Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Episode 9 Team NZ Red Bull X-Alps 2017 - Matterhorn

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so with that strong wind yesterday...

you wouldn't expect that today there wouldn't even really be enough to launch

it's very light. I'm hoping I don't snag a line on these rocks

I'm even thinking I maybe should move

I glided into the Matter tal, where it wasn't working yet. Not quite

I'll wait a little bit longer, walk up the top of here

and, as expected, because I've been here before

it's a scary place for cables

there's one that goes down that way

I'm just watching these two ravens, circling [in lift]

I'm so nervous

that point there, not much happening and then all of a sudden, bang!

pretty feisty little thermal

stay in it at all costs

so let's go!

I've just been chatting to Phil [from Australia]

the [paraglider] that lives right down here, in Zermatt

he said, "stay high, stay out of the valley wind..."

"there's north fohn and you probably can't get high enough but see what you can do" (low cloud base)

so yeah, that's where it's at. Nice view of the Matterhorn

pretty iconic mountain

I haven't seen the Matterhorn from quite this angle it looks so steep


Monaco is a bit far...

see how far we can get

yeah it was a long slog up that glacier

fairly flat and it went forever

south face of the Matterhorn

stark landscape

... where am I going to cross the Aosta valley

typical Italy. The mountains are so high and the valleys are so deep

yeah you want to stay up high don't you

this hill is supposed to be the best thermal in the Alps

and it's the bloody worst one!

the westerly is really stuffing things up

there is some climbs, but..

it's essentially westerly in the Aosta valley

[westerly] coming down from Mont Blanc

so I should have come here a lot earlier

yeah I haven't really been getting into this flight so far today

it was just a bit raw in those big mountains and I felt a bit tired

you can see a vulture, and there's chamois running around

[a friend] just sent me an email too, he said "enjoy the last bit", probably quite good advice

it's a bit rough

some easy miles now, nearly 50km/h on trim

with the valley wind rather than upper headwind

and very buoyant, hardly using any height

I've had the yawns a bit today in this flight

but this is pretty awesome really

because of this westerly really, I've gone a little

more on the Italian side than I probably should have

would be good to stay on the French side of the divide


Italy is just mind blowing

oh you've got to love it and you've got to hate it don't you

these mountains are just too big! Enormous

the ridges just go forever

I guess the thermals are so good in these mountains that

the valleys have got subsidence from the thermals

the thermals in the mountains are as good

as the inversion in the valley sucks

over 4000 metres again

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