Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kate & Rana 17 11 17 Part 4

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Italian leather

Now he looks like a proper bridegroom and I look like a total idiot.

Oh the martyr.

Once again Imran saves the day. Someone had to.

Alright I've sent four texts, somethings not right.

Maybe she's planning a big entrance.

She'll be here.

I know my sister. She's never been good at time keeping.

Somethings wrong I can feel it. Oh come on calm down.

What if she's been in an accident? Don't be daft.

What kind of an accident? I don't know a car crash. Anything could have happened.

If I lose her I don't know what I'd do.

Look at me. You're overreacting. Everything's going to be fine.

You don't know that, stuff happens.

I'm so sorry!

Can you believe the taxi got lost? Took a wrong turn

Had no idea where we were.


Give me name. I'll sue.

Emotional trauma, that's some big compensation.

You ready?

I'm ready.

I wish Yasmeen was my Gran. Could eat her food all day.

I'm glad we only had soup for lunch, this is delicious.

That's where Zeedan gets his skills from. Passed down the genetic line.

Feeling better now?

Just had this daft panic

You have a beautiful wife.

Yeah but that's the thing when you've got something so special

You can't help fearing what it would be like to lose it.

Stop it. This is the celebration. Forget about the past

Celebrate the now.

Thanks for doing all this

It's my absolute pleasure.

Bib shorts!

These like skin tight shorts that are padded

and they protect the family jewels while you're on a bike.

Sounds like something for toddlers. What this is Robert?

Bib shorts are a rather marvellous invention, I mean

not all bicyclists can get away with the look.

I wear mine under my trousers. Very wise!

I'll get it.

So you're a lawyer? A solicitor.

Criminal law. So if you're ever in any trouble?

Give me a call. She's always in trouble.

Actually I work for a lawyer, Adam. He's really good.

Not as good as me.

You know I think you should meet Adam. You'd get on.

I thought you were ill? I was but I'm feeling much better now.

I thought you that were sleeping off that kebab

I was but I couldn't let my best mates get married without wishing them well.

So everyone toast!

To Rana and Zeedan.

May you both be happy forever and ever.

Hang on, hang on. I've not got a drink.

Seems like you might have already had one. Maybe more than one.

How about a nice cup of strong black coffee?

There's always one at every wedding. Yeah, it's usually me.

Is she okay? Yeah she had a bug

but a few glasses of wine as well.

Maybe she took some medication that reacted badly to the wine.

Maybe you should go see if she's okay?

Yeah okay- Rana your Dad's on the phone.

Hi Dad. Where are you?


Very happy.

Did you take anything?

So you're just drunk.

And you're married.

Did you get my message?


I got it

and deleted it.

So you didn't listen to it then?

You made your feelings pretty clear.

What was it? Tell me now.

Doesn't matter.

Everyone was staring at you in there. Sorry.

Please don't make a scene. My family are here.


Make a scene..oh no.

I'll sneak away

no one would ever know I was here.

Is everything okay?

Everything's peachy.

I'm drunk and she's married.

But in the morning

I'll be sober

and you'll still be married

I'm sorry

Don't listen to me

I'm sorry

Tell Zeedan I'm sorry too

I know I'm an embarrassment

Are you sure she's okay?

Yeah, she's just a bit drunk.

Are you alright?

Don't let her ruin your big day.

Hey we're like sisters now.

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