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- Hi guys, it's Audrey.

And today I'm going to be spending 24 hours in a hotel room.

So if you guys didn't know

we have been traveling a bunch this summer.

Currently we are in New York,

so this is our New York hotel room.

I'll give you a little tour, or if you like to say tour.

I don't know I think a lot of people say tour but I say tour

So here we have the closet, really interesting.

Okay first stop bathroom cause bathrooms are always fun.

Alright so this bathroom is not too giant,

whoa I love the lighting.

But it is pretty nice we have our nice mirror,

nice sink, nice toilet, nice shower tub.

And that is the bathroom, dance party in the bathroom.


And then out here is everything else, so.

Nice mirror shot, OOTD.


All the beauty girls be like.

So I have my "A" shirt which is really for Abercrombie&Fitch

but we'll just pretend it's for Audrey.

And I have my jeans

and my strappy sandals that are my favorite.

Alright moving on.

So here are the beds,

this is where I'm gonna be sleeping tonight.

Mom's gonna be sleeping there.

Jordan was sleeping there but Jordan left us for church camp

so now I get to sleep all by myself in a room with my mama.

- I'm choosing in here

because it's warmer than the other one.

- The reason why it's warmer in here is

because Jordan and I are smart and we turned off

the air conditioning while the rest of our family doesn't

know how to turn off the air conditioning, apparently.

- [Mom] Well they do but they like it really cold.

- Well we don't like it cold.

So over here we have our coffee machine which we never use,

but we have this sweet mini fridge.


With nothing inside, everyone loves a good mini fridge.

- [Mom] There's no water?

- No, no water.

And we have the TV fun fact,

did you know the TV remote is the grossest part of a

hotel room because the people never clean it.

Now you kids aren't ever gonna be touching the TV remotes.

You're welcome.

Over here is the editing station,

where all the business happens.

Currently a youtube video is being uploaded for my channel.

It's approximately 39 seconds remaining which is a lie

because it's actually probably another 5 minutes remaining.

And then mom what are you doing?

- I'm working on something else and videos too.

- [Audrey] Good job, such a hard working mom.

- I'll be here for the next 24 hours.


- She will be sitting at the desk,

cause literally it does take a long time to get things ready

And then over here we have our nice orange couch,

because you always need a pop of color in the room.

But while I was sitting in this couch

I noticed something really disgusting.

That makes me not want to sit in the couch anymore.

There's a good grease stain on the arm rest.


So I'm not gonna be sitting there anymore.

But anyways, here is our view from our window.

We get a nice birch tree view.

I think that's birch, Minecraft taught me well.

Alright I guess the boys are gonna go in the hot tub,

but since I'm spending 24 hours

in the hotel room I can't join them.



Do you guys wanna see the boys' room?

- [Mom] They're connecting.

(sings) - They're connected.

Okay guys I'm comin' in.

Alright this is the boys' room.

So the boys are sharing a bed, there's dads bed.

I guess they're watching TV right now.

And yeah it looks identical to the last one

except that their chair doesn't have a grease stain.


- [Dad] Your chair has a grease stain?

- Our chair has a grease stain.

- [Dad] Ew.

- I know.

Okay so right now it is currently after lunch.

We grabbed some McDonalds,

mom do you want to be representing the McDonald's cup?

- McDonalds.

- Proof, proof we had McDonalds.

- I actually had breakfast for lunch.

- Yeah cause we've been waking up late.

- [Mom] It's what I wanted.

- Because we are in New York and we live in Utah.

And Utah is two hours behind and so we're just off time

and we've been in Europe for like three weeks.

And we're just really messed up right now,

cause Europe is like seven hours ahead.

- Yeah our travel schedule's crazy.

- This summer has been really crazy,

if you wanna check out those vlogs go on our vlogs,

to see those adventures.

Okay but now we have to figure out what to do after lunch.

Cause we just dropped Jordan off at church camp, so.

Any suggestions?

(inhales sharply)

I know what I get to do that I never get to do.

- [Mom] Dance party.

- No I always have a dance party.

- [Mom] Jump on the bed.

- Yes.

- [Mom] Jump on your bed though.

- I'm jumping on my moms bed.

- [Mom] No.

- Yeah.

- [Mom] Wait there's cookies on there.

Hey! You just throw cookies?


- Oh I can touch the ceiling, oh it's poky.


- [Mom] Audrey don't jump on the bed.

- What if I break the bed, that'd be so..

- [Mom] What if you break your chin?

I got hurt jumping on the bed.

- Mom had to get stitches cause she jumped on the bed

and she cracked open her chin.

That was fun.

- [Mom] And my lips, my lips were mangled.


- No one wants to know that.

- That's why I have stitches above my mouth is

because I jumped off the bed as a kid.

- I also have stitches on my chin

but that was not from jumping on the bed.

It was because when I was little,

you might have heard this story already

I don't even remember.

But I decided to go running to a playground

because I was so excited to go running, to a playground.


And my mom's like, "Don't run, there's a mat underneath

you you're going to slip and fall."

But who listens to their parents?

So I ran, and I wasn't thinking and I slipped on the mat

like they said and I fell

and cracked my chin open on the hard cement.

And I had to go to the hospital

instead of playing on the slide.

Yep, so I'll always have stitches right here.

You can't really see them,

but you can feel them if you touch it you could feel it.


Anyways now I'm out of breathe from jumping on the bed.

I'm really out of shape.

Let's go find a game and play it with the fam.

Okay so the game we're gonna be playing with my bro's,

is called Conundrums.

It's an app on the phone,

so first person to get to three wins.

So you want to pick the answer

that you think most people would pick.

- I wanna go first.

- Alright, let's answer.

Okay Ty would you rather,

be middle class and help others, or be rich and selfish?

- Middle class and help others.

- You would rather, okay let's see what people say.

Most people agree, good job so Ty you got a point.

That was an easy answer.

Okay next one, um I'll do this one.

Would you rather play an extremely small role as an extra

in a very famous movie,

or star in an extremely terrible movie

no one has ever heard of?

Ew, I'd say most people would pick a small role

in a big movie so that's what I'm gonna pick.

Let's see, yeah 90 percent.

Okay I got a point.

Jake it's your turn.

- Okay.

Have your mom look at your search history,

or have all of your last years texts sent to your gf/bf.

- [Audrey] So would you rather have your mom

look at your search history on your computer or your phone,

or have all the texts that you

sent to your girlfriend or boyfriend?

- Well I would do both because I don't have a girlfriend.

Um I guess this one then.

- [ Audrey] Wrong, you don't get a point.

Okay Ty, your turn.

Would you rather have eight kids or eight pets?

- Oh that's easy.

- Hm, eight pets.

- You're right, Ty has two points.

Oh my gosh you're gonna win.

- [Jake] I was going to do the kids.

- Okay would you rather don't think

and be happy 100 percent of the time,

or think a lot and be happy 50 percent of the time?

- [Jake] Think a lot.

- That's what I'm gonna put, think a lot.

- Happy, think a lot, happy.

- Yay I got two points.

Come on Jake, you gotta get your point.

- Kay would you rather

watch Barney for the rest of your life,


or watch Sesame Street?

- [Audrey] Sesame Street.

- Sesame Street.



- [Audrey] Yeah you got a point.

- Kay Ty if you get this, you win.

- Would you rather have an ant problem you can't get rid of,

or have a human sized spider for a roommate?

(inhales sharply)

- I would have that one.

- An ant problem?

(inhales sharply)

Yay okay Ty got to three points,

let's see if I can get to three points.

Would you rather know why

the bird is Coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs,

or know why Trix aren't for kids?

Probably Trix because I eat more Trix than Cocoa Puffs.

Yeah, okay I got three points too.

- Would you rather be rich in medieval times,

or be poor in modern time?

- So you'd rather be poor in modern times?

- I got it.

- [Audrey] No you didn't.

- [Jake] It was at 22 percent I guess so.

- So Jake got one point total me and Ty got three,

High five bro.

Jake you're just extraordinary you just

don't match up with the everyone says.


That was so fun, let's order some pizza for dinner, yeah.

(excited shouts)

Okay you guys so Jake and Ty and I

played a few more round of that game and also heads up.

Now they're in the pool and as soon as they get back

we're gonna order pizza for dinner.

Because that's gonna take a while,

but in the meantime I'm being productive

and getting some editing done.

So I'm editing one of my vlogs right now,

check it out on vlogs.

Mom is editing a video too,

she's playing peek-a-boo with me keeping me entertained.

And then we have a computer running over here

that is uploading a video.

So we're getting a lot of stuff done.

It's pretty productive

and a creepy thing just happened to me.

So I was sitting here editing like a normal person

and the phone rings twice.

And the first time it rang I was like, "Ugh do I have

to really answer the phone?"

And the second time it rang I was like, "Fine I'll answer

cause no ones gonna answer it."

So I walk over here,

pick up the phone and this is what happens.

(dial tone)

There's no one on the other side.

It was the creepiest thing ever

and it just rang like I didn't let it sit for that long.

And I picked it up no one was on the other side.

I was like, "Hello, hello?"

And oh my gosh, so creepy.

And this room keeps making noises,

I'm pretty sure we're in a haunted room.

Okay you guys, update time.

And you're gonna think I'm lying,

but I'm not lying this is 100 percent real.

Sitting here and you know how I said earlier

that we kept hearing noises?

Well I was just sitting here and I heard a noise

of keys dropping back by my bed.

And I was like, "Mom did you hear that?"

And she just stares at me like...

- [Mom] It was freaky.

- And then I look over and there's a hole in my wall

that was not there before, oh my gosh.


What happened?

I don't wanna touch it.

Why does the noise have to be coming from my bed?

What if it's a mouse?

Oh no.

I hope I can finish this vlog and be not possessed.


But I will keep you guys updated for anymore creepy noises,

I am not making this up.

This is 100 percent real and this is not a skit.

Update to the vlog once again so,

we were just editing once more continuing on.

And we heard a loud noise like our door open and close

because our rooms are connected,

and we thought everyone returned from swimming.

So my mom was like,

"Oh go ask the boys to see if they're ordering pizza now."

So I walk into the other room and,

no one is here.

No one's in the bathroom, we checked all the rooms.

And my mom swears that someone walked in this room.

- [Mom] Someone did.

- No one's here.

Okay guys this is getting like serious.

Now we're like really freaked out, what is going on?

- [Mom] I am freaked out.

- Ah, I don't like this.

Okay you guys to prove that

we don't think it's a different hotel room,

cause I was like well maybe it could be like

the hotel room across from us.

- [Mom] It's not.

- There's no hotel rooms across from our hotel room.

- [Mom] There's none over here.

- Here's ours we are in the corner room.

- [Mom] The two, we have two rooms.

- There's no other rooms by us.

- [Mom] This is just an empty hallway, nothing there.

- [Audrey] Yeah.

- In there is just an elevator but it came from that room,

which is our room the boys are sleeping there.

It can't, there's nobody across,

it can't be somebody in that other hall.

- There's no one here.

- [Mom] Someone walked in that room, and disappeared.

- There's no one here.

Mom actually likes scary things,

she wants our next hotel place to be haunted

but this is actually a little bit too much.

- [Mom] This is creepy cause this is like very real.


- I don't like this.

- I seriously was a little nervous that there might be

really a person hiding under the bed or in the drapes.

So I started feeling all the drapes,

and looking under the beds

cause I heard the door open and close and nobody's there.

- And if you guys follow me on twitter @allaroundaudrey

you would have already heard this

before this videos going up cause I made a whole twitter,

like thread on it, oh my gosh.

This is real, ugh.

I don't know if I'm just on edge,

but I'm hearing things a lot now

like I heard a high pitch ringing over here.

And I heard like knocking and like walking on our ceiling.

But I think we're the, I think we're the highest level.

I think there's only two levels,

but we're gonna go check it out.

- [Mom] We're going upstairs to investigate.

- Oh my gosh I have no shoes on.

- [Mom] Me too.

- Great, okay let's see if there's a level.

Uh what if this is a haunted elevator?

- [Mom] It shows an up.

- It shows an up but is there an up?

- [Mom] I don't know wait, there's people.

- There's people in there.


Okay you guys so the people that came out of the elevator

they're the ones with the crying babies.

The boys are back.

They're the ones with the crying babies

and they're the ones that are closest,

they're the ones that are closest to our hotel room.

But it's still down the hallways so it wasn't them,

cause they were gone the whole time

that all these things have happened.

Dad someone walked in your room, and no one was there.

- [Mom] I had these doors closed.

- We gotta go check the elevator.

- [Mom] The door open and closed, and I said,

I am not making this up.

- This is, this is not a skit.

- [Mom] And I said, "Audrey go see if.." I'm like

"I'm getting hungry, go tell the boys that, to order pizza"

- That's why we came up cause we're hungry.

- And she's like, "Well are they back?"

I'm like, "Yeah didn't you just hear the door?

They opened, they came in."

We went and looked and nobody's there.

I checked under the bed.

- And we're like, "Oh maybe it's the neighbors."

The neighbors are a while down,

and they're the ones with the crying babies.

But they just came out of the elevator.

- [Mom] They just barely came we just watched them.

- They weren't there.

- Alright I'm getting dressed and getting out of here.


- We're gonna leave, where we gonna go.

- [Mom] There's a level above this.

(inhales sharply)

The lights flickering.


- [Audrey] No, I didn't catch it on camera, no.

- I caught it in my eyes.


- Somethings happening with this room.

- [Audrey] Why are we haunted?

Why would there be ghosts haunting us, I don't understand.

- [Mom] We were gonna go upstairs and see.

This is for real.

- Ah.

- [Mom] We're not making this up.

- [Dad] Let's see what the message is.

- [Mom] I've been trying to edit

and I can't get anything done.

I'm so freaked out.

- Okay let's go check the elevator.

- I'm in my jammies.


- Don't leave me out here alone.

You ditched me, you little booger.

Mom got scared cause the people came out of their hotel room

and moms in her jammies.

This whole vlog is not 24 hours anymore,

it's just my haunted vlog.

Okay let's go check the elevators for real now.


Kay we're in the elevator.

Oh phew, there's four levels, we're good.

We're good, okay exit the elevator.

Okay so phew, there's four levels that means that,

there are people above us.

There's four levels, we're good.

- [Mom] Above?

- [Audrey] Yes.

- Okay but the lights have been flickering.

- [Audrey] Great.

- Which is weird because we stayed here last night,

and they didn't flicker once.

And now today just all of a sudden while we were alone,

things started happening.

This is freaky.

- Why, why?

At least we're leaving here tomorrow.

- [Mom] And going to a really old house.

- That may also be haunted.

- The light turned out by itself.


- [Boys] Turn it on, turn it on.

- [Audrey] It's still on though.

- [Mom] It is on.

- [Audrey] Look, where's the light switch?

It says it's on, here I'll turn it off.

Nothing changed, okay.

Now I'm gonna flip it back on.



That was on a few seconds ago,

then it started flickering really fast, and now it's out.

- [Mom] Yep that's gone.

- This is 100 percent real,

some of you are gonna think this is fake.

This is not fake.

I am not kidding you right now,

I would not, I would not joke around like this.

Okay you guys like I was saying earlier,

we stayed in this hotel room yesterday

and nothing weird happened at all.

But today we went touring around New York,

and we went to this really super old grave site.

Where everything was run down, like there were like

a lot of the grave stones you couldn't see

because it's been like so, they're so old.

Like since the 1800's.

You can't even read the tombstones,

that's like how worn out they are.

And what I'm thinking is like, why would someone haunt us?

- And some were buried.

- But it could have been

because we accidentally stepped on someones grave site,

or disturbed them and they didn't like that.

And that's why they followed us to this hotel room.

- Oh no.


- Let's just hope that they stay here

and they don't follow us like wherever we go.

Because haven't you like seen all those TV shows,

where they like follow the people.

Instead of like becoming attached to like a specific object

they actually become obsessed with like you.

- [Mom] None of this happened before that.

- None of this did.

- [Mom] We came back and it started happening,

especially when we were alone just us.

But still things are happening,

even though the boys came back.

It's a little freaky,

but nothing happened before we went to the cemetery.

- Nothing did, oh my gosh.

- And we were very respectful.

- And that's the only explanation,

yeah we were very respectful.

We don't try to goof around.

We didn't, we hardly talked but.

This is so crazy nothing has ever happened like this before.

- [Mom] Never.

- This video is..

- [Mom] Actually one time for me, yes.


- Oh well okay mom's the source of this.

Actually one time for me too but it wasn't like this much.

- [Mom] Yeah, I'll tell that story in another storytime,

do you wanna hear it?

- Me too, if you wanna hear some ghost storytimes,

comment down below.

But the light to our other room is currently out,

so that room is darker now.

What a great coincidence.

- I'm gonna sleep in that room,

actually I'm gonna sleep on one of these beds.

- No you're going in their room.

- Jordan's gone so.

- That's where I am.

- Me and mom have this room you guys get the haunted room.

- [Mom] We're doing girls room, boy room.

- They're both haunted.

Okay you guys, there's more to this story.

So we are sitting here just talking to each other,

all the boys were in here

except dad was in the connecting room showering.

And we hear a noise like bubble gum popping.

- It sounded like dad blew a bubble

and popped it in his mouth.

All four of us heard it.

- We thought that dad was chewing bubble gum

but then Jake went in the other room.

- Because we said, "Oh he's done showering,

go ask dad" you know cause Jake didn't want

to go into the shower by himself.

So I said go have dad sit by ya.

- And Dad was still in the shower,

he doesn't even have bubble gum in his mouth.

So I don't know how we can explain that.

- And he was in the shower with the door closed

but we all heard it.

- A popping noise.

- [Mom] Like a bubble gum pop.

- And so

- [Dad] Didn't you say the light went out in the hallway?

- [Mom] It did.

[Dad] That's what you heard,

you heard the pop of the lightbulb go out.

- That was delayed, that was way delayed then.

- [Mom] Yeah we just heard it like, recently.

- And so now everyone's scared,

we're not leaving the room from each other.

We're all huddled and Jake needs to shower from swimming.

And he won't shower with the door closed cause he's scared.

Ty is hiding underneath the table.


Jordan if you see this video send help.


Your family is possessed.

- [Mom] No we're not possessed, the room is.

- We're gonna be possessed by the end of this.

We're gonna have to spend 24 hours

in this haunted hotel room.

- [Mom] We don't have to, I'll leave.


- Moms giving up.

(upbeat music)

And so the editing continues.

Okay you guys the boys are back,

and they brought us some yummy food, yum.

It is currently almost 11 o'clock PM.

- [Mom] That's how we roll.

- We just eat really late

but nothing crazy has happened since they've been gone.

Thank goodness, I hope that this stays that way

and we don't get anymore haunted things happening.

Cause that was like really freaky.

- [Mom] Alls normal here.

- Alls normal here in the hotel room.

But I am so excited to start eating this,

we are hungry and then I'll check up on you guys

before we go to bed.

Okay you guys so it is bed time.

I took a shower as you can tell.

I'm in my piggy pj's.

All ready for bed and my videos are on green.

It's approximately,

every time I say approximately I sound British.

Approximately one AM, so that's fun.

But everyone else is asleep so I've gotta be quiet.

And yeah I'm gonna get ready for bed.

And I'll see you guys in the morning, goodnight.

(light clicks off)

Hi guys, it is morning time now.

And my mom and I were rudely awakened

by the cleaning lady this morning.

I mean she was coming in here to do her job but,

she like kept knocking on the door and I'm like, "what?"

And then finally we're like, oh no it's the cleaning lady.

And she woke us up at nine and we went to bed at like one.

So we wanted to sleep in,

but right now I'm working on my makeup.

I have a little bit of it done

and I'm gonna do like a little,

speed racey thing for you guys.

But I do it in front of the mirror, on the floor.

It's a very comfortable position.

While I'm doing that I just like to watch some videos,

or listen to music but this is where I'm sitting right now.

And then after that we've got to pack up

so we can leave this place this haunted hotel room.

I don't want to stay here any longer.

And I hope that our next place isn't haunted.

You guys will know if you follow me on twitter


(energetic music)

Okay finishing up.

This is so hard to balance a camera and do all of this.

Oh my goodness, okay.

Lipstick, check.

Oh I think I just smeared that.

And then my favorite part, the spray.

Yay okay, make up complete.

Let's get dressed and then finish up our morning routine.

Alright you guys make up is done, outfit check.

I'm wearing my queen of pigs feet shirt.

And yep we are ready to go.

I just finished packing up but we still have

a lot of packing up to do as a family.

And the cleaning ladies came back and checked up on us,

but our check out time isn't until like noon so

they're just really eager to clean our room.


I know they're like, "Get out."

But we're just getting videos up for the day on our laptops.

That's where we spend the majority of our time,

when we're in hotel rooms is.

Like the behind the scenes of our videos.

And so yeah we're just chillin' out here

and then we're gonna go get some breakfast.

We may not make it for breakfast cause it's already like 10.

So we might just have lunch instead,

we've been on a super weird schedule.

We only eat like twice a day

because we wake up like kind of late-ish.

I mean like nine isn't too late, nine, ten.

But we stay up until like twelve and one every night.

So we always have like a brunch and then dinners at like 11.


So yeah and then we just snack throughout the day.

So that's our schedule.

Okay guys we checked out of our hotel room,

now we're gonna get some brunch at Denny's.


So 24 hours is officially up,

I am out of the hotel room.

That was scary and I was not expecting it to be haunted.

But nothing ever happened after dinner last night

so that was so weird and random.

- [Mom] Slept really good, nothing happened.

- We slept really good.

We got our meals, super yummy.

Okay the boys ordered Mac and Cheese with goldfish.

No, stop it, that's my food.

Anyways if you guys enjoyed this video,

give a big thumbs up.

That was so fun but also scary,

everyone's trying to steal my food, go away.

And also remember to subscribe turn from red to gray

and hit the bell icon to be notified

whenever I post a new video.

I'll see you guys next time, bye.

(upbeat music)

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