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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Best of Jersey Shore Season 4 (Supercut) | MTV

Difficulty: 0

(peppy electronic music)

- I'm going to Italy so I need my picture taken.

- Sure, for a passport?

- Yeah.

(exciting music)

- There we go, stand right in the middle.


- You know, Italy's like that big country.

Or no!

Europe is that big country.

And then you have like Britain in there

and England and Italy.

Italy! (cheering)

(suspenseful music)

(record scratching)

- Cabs are here in Italian!

(tape playing in Italian)

(speaking Italian)


- Yo, goin' to Italy, super excited.

They need to know that I'm comin' for dem.

My hair dryer, one thing I am bringing

'cause I got a big blow out is the international plug.

I hope the rest of them bring it

'cause they're not using mine.

When I get to Italy, it's gonna be like an

international panty raid, I'm going crazy.

I need to get some passport photos, please.


(camera shutter clicking)

I got passport, regular license, international license.

I'm ready to hit Italy.

Passport's ahead!

Oh yeah!

(upbeat electronic music)

- [Girls] Yeah!

- I'm so excited to go to Italy!

I'm gonna do everything!

- Yeah.

- What about thank you?

(friends laughing)

- In Italy, I'm expecting to bring a guy home,

but I won't do sex.

Do you like the boobs?

- That's very nice.

- You know, like, maybe just figure them out

and then maybe do sex later.

Italy, bitches!

(speaking Italian)

- There are a lot of things

that I wanna accomplish in Italy.

I want to learn Italian.

I wanna master the language.

DTF, come wit me be--

I have a big...

I want to find a nice, real Italian traditional girl.

Vinny's always been (bleep) mature all right,

but this time I'm mature with a beard.

I don't know if any of the housemates are gonna recognize

me with this beard.

I'm so much more better looking.

(phone ringing)


- Vinny!

Are you all packed up, my dude?

- Yeah, I'm packed up pretty much, why, what's up?

- Hey, well, check this out

'cause we're all going to Italy together.

I was gonna come by Staten Island, scoop you up,

and then we'll just go to the airport together.

- Yo, how bout this, come to my family's house.

We'll get Uncle Nino over there, we'll get the boys

and we'll send us off the right way.

- That's what I'm talkin' about.

- Alright, brah, I'll see ya soon.

(heavy bass music)

- Mom!

I'm very excited to go to Italy.

Do you think they sell eyelashes in Italy?

It's kind of like another world,

like I don't know what goes on there.


- I started to see this guy.

We've been together for six months.

- God.

- I need panties! (laughing)

Unless you want me to go commando.

- [Jionni] No, it'll fit.

- Obviously Jionni's like a little bit

nervous about me going to Italy because it's kind

of like a long distance relationship.

- Do you need more suitcases?

- No.

- I think he's, you know, a little scared with Vinny,

but you know I reassured him

that's definitely not gonna happen.

I'm not gonna be an idiot and (bleep) this up.

- Are you gonna be good?

- I'll be good.

- I'll be good.

- Alright, every day.

(classical music)

- I have no idea where Italy is on the map,

but I do know what shape it is

and it's like the boot.

- [Mike] Hey, how you doin' buddy?

- Good!

- I actually, I need a passport.

- Absolutely, step right over here.

- Look up your daughters, handcuff your wives,

The Situation's takin' over the Italian nation.

Oh wow, that's hot.

The difference between an Italian girl

and a Jersey girl is European girls

are more free-spirited and I'm excited to find out.

Snooks called me yesterday, she was like,

"Oh my God, I lost so much weight, you know,

"you're gonna love me or whatever," and I didn't know,

I mean, if she lost some pounds, I'll hit it.


Look at dat smile.

(upbeat music)

- [Photographer] This way a little bit more.

- JWoww and her boobies are going to Italy.

Italy has no idea.

I will be shocked as all hell

if I see a gorilla in Italy.

- You look amazing.

- After the Shore house,

I kept my relationship going with Roger.

Guy comes up, you're out, whatever, grabs your ass.

Italian guys are known to be like kinda touchy-feely.


- And then just walk away.

. That'll kill 'em, that's it.

- I wouldn't cheat on Roger in Italy,

but I don't even think they make six foot four

juice heads with tattoos out there so nobody

really has anything to worry about.

I just want to make sure that I stay like this in Italy.

- Me, too.

(door creaking)

- What up, Italy?

Single Ronnie's back!

Single Ronnie worrying about himself,

going to Italy with three of his boys.

A passport picture.

Gun show!

That's a good looking guy right there.

A fresh start in Italy, no more bein' a bitch.

- If you go out with Sam, I'm gonna kick you in your (bleep)

nuts when you you get back, I swear to God.

- In Italy, there'll be no more me and Sam drama,

I just wanna have a good time.

- No crying!

I wanna see none of that.

(heavy bass music)

- I have cramps! (laughing)

(speaking Italian) (laughing)

My motto for Italy is to not sit at home, cry,

lay in my bed, be miserable, sulk in my own sorrows.

Food and drink. - Here we go.

- [Sammi And Friend] Where's the alcohol?!

- Me and Ron broke up after Seaside.

I've had time to heal and I'm OK with things.

Me and Ron, enough time has passed, but I, like,

will always love him and even though we're just friends.

I feel like so much better about myself,

I'm not gonna let the whole like Ron thing really get to me.

In that house, there's always issues, but--

- But you just have to come out on top.

- You don't have to be on top, OK!

- Mom, please don't, OK! - [Friend] Oh my God!

- I know, please don't, just please don't!

Be my Jersey girl

I know that you're a Jersey girl inside

- Me and the girls game up with

a game plan, we're gonna get together at Deena's

and slumber party and fun and fly out together.

And obviously it's gonna be a race

between the girls and the guys

to get to the house and pick rooms.

- You should've rented a van, that's what you shoulda did.

- Dad, no pushing 'em!


(car horn honking)

Italy here I come, woo!

- [Friend] First thing you're gonna do,

what's the first thing you do when you get there?

- I'm gonna find out the age of consent.


- So my boys gonna be here any second and I am very excited

that they're gonna enjoy my family's

feast before we all go to Italy.

We don't want any!


My family, they are Italians, the right way.

- [Friend] DJ Pauly D's here!

- There's nothing more authentic than my family.

(laughing and chatter)

- You really got big, (bleep) smart.

- The food had to have been 10 to 15 feet

long down the table.

- If you wanna say DTF, it's (speaking Italian).


- So our game plan for this dinner is

we're gonna eat a lot and then learn some Italian.

And plan out what we're gonna do once we hit Italy.

(speaking Italian)

- [Relative] T-shirt!


- [Deena] Yay! Hi!

I was so excited for everybody to get here.

I'm ready to pop open some champagne.

How are you?

- Good, you look great.

- How many bags do you have?

Just one?

- Three.

- Alright.

- Hey!

- This bitch has eight friggin' bags, if not more.

Holy (bleep). - [Snooki] I know.

- Nicole, really?

- Who the hell is carrying your bags to the airport?

- I don't what guys do on sleepovers, though.

- They probably had strippers over.

- [Mom] Now I feel bad.

I shouldda ordered some male strippers!

- Hey, Dad!

- OK, I'm ready!

- [Jwoww] Eww!

No offense. (laughing)

- Focus, gentleman!

- What?

- From the airport, OK, I need a game plan

and I need a way to get to that house.

How are we getting there?

- [Mike] It depends.

- A bus or a train?

- Whatever we do, I just have to get there before the girls.

I don't want them to get the good room.

- Bro, we can get there a day late and still

get there before the girls.

I don't know what the house looks like,

I don't know where it is,

but I need to be in a nice room and I would love

to just roommate with my boy Pauly, again.

- What time you have to get up tomorrow morning?

- Oof, early flight.

Everybody hit the floor

And get ready

- Yo, you got the key, baby?

- Where's my stuff?

(car horn beeping)

- I'm feeling great!

Wakin' up this morning,

I'm ready to hit it, ready to hit the airport.

- And then, we're ready?

- [Vinny] Let's go!

- Bye, I love you!

- Make sure you call me!

- We're goin' to Italy!


(guys cheering)

- Yeah, buddy!

- [Vinnie] We're goin' to I-tal-ya!

- [Deena] OK, let's go to Italy!

- Bye! Bye, babe!

(Snooki screaming)

- Italy, get ready because here we come.

Blast to the class, bitches!

Peace out.

- Goodbye, United States of America!

(speaking Italian)


- [Vinny] Yo, so we're gonna go to this club, Otel.

- [Pauly D] Vinny got the inside scoop.

- It's pretty dope, though, look.

- Wait, so where is it?

- We go up--

- Left.

- Left and then we'll hit--

- Taxi (speaking Italian), taxi (speaking Italian)!

Yeah, buddy, super excited,

my first night out in Italy and I'm goin'

to the club and I cannot wait to get there.

- (groaning) Pauly?!

- [Pauly D] Yes?

- Please give me like 20 minutes.

- Do your thing, girl!

- [JWoww] Vinny!

- [Vinny] What?!

- [Jwoww] Aren't you gonna call a cab?!

- [Pauly D] You callin' a cab?

- I'll try.

- [Vinny] Parle inglesi?

- It's el taxi, idiot.

(taxi operator speaking Italian)

(speaking Italian)

- When you speak Italian to me, you gotta

do it slow for me to understand.

- [Taxi Operator] Zero zero zero zero.

- They talk really fast.

- We need two, Vinny.

- No, oh, (speaking Italian).

- Tell 'em we got eight people.

(speaking Italian)

- Sounds funny! (laughing)

- [Vinny] Ya'll, cab's comin' in 20 minutes.

- Ah, man!

- If I wear, like this...

- It is the first night out in Italy.

I'm tryin' to find the hottest outfit and I'm so excited.

I can't wait to see what the "discotecas" look like.

When I go out, out, out

I'm goin' in, in, in

- Padres, you betta be lockin' up your bambinas.

'Cause the situation's lookin' FTD tonight

and this is the first night and you better

believe it's gonna be a good night.


- [Vinny] Nine minutes!

- Freaking me out!

- What do you think?

- [Snooki] Whoa!

- You like it?

- I can see your vagina!

- [Pauly D] Holy tater!

- [Deena] Yes, I have a bra, should I

put on a normal bra or is this good?

- [Pauly D] Hell nah, work it girl.

- Should I put on a normal bra?

- If I had those, I would work with 'em, too.

- If Deena's boobies could talk, they'd say

I'm a good time, I'm a blessing to bras.

- They look fake, right? It's fun.

- [Vinny] They look like fun bags.

- Oh yeah!

- You know, Deena does have some cute attributes.

She got like a fat ass, she got boobs,

but at the same time, like, she's just one of the guys.

- El taxi's arrivato.

- (speaking Italian) That's what you gotta say.

Here is (speaking Italian).

- Taxi arrivato, they arrived.

- That means they arrived, but you don't say that.

You don't go "cabs have arrived!"

- [Vinny Voiceover] So in America,

Pauly's like "Cab's are here!"

In Italy, Paul'd be like (speaking Italian)!

- Taxi (speaking Italian)!

- Taxi (speaking Italian)!

Taxi (speaking Italian)!

- Taxi (speaking Italian)!

Ready? Let's go, let's go!

Taxi (speaking Italian).

- We're going out to the club for the first time in Italy.

- We look hot!

(speaking foreign language)

- Feel like it's the first--

Skittles! Whoa!

- Where's the closest bathroom?

I'm trying not to piss in public again.

- Come on, Pierre, do the Jersey Turnpike,

beep, beep, beep, there ya go!

- D, bring Pierre over here!

- Pierre's just tried jumping off the ledge and everything.

- [Sammi] What?

Jumping off the ledge?

- And then he tried going in the jacuzzi also.

Oop, whoa!


- Deena is clumsy, she falls all the time.

- Deena!

- [Pauly D] You have to, uh, you wanna wash it then?

- [Deena] Alright, alright.

- Alright.

- [Deena] Ah, I can wash it in the tub.

- In the sink.

In the tub? All right, tub works.

- [Deena] Yay! I'll wash it and then I'll gel it.

- Do you have shampoo?

(clipper buzzing)

- [Deena] I'm special!

(water running)

- My hair is sacred, it's like my sacred crown.

It means a lot to me, to even let Deena touch it,

I'm nervous.

Alright, do your thing girl, whatever you want!

- [Deena] Start off like this, I guess.

I'm trying to figure out,

do I wanna put that part up with it?

I could put that, huh...

(suspenseful classical music)

- [Deena] What?!

- [Vinny] Oh my God.

(guys laughing)

- [Deena] Woohoo!

(Pauly D laughing)

- We gotta take a picture of that.

- I look like Roger!

(clippers buzzing)

- It's cool, I like it, I think it looks hot.

- [Pauly D] I got a big faux hawk!


- [Deena] Pauly looks hot with his new hairstyle.

I totally would (bleep) bang him.

- [Pauly D] Yo, I look like them guidos

on TV that be tryin' too hard.

- I'm your new roommate Joey D.

- [Deena] Oh (bleep).

- Boo yow!

Joey D, takin' over Italy.

Pauly D's a clown, yeah, buddy!

- [Vinny] Joey, dress me like a guido.

- You gotta put a track jacket on.


- We are dressing like ultimate guidos right now

and no one knows more about guido tool bags than us.

- [Pauly D] Yeah, use a headband.


Yup, you look like a guido, bro.

- The boys keep talking about these tracksuit costumes

and I'm just like, that's not a costume!

That's their normal clothes!

- You got your chapstick, bro?

- You got your sunscreen on?


- Yo, do I got enough chapstick on, Louie?

- Dude, do I have enough chapstick on, Tony?

- You need a lotta chapstick, bro.


- Oh (bleep), oh (bleep), Louie!


Louie, you're gonna get all the girls!

I'm gonna (bleep) fist pump until my (bleep) arm falls off!

Fist pump like this, Louie!

(heavy bass music)

Yeah, you went guido overload, bro!

Ow, you hit me in the eye, Louie!

How many times I gotta (bleep) tell you,

don't fist pump next to my eye?



- FPC!

Fist pump, pushups, chapstick!

Fist pump, pushups, chapstick!

- All we need is FPC.

Fist pump, pushup, chapstick!

- [Pauly & Vinny] Fist pump, pushup, chapstick!

Fist pump, pushup, chapstick!

- [Pauly D] FPC's a way of life.

I'm a guido for life.

(heavy bass music)

- That's what I'm talkin' about, Tony!

- You are like every guy I ever dated!

I swear to God. (laughing)

- Pauly's looking really good in the club tonight.

I'm like, mmmm.

- What do you want me to do?

Just tell me.

- Right now?

(romantic pop music) (squealing)

- Oh, that's the money!

I called it!

I called that!

- In the words of Pauly D, this is the best day of my life!

- We ended up makin' out, it was fun.

She's a good kisser, I'm a good kisser.

- My game plan is flirt with Pauly,

make out with him a couple times,

then who knows, maybe his Italian sausage

will be in my (bleep).

(upbeat club music)

- Never in my life have I met a girl

that could just hook up and have no feelings.

They always end up having some kinda feelings somewhere.


What's your name?

- Andrea.

(electronic music)

- Could you give me your number?

Nombre? - No.

- Yeah, si.

- I have a boyfriend!

- Oh, hey! (laughing)

- I talked to Pauly, Pauly said he wants

to (bleep) Deena tonight--

- That's what I said, it's like with me and Vinny situation.

Like, I know what happened with me and Vinny

was just kinda like ruined our friendship.

I don't want that to happen with Deena and Pauly.

- [Jenni] I'm really just concerned that Deena's

gonna wake up tomorrow and be like,

"I like Pauly," and then what?

(club music)

(cheering and chatter)

- I, I just wanna talk to ya, girl talk.

- If I do sex with him, it is what it is.

Do you think I'd give a (bleep)?

- [Jenni] And that's it?

- Yeah, I don't give a (bleep)

- Alright.

I definitely think that Pauly and Deena

are gonna smush, it just really comes down to timing,

when and where.

- [Girl] OK.

- I put the ground work in with these twins.

It looks like I'm gonna have a little threesome tonight.

- Can we go?

- Are you ready to go?

- [Mike] And all of a sudden, Deena goes, "No, she's mine."

She's yours?

- This girl Erica just seems like a blast in the glass

like me, she likes to party, she likes to dance.

- Is she sleepin' in your bed tonight?

- Yeah! (laughing)

- Hey guys, Deena's making out with a twin right now.

What the hell?!

- When you're drunk, sometimes you kiss girls.

- This is not a playful, friend kiss friend thing

or however girls do, this is a full blown

lesbianist experience right now.

Deena pulled a robbery hardcore.

(crowd noise).

- It was supposed to be a menage a twin

with me and the twins.

I was supposed to be twinning

and it's turned into a robbery by Deena

and my whole menagerie went awry.

- [Pauly D] We're gonna go, don't worry about it, let's go.

- Right now, I'm a little upset,

but not too upset because I've still, I have one twin.

- No go!

- Turn the music on!

(rock music)

Make out, eww!

- You're with me and that's it.

(rock music)

- Deena's bein' lesbionic tonight!

- It's not the worst thing on earth,

bringing home a girl, it's just not something I normally do.

- [Snooki] You're a virgin, baby girl!

- I am! - You made that up.

- Is that embarrassing?

I know that's embarrassing.

- How cute is she?

- If I saw you in a bar and I wanted to be lesbionic,

I'd make out with you.

- I'm good now-- - You guys are too nice!

(bleep) damn!

- No, I'm not nice at all, I'm being honest!


- Neither of us are nice.

I wouldn't say I'm a lesbian, but I guess bi-curious.

I don't think I'd ever date a girl

'cause I really, really love penis, but I have fun.

Let's go play.

- [Twin] Let's, let's go, where at?

- In the room.

- Let's go.

- Just lay down, please?

- I have to pee.

- Have you gotta pee, too?

- Go pee first and then I'll go pee.

- OK, OK.

- And I'll be right back, OK?

- OK.

- Stay there, this is my bed.

- Where's your girl?

- [Mike] I need, I put her in my room and I need--

- You just left her in your room?

- Yeah, I mean I'll bring her out with you.

- But I don't feel like conversating.

- That a couple months ago, that him and Snook.

- You're serious?

- That she cheated on him with Jionni.

- And he specifically said that he cheated.

- Specifically said like--

- I'm gonna tell you somethin' nobody knows about this

and it you can't tell it to anybody.

Me and Snooki, we kinda hooked up.

- I (bleep) told on Mike, yeah.

Mike ratted me out at (bleep) Miami,

Mike ratted me out at (bleep) Jersey.

So what guy code is there between me and Mike?

There is no guy code.

- We should tell Nicole.

- It's disgusting, I'm tellin' her right now.

- (sighs) I'm disappointed kind of a little bit in Deena.

I don't know.

- Why?

- I don't know, because like when I went

to go hook up with a girl, she went whoosh,

I'm like wow, she's like, I think she's like selfish.

- [Deena] What's everybody eating?

- Go over there and get a little plate.

- Aghhhh, I can't do it!

What if I started making out with you right now?

- What would I think?

I don't know.

- I thought she was gonna get with Mike.

I thought she was gonna get with Deena.

I don't know who this girl's gonna get with,

but somehow she ends up on top of me.

(peppy acoustic music)

(suspenseful music)

Do you wanna go to sleep now?

- Yeah.

- What the hell?

- What the hell?!

I was hooking up with this girl the entire night.

I brought her home, OK?

Knowing I was hooking up with this girl

the entire night, Vinny decides to hook up

with this girl so I said, "No, she's coming into my bed."

- Deena did hook up with this girl first,

but the girl was in my bed and I was mid-hookup with her.

- Even if I pulled the robbery, you don't

pull the double robbery, you know what I mean?

- OK, up, I'm up.

(crashing) Ow!

- Are you OK?

- [Twin] (bleep) Christ!

- Deena's (bleep) blocked me before,

but never took a girl and hooked up with her herself.

- I'm back. (laughing)

(suspenseful music)

- Obviously, us being together is toxic.

It's maybe just best to just, you know.

We have our issues, it sucks because I do love you so much.

And I do care about you like more than I care about myself.

- Stop, like that.

- Can I just talk?

I'm sorry for the shit that I did say to you tonight.

- [Sammi] Whatever, it's all true, anyway.

- It is true, I did call a girl while I was here.

- [Sammi] Who?

- Just some random girl that I just--

- Hook up with?

- No.

- Who is it?

- Just some girl.

- Look me in the face.

- Just some girl.

- Who?

- That I--

- No, no, no, tell me a name, please.

- Some girl that I met.

- From where?

Long Island?


- [Ronnie] Can, can you just sit?

- Can you just-- - Can you, can you just--

- Look at at me, I'm gonna tell you one thing.

- I'm being honest, like I'm trying to help.

- It's OK, be honest all you want,

but I just don't want - Oh my God, dammit.

- anything to do with you ever again in my entire life.

- Sam, Sam.

- I'm through with Ron and the (bleep)

and the lies and whatever that he has to say to me

'cause everything he says is complete bull (bleep).

(swiping noise)

(speaking Italian)

- [Pauly D] Hey, yo, Ronnie, hit the concrete

last night like a basketball.

- [Sammi] Are you kidding me?

- I'm done with him and you being drunk.

You guys are a bad time, like, for real.

- Shut up, Vin.

- I'm just telling you, I'm telling you the truth.

When Ronnie and Sammi are drunk,

they turn into different people.

There's no getting through to them.

- I went to bed and left the situation.

I didn't, normally I would sit there and fight.

- Well, good, good for you, you did the right thing.

Pauly said he's surprised nothin' escalated.

- [Sammi] It would've if I had like--

I'm not gonna do that anymore, I'm from Jersey.

- [Jenni] Why can't you guys just say (bleep) it and have

a good time and not, not do anything?

- You know what the thing is, you both

need to go out and not worry about what each other's doing.

- This needs to stop, you people are in high school.

You need to grow up and you need to find a happy medium.

- I had feelings for Ron, I always will so it hard

living with your ex-boyfriend and going out

and dealing with this is just difficult.

And I'm dealing with it the best way I can

and I think I've been doing pretty (bleep) good.

- I think you have been doin' good.

- I just want it to just be open and honest,

like whatever I say

to anybody else, I'm bombed. - Last night, he was bombed.

- [Mike] Ronnie was so funny last night, he's like,

"Watch what happens bro."

He's like, "I've got like five girls

"comin' to the house right now."

(ominous music)

- Like, Mike always has to cross that line.

We had squash to beef, but Mike is tryin' to start problems.

- Like he was just drunk, he didn't know what was goin' on,

you know what I mean?

Obviously, there wasn't, you know.

- Whatever happens, happens.

Ron can do whatever he wants.

I'm not gonna let the whole, like,

Ron thing really get to me.

- You OK, you all right?

I got Brittany comin' over so I'm

gonna just go in the smash room.

- What's goin' on with you, bro?

- It's none of my business, but you both love each other

at the end of the day, so just know that.

At the end of the day, at the end of the day, you both do.

That's all I'm saying!

- It's bull (bleep).

- If I lay right here

and not on you? - No, you can sit up,

it's fine or you can--

- [Sammi] I don't really feel like that.

- Alright, so you lay down and I'll sit up.

- OK.

- [Ron] OK.

- Can I use your blanket?

- Do what you gotta do.

- Thanks.

- That's great for me.

- So we're not friends anymore.

- I gotta live with you.

- [Sammi] That's it?

- [Ronnie] It's what it is, it's what it's gotta be.

- 'Cause I make mistakes and you make mistakes.

Like Mike told me the (bleep) rats and runs his mouth,

"Well, Ron said he's (bleep) bringin' home five girls,"

and you know what I (bleep) did,

I brushed off my (bleep) shoulders and said,

"I don't give a (bleep) what anybody has to say.

"Or what you have to say when you're drunk."

And you know what?

I'm sorry, that's what he said to me actually.

Ask Jenni, ask anybody, he said it to me.

- I know you do, I know you do.

- [Ronnie] Ah, Mike said, this (bleep) house

is (bleep) amazing.

At this point, I'm (bleep) done with Mike.

Now it's time for me to put in his (bleep) place.

Now (bleep) is about to go down.

I'm gonna (bleep) him up.

Wake the (bleep) up, now you wanna be a bitch?

You (bleep) tellin' my girlfriend, like I have

girls on the way if I want to?

- [Mike] What are you talking about?

- Like, I don't know, bro, get the (bleep) up,

'cause now I'm gonna flip the (bleep) out.

Wake the (bleep) up, you tellin' my girlfriend

like I have girls on the way if I want to?

- [Mike] What are you talking about?

- Get the (bleep) up, bro.

- What are you talkin' about?

It's you're always talking (bleep)

behind my back when it comes to Sam.

Take your (bleep) and get the (bleep) out, bro.

- Ron, hey Ron, I don't get involved!

- Stop, Ron!

(rock music)

- I don't involved, I don't get involved in--

Ron, I don't get involved in you relationship, Ron.

- Stop!

- I don't get involved in your relationship.

- [Sammi] Ron!

- [Mike] Yo, I don't get, I don't get (bleep)

involved in your relationship (bleep)!

Hey yo, I don't get involved in your (bleep)

relationship, are you (bleep) serious?

I (bleep) stay away all the (bleep) time!

- Don't do it.

- I'm (bleep) sick of this!

I'm (bleep) sick of this!

- Stop, it's not worth it.

- Sick of it?

- [Mike] Yeah!

- Yeah?

- Yeah, you wanna hit me?

You wanna hit me?

You wanna hit me? - Stop, stop.

- [Ronnie] Come on. - Stop!

- You wanna hit me, tough guy?!

You wanna (bleep) do it?!

You wanna do it?!

You wanna throw my (bleep) bed?!

- [Ronnie] Yeah, I do.

- You wanna throw my (bleep) bed?!

- [Sammi] Stop it!

- You wanna (bleep) do this (bleep)?

- [Sammi] Stop! Stop it! (Mike growling)

- [Ronnie] What's wrong with you, bro?

Get the (bleep) outta here, bro.

- Come here,

nope, come here. - Get the (bleep) outta here.

- [Sammi] We need to talk.

- Get emotional, but don't--

Get the (bleep) away from me.

- [Jenni] Yo, look at me, you OK?

You alright?

Look at me, I'm not even playing, just look at me.

Mike bashed his head into the wall.

And I could tell Mike is completely disoriented.

He's opening his eyes to me,

but he's giving me a blank look.

This isn't funny anymore.

You OK?

- [Ronnie] Get the (bleep) out of here!

- What did I do to you?

- [Ronnie] Oh what did I do, why don't you just

tell me what the (bleep)--

- What did I do?!

- You didn't tell me that he told you

that I was gonna bring home five

girls the first (bleep) night?

- [Sammi] If anybody, they (bleep) were there.

- [Ronnie] What the (bleep), so now he's a big man?

Now he's (bleep) laying on the floor?

Admit it, bro, admit your (bleep) is whooped.

- Admit it? Admit it?

Admit it, I don't do nothin' with your relationship,

tough guy!

- [Sammi] Stop it! - Let's do it!

- [Sammi] Stop! - [Mike] Let's do it!

- Stop!


- [Jenni] You're around me, stop!

- [Girls] Stop!

Stop it!

- [Jenni] Stop!


[Girls] Right now! Stop it!

[Girls] Stop! Stop!

(girls crying)

- You did this for no reason!

No reason at all, no reason, no reason.

He didn't hurt me, there was not one little scrap

of my face, nothin' on my pretty face.

All those muscles didn't do (bleep) to me.

Just by the look in your eyes

It says to say goodbye bye

Give you away

- I've had enough.

If he wants to be like this, I'll go give back

everything Ron has given me,

including the stuff I got him.

So I put all my stuff on Ron's bed.

Some guy out there will appreciate me as a person

and will really love me for who I am

and it's not Ron.

Mike, you OK?

I feel like I caused the problem.

Like, I'm not a fan of you, Mike, but,

ya know, I just felt bad.

I don't wanna see anybody go to the hospital.

I apologize for everything.

I'm sorry.

You sure you're OK?

- I didn't even really listen to her apology too much

because it is Sam's fault we fought

and I just went through a wall.

I can't hear that shit.

(somber music)

I have a big heart, you know?

And if somebody else was hurt in the house like me,

I would be checkin' on em.

But nobody was really checkin' on me really that much,

you know what I mean?

So I kinda felt alienated a little bit.

I want

What everybody else wants


- I'm definitely feeling alone.

Definitely feeling alone right now.

A place to lay my head ♪ (sniffling)


(mysterious music)

- You have a neck brace on?

You all right?

When I see Mike and his neck brace,

I feel like he's doing an insurance claim right now.

- It was a mild concussion from the head butt to the wall.

- [Pauly D] Yeah yeah yeah, sure.

- It was very instant ya know,

from when I hit my head.

- Yeah, like my neck.

I hurt my neck.

- That's good it's not major.

I see Mike in a neck brace and I'm like,

"Oh my God," he's got his glasses on like always,

and a neck brace.

Who wears sun glasses with a neck brace?

He looks ridiculous.


- [Snooki] Really bitch?

(rock music)

- This girl throws a drink in my face.

I go after her.

I will (bleep) you up!

- I need to stick up for my girl, so I jump in

and I just go ape (bleep), you know?

Like a squirrel monkey.

Get off of me!

- Team meatballs, like attack!

Give me that (bleep) bitch!

- I'm pulling this girl's hair and some girl's

pulling me hair and I realize it's my meatball, Deena.

- I will (bleep) knock that bitch out.

I will (bleep) knock that bitch out!

- [Pauly D] Yeah, you're funny, (bleep) idiots!

- This is stupid.

- Yo, you two fought each other.


- I didn't know it was you.

I thought, I freaked out.

- We're like oh, whoops.

- That was my favorite thing

when you two started

fighting each other! - What happened?

- [Vinny] They were fighting each other.

(laughing) - Oh my God.

You gave me a (bleep) heart attack.

- So, work's over and we're like,

"Oh ya know what, let's get back into frickin' like,

"the whole routine."

Like let's go to the gym, let's work out.

(rock music)

- I hope there's no traffic.

Welp, what are you gonna do?

Watch out.

Fine! (horn honking)

(rock music) (beeping)

- [Deena] Scooters are like (bleep) bees.

- They don't give a (bleep) if they get run over.

I feel like Italy shouldn't even have cars

'cause first off, nobody knows how to (bleep) drive here.

I was always scared to drive in the city.

Now, yeah right.

- Now you can frickin' take people.

- Yeah, I'll kill taxis.

It's just like chaos.

It's like people are walking in the streets.

You have to drive New York City times 10.

- I'm just gonna use my hands.

Clearly, nobody else like looks at (bleep) blinkers.

(horn honking)

My God, these (bleep) people are (bleep) insane.

- (bleep) you. - Wait one second.

- They don't look, they just go.

(dramatic music) (horns honking)

- Slowing down.

- Oh my God!

- [Deena] We hit the cop.

- (bleep) me.

- Oh my God, are we gonna get in trouble?

- Probably!

What the (bleep).

(bleep) my life.

Hi sir.

- Can I have your license?

- I don't, it's in my-- - Documents and insurance.

- It's not with me.

I have to go home to get it.

(speaking Italian)

- How does this work here?

Is he gonna arrest you if you don't have

a license on you?

- I don't (bleep) know.

I'm just scared that I'm gonna go to jail again.

I can't call the boys right now because I'll start crying.

I need Deena to call them, ask them you know,

you need to bring Nicole's license here

or she's gonna get taken away by the cops.


- [Vinny] Hello?

- [Deena] Vin?

It's Deena.

- What do you want?

- We just got into a car accident.

Me and Nicole, we hit the cop.

But Nicole needs her license.

Look for Nicole's purse, it's black.

- [Vinny] All right, what street are you on?

- It was very, very serious.

You know, we're running out the door right now.

- [Vinny] I got it, I got it.

- We don't know the magnitude of the situation

but we know we gotta get there quick.

Where did she say she was?

- [Vinny] Some weird street, Philipo Shortsi.

- (bleep) my life.

I can't breathe.

I'm gonna get (bleep) right now.

(horn honking) - Go, go.

Come on!

- They're getting on stretchers?


- Shut up!

- [Deena] He's putting a neck brace on.

- [Snooki] I feel sick.

(horn honking) - [Vinny] Come on!

- [Pauly D] Yo, we gotta get there fast though.

They're gonna take her right now.

- [Snooki] I'm not kidding.

Give me a break.


- Nicole and Deena are on a whole nother

level of drunk right now.

- [Snooki] Oh, my drink!

Oh, sorry.

- And me and Sam are kinda sick of it at this point.

Like, give me a (bleep) break.

Deena, we're leaving!

- Sam, Jen!

Wait mommies!

- I like that frickin' hot bikini.

Hot pink.

- You're gonna get it tonight really hard.

Man whore!

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

- Oh yeah, oh yeah! - That's how he says it.

- [Snooki] Sammi!

- Jenni, your cheeks are out.

- Get it, Jen!

Are they mad at us?

- [Snooki] A little bit.

- Why? - What are you gonna do?

'Cause we're drunk and stupid.

- I don't wanna be taking care of two drunk people.

I actually wanted Riccione to be fun.

- Yeah, yay!

Come on! - You're drunk, come on.

I just wanna go back please.

Me and Sam realize we don't wanna continue drinking.

Deena and Nicole want to.

So I think it's time that we separate.

- [Sammi] Oh God, I'm freezing.

- [Jenni] I'm annoyed too right now.

- Where is Sam and (bleep) Jenni?

They can't leave us!

- [Sammi] This is our door, I think.

- What moms leave their kids?

- I hear house music.

What the (bleep) is over there?

- Let's go, can we go? - You hear it?

It feels like heaven.

Like the Gods have spoke and we hear music.

- Oh my God!

- Don't run, don't run, I'm gonna fall.

I'm not kidding!

Deena, you (bleep).

Jenni and Sam are like running back to the hotel,

so they can go back to the hotel and me and Deena

can go to heaven and dance our asses off.

(upbeat house music) (laughing)

I'm definitely happy just being alone with Deena right now.

I mean, we have the same personality.

We like to drink, we like to party

and it's just team meatballs.

All of a sudden, we see the boys and we're like,

"Why are the boys so dressed up?"

- All the guys are just watching team meatballs

get drunker and drunker.

- [Mike] Wow, Deena is wasted.

- Right now, Snooki and Deena are whack off their faces.

We're thinkin' there's no way they can make it to dinner

or even out to a club to do this again tonight.

(laughing) - Oh my God.

- [Ron] Oh my God, Snooki just ran into the bush face first.

- [Pauly D] Oh my God.


- Holy (bleep) shit!

- Team meatballs can handle anything

when it comes to alcohol.

So we're gonna go mad hard all day

and then mad hard at the club.

- [Jenni] I took a hot shower, how bout you?

- [Sammi] I feel (bleep) amazing.

Wonder what those two are gonna look like.

- Oh my God, I don't wanna know.

I thought Nicole was the only person on this planet

that has those abducted eyes

until Deena recently.

They're two of a kind.

- So weird, they are kind of alike.

- So similar, it's creepy.

(upbeat music)

- The guys right now, we don't think the meatballs

are gonna make it to dinner tonight.

Snooki and Deena are the meatballs

and they're not making it to the sauce.

(upbeat dance music)

- Only like Jersey girls that I could dance so hard

their underwears come off.

Who the hell does (bleep) like this?

What time is it?

- Let's go.

- Where are my meatballs?

- We watched them get drunk for two hours straight.

I watched Snooki run straight first into a bush

like how Mike ran into the wall.

- I just want them all to be here for dinner

and we can all go to the club on time.

- I can't wait to get to Discoteca.

- Can't wait to dance.

- [Pauly D] I came to dance.

- [Vinny] We're ready to order.

- I don't even know what's on the menu

but I'm ready to order.


- [Snooki] I pissed on myself.

- What is that?

- Fish of the day, bro.

- Girls are nowhere to be found

and we're starving.

We gotta eat and we're just not having meatballs

for dinner tonight.

To dessert.

- You wanna go out?

- Know what everyone's gonna say?

They were drinkin' too much.

- Hello.

- What is that? - I'm over it, all right?

- What is that?

- Vodka club.

- You didn't bring me none?

- We just had like six course meal and now,

the meatballs show up to get their dinner.


- I can't yell.

Oh God, I almost (bleep) myself.

- Snooki and Deena, they knew for hours

what time dinner was.

For hours what time we were going to the club.

- I thought we, I thought we, whoa.

I want your peppers, actually.


- And we're still waiting on them.

- You ready?

- It's gonna pop off!

(upbeat music)

- [Snooki] Toodles!

(speaking Italian)

- [Pauly D] That's your dancing, what the hell?

Wow, cabs made it here.



- D, maybe you should go and stay home.

- No, I don't need to stay home.

- Like, what the (bleep) is going on?

It's like a twilight zone.

And I'm thinkin' in my head, this is gonna be a

miserable time now because now I'm gonna have to

take care of my friend who can barely even like,

sit up in the car.

- I'm disgusted 'cause I'm--

- Oh my God, I'm like,

I really miss you (blabbering)

- This sounds like the cab ride home.

Not to the club. - I know.

- This sounds like the one

on the way back.

We're not even at the club.

- What are you gonna do, whatever.

- Tonight's gonna be one of those nights.

I already know.


- I have no shame.

(upbeat music)

- All I see in the reflection of this glass

is straight vagine, straight vagina.

- I tell Deena right away, like listen,

you're giving everyone a free show, put it away.

Deena's like, "Get off of me."

I'm like, "Dude, your vagina's out."

(upbeat dance music)

(laughing) (coughing)

- Oh my God, they're creeps.

They're (bleep) creeps.

What the (bleep) is going on 'cause

Nicole is all about Jionni and Deena like,

are you lesbian?

- What the?!

Nicole and Deena are digesting each other's tongues.

I am so skeebed out, I want to throw up.

- What the hell?!


- Does that turn you on?

- No! (laughing)

- Deena is on top of Nicole

and she's not wearing underwear.

- I love making out.

I'm the best kisser, I think, in this whole planet.

Or on this whole planet.

On this whole planet.

- I'm like all right, time to go home.

- [Ron] Party's over.

(upbeat music)

- Deena!



- Hey Deena, stop making a scene and lez go!


- Come on.

- Cool.

- Why do I always have to be the mom?

- Come on, I love you.

Wanna make out?

- Yeah.

(playful music)

- This is not a ordinary girl makeout session.

This is like, they are going to (bleep) each other

when they get back to the hotel

and I have to share a room with them.

- I don't even make out this long with Ron.

Oh, thank God.

Get me the (bleep) outta this makeout session.

- You guys are (bleep) lame. - Oh, shut up.

Let's go home.

- Me and you are sleeping together.

- They literally were making out the whole ride home.

When we got home, they were still making out.

I felt like I was watching a porn for like 20 hours.

- I'm going to bed.

(speaking foreign)


- [Snooki] Goodnight.

(blowing raspberries)


- [Snooki] Let's go!

- Dawg, I feel like he's giving me weird looks.

Three seconds later, he comes up to me and goes,

"Yo dawg, do your thing."

- Who said that?

- This guy.

He comes up to me and goes, "Yo dawg, do your thing.

"I respect you," meaning what up?

- Mike is paranoid about Jionni

because of what happened with Snooki and Mike in the past.

Mike's having an imaginary confrontation

in his head right now.

- Yo, if you wanna talk to him, knock yourself out.

- [Vinny] Yeah bro, for real, but I just wanted to kick it.



- Go inside and get me a drink.

(upbeat dance music)

- If Mike says anything to Jionni,

I'm legit gonna punch Mike in the face.

- Mike is not gonna break me and Jionni up.

Jionni is the guy that I'm gonna marry.

(upbeat dance music)

(intense music)

- [Jwoww] Jionni, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Let her (bleep) embarrass herself.

You're not embarrassing yourself, stop.

You just heard me.

- Jionni?

- [Jwoww] You just heard me.

- [Snooki] Where did he go?

Where did he go?

- He's up there. - No wait, Nicole.

- (bleep) you guys.

Where the (bleep) did he go?

Where did he go?



Jionni, get back here.

I will kill you in two seconds.

- There goes Nicole.

- This is just pointless.

I'm not getting involved.

- Jionni.

Jionni, stop!

- [Ron] Like let's be serious, bro.

- There goes Ronnie.

- [Snooki] Where are you going? Stop!

- Jionni, Jionni. - Stop!

- [Ronnie] Snook! - Stop!

Get over yourself! - Snooki.

- Get over yourself.

I just wanna (bleep) lay with you.

What is wrong with you?

- Go to Jenni, go to Jenni.

- Nicole, please stop. - Don't talk to me right now.

- Look at what you're doing.

Please stop.

- No! - Please stop.

- No! - You're doing it to him!

- (bleep) talk to me!

Nobody talk to me!

- What the (bleep) is going on?

- Nobody's doing it. - Blah, blah, blah.

- You're doing it! - I don't care!

- You're doing it! - Then what the (bleep)?

- Man up and realize that you're acting like an ass(bleep)!

You're acting like a (bleep) ass.

- Then where's he going, Jenni?

Where's he going? - He's running away from you!

- [Snooki] You're such a bitch.

- I am a bitch but I'm giving you a (bleep) reality check!

- Don't talk to me, I don't want you near me.

- I don't care if you don't wanna talk to me!

I'm trying to protect your boyfriend!

- Don't get near me!

Don't get near me!

Don't touch me! - I'm trying to protect

your boyfriend. - Don't touch me!

Don't touch me! - I'm not touching you.

- Don't touch me! - I'm not touching you,

- And don't get near me. - but I'm giving you a

reality check!

- I hate you!

Where's my boyfriend?

(somber music)

- I get it, she's drunk.

She yelled at me.

I'm gonna put that aside for the next 20, 30 minutes

and I just need to find this kid for my best friend.

(upbeat music)


- Where the (bleep) is my boyfriend?

Where's my boyfriend?

- No you didn't.


- That's brilliant.

- I don't understand the drama or whatever Mike's

intentions were, but I'm just sitting here with my

popcorn in my hand waiting for the (bleep) to pop off.

- There's gonna be a (bleep) show tonight.

It's gonna be bad.

(ominous music)

- Oh my God, work is over already?

Oh my God.

- Nicole.

I'm so upset about what Mike has said this morning

that I'm like, Nicole needs to know this.

That was the lowest shit I've ever heard.

I wanna tell you what the (bleep) just happened.

Mike called The Unit to call Jionni

and tell him everything that (bleep) happened

with you and Mike.

(rock music)

- Stop getting in my business.

Stop getting in my business!



I'm not even kidding, Mike!

(bleep) you!

(bleep) you.

You bitch, (bleep) you.

- I didn't get in your (bleep) business.

I didn't. - (bleep) you, Mike.

- Mike, I'm not kidding!

- [Vinny] Whoa Nicole, Nicole.

- (bleep) you Mike, (bleep) you.

You're a (bleep), you're nobody!

You have no (bleep) friends in the house.

- Mike's dodging everything like the Matrix.

She's throwing wine bottles at him.

He's duckin' em.

He's moving all around, he's running from her.

- (bleep) you!

(bleep) you. - What?

- Why the (bleep) would you tell Unit

to (bleep) call Jionni?

- I didn't do nothing. - Why?

What is your problem?

- You wanna know what I did?

- Say what ya did, Mike.

- Sam overheard me say, did not do anything.

Nicole, will you listen to me?

Can I speak? - I don't like you.

I don't (bleep) like you.

I don't (bleep) like you.

I don't (bleep) like you.

I don't (bleep) like you.

- Nicole, wait. - I (bleep) hate you!

- Nicole, just let him go. - Hate you!

- He didn't do anything.

- No! - He didn't do it.

It was a joke.

- Didn't do it! - It was a joke!

He didn't do it.

- It was a joke!

- It's not a funny (bleep) joke.

- Who would (bleep) say that, then?

- It's a joke, nothing happened!

- That's not funny!

- Well you need to ask somebody.

Don't listen from the peanut gallery.

Ask people first 'cause I didn't make

no (bleep) phone call!

- Then why would you go on and say that?

- Why you (bleep) talkin'?

Stay out of it!

- [Sammi] Why would you say that then?

- Have her ask first. - Don't look at me, Nicole.

- Let her ask first! - He (bleep) said it!

- No phone call was every made!

I was foolin' around

to test Ronnie. - He said he did it!

- But guess what, you told everybody first

and it backfired on you.

(light music)

- Mike is trying to prove that me and Deena are rats.

Like what do you mean rats?

Like what's coming out of your mouth right now

is straight bull(bleep).

- I didn't do nothing!


All I did was tell three people a little lie

because I wanted to see who would rat who out

and guess what happened.

Sam's the one who ratted herself out.

She immediately ran in the room and ratted.

- I didn't do anything, Snooki.

- Go away!

Leave me alone.

- I didn't do anything to you, OK?

- Get the (bleep) away from me!

Go somewhere, just go!

Get away from me!

(bleep) smile on your face like a (bleep) bitch.

- Smile on my face?

How bout a make up phone call

right now? - Get away from me!

- How bout I make the real phone call?

- Get away from me!

- How bout I make the real one?

- Get away!

(somber music)


- Pauly, do you wanna cuddle?

You're such a bad time.

(mysterious music)


- [Snooki] I'll squeeze in with Vin and you come with Pauly.

- Vin, can I squeeze in with you for two seconds?

Are you being a poop?


- I can't believe it.

I'm laying in bed.

Snooki comes in.

I'm single, so what am I gonna do?

(bleep) throw her outta the room?


- Mm-hm.

- [Snookie] (bleep) happens.

(mysterious music)

- Deena wants to sleep in my bed tonight.

I'm not trying to smush Deena.

Not gonna happen, go to your bed.

- I tried to tonight.

I really did, but he snuggled with me for about like

five, 10 minutes, so I guess that's something.

(soft music)

I can feel it

I know it's coming on

I feel it in-- ♪

(upbeat rock music)



- I just wanted to call you 'cause you're on my mind 24/7.

- Ugh babe, come on.

Me and Vinny, I feel tried to have sex

but it just didn't work but I don't remember.

- He (bleep) me and that's it.

- I (bleep) up!

I (bleep) up.

- Oh, you're such a (bleep) lie.

You're all I think about.

I'm a (bleep) idiot, I'm so (bleep) stupid

for doing that to you.

I get I (bleep) up.

I'm sorry!

Babe, I'm sorry!

- Yes, I wouldn't be talking to you right now!

Are you kidding?

- Thank you.

- I won't (bleep) you over, I promise.

- OK, bye.

(squeals) Sorry, I'm so happy

that me and Jionni are together.

- You OK?

- And I'm so happy that he's giving me a second chance.

Like, I love him.

I'm in love, like what the (bleep).

I'm in love.

(upbeat music)

- Hey!

Oh, I missed you so much.

- Can we talk about the other night

so I know what to tell Jionni?

- What do you mean what happened?

I asked you if you were drunk.

You said no.

- I wanna know what happened with me and Vinny

'cause I don't exactly know, like did we have sex and stuff?

Like I have no idea.

- You can't remember what you did?

That's how drunk you were?

I don't believe you.

- I remember certain things that I don't wanna say.

Did we (bleep) smush?

Don't say (bleep).

I just wanna know what to tell him.

- You wanna know every little detail?

- [Snooki] Mm-hm.

- Alright, let's go outside.

It was like a glitch in the matrix.

Like everything is happening the way it's supposed to be,

then all of a sudden, glitch in the matrix,

boom, banged Snooki and then everything just continued

he way it was happening before.

So you were in my bed.

You climbed up in my bed and then,

whatever, we were just cuddling and then like,

you started like kissing my neck a little bit and then,

you just kept saying like, "(bleep) me."

(laughing) - Stop.

- You were like,

"(bleep) me, I'm horny." - Stop it!

Vinny, you don't have to say that!

Oh God, why would you say that?

Oh my God.

- Whatever.

- I thought we were just like cuddling and--

- My (bleep) was cuddling with your (bleep), but--

- I have to tell him.

- Tell him, don't lie.

- I really honestly thought we didn't have sex.

Like, I blacked out a little bit.

What are you gonna do?

Freaking out.

Just go somewhere.

I told Jionni that we just (bleep) popped.

Now I have to call him back and say,

"Welp, if you're sittin' down,

"we actually really had sex."

Ugh, dear (bleep) balls.


- [Jionni] Hello?

- You're gonna hate me.

- [Jionni] Why?

- Remember when I told you what happened with Vinny?

- [Jionni] Yeah.

- Something more happened.

- [Jionni] What?

- I don't even wanna say it.

- [Jionni] What?

- We had sex.

(ominous music)

- Scumbag!

You scumbag!

I will (bleep) you up.

I don't even (bleep) care. - Calm down.

- Angry Deena comes storming through the house.

I'm just like, "What the hell happened?"

- This bartender threw ice cubes at us.

- [Jenni] A bartender threw ice?

- He was throwing everything at us.

- Threw ice at us, a drink. - You don't get it.

- Everything.

- Bartender?

- Yes! - And we didn't do anything!

- And me and D were like, "Bye!"

- And I was like, "(bleep) you, you (bleeping)."

- The meatballs are drunk and I feel like I'm in a

Snoopy episode 'cause all you hear is (blabbering).

I'm just like F that now.

- If you saw that, Jenni,

you would throw blows.

Sammie would throw blows. - You would've thrown

so many blows.

- It was horrible.

- You just need to, yeah, you're just so worked up

right now, you're just worked up, you just gotta--

- This is why I am the way I am

'cause you know it, Jenni.

When you get (bleep) souped up and you wanna

(bleep) knock someone out, tell me how you feel.

- Nicole and Deena are so insane right now.

- I will (bleep) knock someone out.

- I don't want nothing to do with them.

Oddly enough, I would rather hang out with Sam.

Go figure.

Negative energy.

Negative, negative, negative. - I just think they're all,

they been drinkin' all day.

They're hyped.

- I can't take it on a daily basis.

- I can (bleep) knock someone out.

You know I'm small.

- I get it, relax!

- [Deena] I know, I just have to breathe.

- Just breathe.

- [Deena] I have to breathe.

- Breathe! - That's it.

- Meatball problems.

Dude, let's go inside.

You ready for a hot tub?

Being kicked outta the club, meatball problems!


- Should we go in?

- I'm going in with clothes on because I'm fat.

- I have to pee.

- [Snooki] You can pee in the hot tub.

Ow, it's like burning my skin!

I can't even get in.

Burning your cooka in the jacuzzi, meatball problems!

This is the worst pain in the world.

I'll get used to it though.

Oh I kinda like it, oh wait.

- Meatballs are burnin' up in this thing.

(water splashing)

(upbeat music)

- I don't even know what time it is.

I feel like it's early because the sun's up.

- [Deena] That's awesome.

- Can you go out again?

- Are you kidding? - Dude, we can kill it

right now.

- I'll (bleep) go out.

(upbeat music)


- Of course.

Everyone's gonna see me and I look like a

two cent hooker.

- You look like a hooker, so do I.

Where the (bleep) are we even going?

- I don't know.


We can just walk around.

(speaking foreign)

- We're Jersey.

You wish you looked like this at 7:30 in the morning.

(horn honking)

- [Snooki] We're so out of our element, it's sick.

(horns honking)

We're not hookers, we're just from Jersey.

At this point, we're tan girl wasted

and we wanna be meatball wasted.

You're gonna crash in a little bit but alcohol cures it.

It's like Memorial Day weekend.

Even though we're (bleep) tired,

we haven't slept, we're gonna be fine.

Meatball power, that's it. - Meatball power.

Just think of it.

- [Snooki] Dude, we're living our frickin' lives.

- I'm dying.

- [Snooki] Stand up.

- [Deena] I'm drunk.

- No, I know.

- Can I just sleep for two seconds?

Then we'll go play?

- I'm gonna take a nap.

(playful music)

The Description of Best of Jersey Shore Season 4 (Supercut) | MTV