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Sam Maxwell: My name is Sam Maxwell. I'm a senior here at UW and I'm a journalism major.

\ \

Radio announcer: And now, WSUM's longest running show\'85 the Student Section.\

\ Sam: This year I was named the Assistant Sports

Director. So, I'll be on a couple different radio shows. I'll be doing some play-by-play,

I'll be helping out making some PSAs, and things of that nature.\

\ Radio announcer: Thank you for joining us

at WSUM 91.7 Madison, with a brand new cast. We're going to be joined again by Sam Maxwell

who was here\'85 let's see\'85 last fall for one semester. Good to have you back on the

show, Sam.\ \

Sam: It's good to be back. The Student Section is the longest tenured show here at WSUM.

I think this is the 8th year in a row that we'll be having this show. It's generally

reserved for, not necessarily the oldest people, but the most experienced WSUM members. Those

of us who really are into NCAA sports or have a direct knowledge of that. There's all kinds

of things here, it's not just sports obviously. There's music, there's also political shows,

there's talk shows, there's all kinds of different shows. There's really something for everyone

here. It really represents the entire student body very well. \

\ Well, I'm from LA. It's not too typical for

some west coast kids to come out here, but I kind of wanted a new experience for college.

I love the campus, I love the academics, I love the athletics. And it was a pretty easy

decision once I got in here to come. I wanted a school that was really well-rounded with

great academics, a great college town. I think i found all those things here at Madison.\

\ I definitely think that Russell does know

his place in the offense. He definitely witnessed last year, he saw some of these games from

the Wisconsin Badgers. He saw the film, he knows it's a running team. \

\ My career aspirations? Ideally, something

in sports. If I really was going for the fences, I'd be a football play-by-play, a basketball

play-by-play for a big-time, either professional team or a college team. I'd be given some

great access to the team and fulfilling a dream by being on the air every single day.\

\ (outro theme music)}

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