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Hi my name is Peter with Expert Village and today I am going to talk to you about cross

country running. So in this section what we are going to talk about is push ups. And what

I want to talk about is strengthening your upper body. Your chest muscles, your shoulders,

your biceps, your triceps and your forearms. And the reason why that is important is because

the tighter that your body is, the more it is just going to be easier when you run. Nothing

is going to be loose, you are going to prevent yourself from hurting your back or hurting

your arms or anything like that. So a good example is going to be push ups. You know

as a team you just want to do them together, and you guys, there are all types of push

ups that you can do. So a correct push up for those of you guys who do not realize,

let me get here to my side real quick. Alright, now a lot of times we have been taught to

go down like this. You want to make sure that your butt is up and your back is straight.

So, your butt is up, your arms are about a shoulder length apart. You come down, you

do not touch the ground, you just stay down there like that. And then you come up. And

on your way up you can breathe out, do a quick exhale, and on the way down you can breathe

in. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. And you can anywhere from ten to

fifteen of those, and then you guys can do about two to three sets. And that is really

going to give you a good arm workout. You can also do some diamond push ups for the

more advanced people so they can still get a good workout. And remember, you do not want

your butt down, you want it up, and as long as you have it up your back is going to be

straight and your are completely one perpendicular line and you just come down to the chest,

you breathe out and you push up.

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