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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ethan and Helena Describe Their Parents to Koji the Illustrator | Kids Describe | HiHo Kids

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- Are you a parent?

- No. No.

- Are you sure?

- I mean, I'm pretty sure.

(children laughing)

(bouncy music)

- Hi, Koji.

- Hey guys.

- What are we gonna draw today?

- You don't wanna ask how I'm doing?

- Eat this stuff.

- Doctor Underpants.

- Probably not, probably not.

Who brought you here?

- My mom and dad.

- Your mom and dad did?

- Ah, ah, ah, I know it, I know it.

I know it, I know it, I know it.

- Let's hear it.

- A cactus.

- No, we're going to draw your parents.

(kids screaming)

So do you want to start with Mom or Dad?

- Mom.

- Mom.

- Mom has big eyes.

- Big eyes?

- Like our eyes.

- Same size, but bigger.

- Okay, that's a good place to start.

What about her nose?

- Pointy.

- A oval.

- Those are like the opposites.

Which one is it?

- Rock, paper, winner, loser.

Rock beats scissors.

- Okay, it's round.

- Make her sticking her tongue out.

- Sticking her tongue out?

- Yeah.

- She has curly hair.

- And she wears it down?

- Yeah, it looks like that.

- [Koji] Like that?

- [Girl] Yeah.

- [Koji] Oh, I nailed it.

- She sometimes wears a...

- Oh, like a cross?

- [Boy And Girl] Yeah.

- Oh, okay.

Is your mom religious?

- What's that?

- Does she believe in God?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, of course everyone believes in God.

- That's not an of course.

Not everybody does.

- Yeah.

- Okay, what would we draw her doing?

What's something she likes to do?

- Going in stores.

- Going in the store buying laptops.

- Buying laptop stuff?

- Buying toys.

- Buying toys?

(boy laughs)

For you guys.

You'd like that, right?

- Yeah.

- Okay, so she's buying a laptop with this hand.

Then in this hand, she's buying what?

- A basket of LOLs.

They have the big circle.

- So it's like a big plastic ball basically?

- Yeah.

- [Koji] Okay.

What do you do with it?

You bounce it?

- No, there's toys inside.

- Oh, okay.

Like that.

- [Girl] Yeah.

- Oh, does she have any tattoos or anything?

- No.

- Oh, yes she does.

Yes, she does on her arm.

- On where?

- On this arm.

Two angel wings.

- [Koji] Have you ever asked her what that means?

- She has our names on it.

- Oh, your names?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Oh, that's pretty special.

Okay, so there's your mom.

Who are we gonna draw next?

- Dad.

- Daddy.

- He has white eyebrows.

- Are they thick and bushy or are they...

- Bushy.

- [Koji] All right, so let's make some...

- [Boy] He looks like an old man.

- Well, does he or does he look younger?

- Yeah, he's old.

He's an old man.

(Koji laughs)

- He's an old man.

- Yeah, he's old.

- Okay.

- He has hair, but not a lot.

Pulled back.

- [Koji] Oh, okay, so like this?

- [Boy] Yeah.

- [Girl] Yeah.

- Okay. Does he have a lot of wrinkles on his face?

- Yeah.

- Twelve dozens.

- Does he have a belly at all?

- Yeah.

- Of course.

- Of course?

- How would people eat without no belly?

- No, I know, but I mean a big belly.

- No!

- No?

(boy laughs)

What kind of clothes does he wear?

- Overalls.

- Overalls? Really?

- Overalls to go to work.

- What does he do for work?

- In the poles in Seattle.

- He does what?

- He fixes poles, city light for...

- Oh, he's an electrician?

- Yeah, he'll fix the poles.

- Yeah.

- Do you know those sweaters that glow

in the dark that way you won't get hit?

- When you wear it and you walk around,

it's like "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh".

Like one of those?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- All right.

Do you guys appreciate your parents?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Do you guys ever let them know that?

- [Boy] No.

- [Girl] Yeah.

- I say, I preaish you!

- [Koji] Do you think that your mom and dad

will be happy with this drawing?

- [Girl] Yeah.

- Do you think it looks like them?

- Yeah.

- All right. We're about to find out.

- Mom and Dad!

- He's actually kind of wearing that right now.

(girl laughs)

- Going on here.

- Here it is.

(Koji laughs)

- This is Daddy coming up a city pole.


- Daddy's got a little bit of hair, huh?


- Do you like it and does it look like you?


- Yes.


- I like it.

- I appreciate you.

- I appreciate...

- Oh, and this is you.

- You're welcome.

- Bye, guys!

- Bye!

- This is my family.

(bouncy music)

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