Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Athade Srimannarayana Trailer | Rakshit Shetty | Premieres February 26

Difficulty: 0

Hey! Who the hell let you all in??

Looking for me?

Cant you read the board?

Cops arent allowed here.

I know Ive got your attention

Now pay attention to what I say.

Let me tell you a tale

A hero has two fights on his path to victory

One on the battlefield.

One within himself

You can forgive a man who has lost his way.

But not the one who chooses the wrong path.

Until the lost loot is recovered,

Until the last of the bloodline of those robbers has been vanquished

I will not ascend this throne

This is the vow of Jayaram!!

Until then,

long live the name of King Ram Ram!!

Long live his name!!

Thus, begins the tale

While Ive been waiting at the station to register a complaint, you are happily downing drinks at the bar!


Threatening a police officer is an offence according to section 300 &

...Its a serious offence

I know!

But what can I do?

Apparently, someones promised Jayaram to find the missing loot

I am his old customer

Jayaram has the strength

He has the support of the Abhiras

Whats your height, sir?

About 7 feet??

Ah! This will be of use to us!

If we have to find the loot, we must dig here, isnt it Achyuthanna?

And if we havent found it despite digging this deep, it means that

a new player has entered the game

New players can register here.

If the game continues, a thousand moves lie ahead

Narayana unravels a new mystery. An excited twist to the game of the missing loot.

If the search continues, a thousand answers arise

But when the right answer come seeking you,

the only thing you need to ask..

is the right question

Who are you?

By the way,


If in future somebody chronicles your story, it shall have two parts

One: Before you met him

Two: After you met him

Who is he?

He is Sriman Narayana!!

Is that biriyani?

Thats what I ate. For you, its idlis.

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