can invite her

to dinner this weekend the boss had told

us not to mix love and work that's silly

what I do on my own time is no one

else's business

besides it's pretty hard to meet people

outside of the office when we spend long

hours here well but I heard that she is

already seeing somebody I'm just talking

about a dinner not a date but most

starts with a dinner and then it gets

out of hand okay okay stop now if you

don't mind I've got some work to do

dialogue to

I think nowadays young people spend more

and more time in offices yes it leads so

many of them to be single but at the

same time office romance is fairly

common these days are you for or against

that it depends why do you say this way

it is not surprising that romance

springs up in the office yet romantic

involvement is loaded with dangers for

both the employees and for their

employers and remember not to date with

the boss what you said is reasonable

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