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Are you feeling happy and relaxed or are you feeling blue?

Welcome to speak English Now podcast with your host Georgiana. The podcast that will help you

to speak English fluently with no grammar and no textbooks. Hi, everyone I'm

Georgiana founder of my mission is to help you

speak English fluently. In this episode I'll be talking about what happens just

after we end our holidays after that a cool mini story to practice your English

speaking okay let's get started let me start by telling you that I'm super

excited to be back again and connecting with you how are you doing are you

feeling happy and relaxed or are you feeling blue since we're already in

September I can officially say that the summer holidays are over

during summer I've been resting some mething and enjoying my free time I've

definitely recharge my batteries I particularly like to be near the beach

enjoy the Sun the sea breeze and of course eating delicious food I must say

that I've managed to disconnect from my routine completely how about you how did

you disconnect from your everyday worries talking about disconnecting and

talking about a break in September a fascinating phenomenon occurs I'm

talking about the post holiday blues also known as the post travel depression

by the way I'm sure that you already know that the word blue is the colour

it's actually the most part wheeler color in the world however the

reason why it's used in this phrase it's because blue has other meanings it's

also used to express feelings of sadness nostalgia or depression you've probably

listened to these two expressions feeling blue or getting the blues

examples it seems that you are feeling blue is there something wrong that you

would like to share with me Ann gets the blues every Christmas holidays

she lives away from home so she misses her family you might like to know that

the Blues is a music style characterized by the sometimes sad or down focus and

melancholy melodies the phrase Blue Monday means feeling sad often the

feelings experienced when the weekend is over let's get back to the post holiday

blues which is a mood experienced by many people after returning from a long

trip or holiday although we love an extended holiday we'll need to face the

downside which is that we'll have to suffer from the post holiday blues the

effects people usually experience are tiredness loss of appetite nostalgia and

even depression it can become really hard to get back again to reality

additionally if you've travelled to a country with a significant time shift

the effects are even more noticeable since in this case you'll need to

overcome the jetlag so if you've had a short vacation this year don't worry

just think that you'll get back to the routine again without having to go

through the post holiday blues drama okay so what can you do how can you

overcome the post holiday blues here are some tips arrive home at least one day

before the first day of work I know it can be tempting to extend the

trip as much as possible it's essential that you get some rest in your own bed

for at least one night you'll need to familiarize yourself with your

surroundings again unpack as soon as you arrive unpack yes I know tomorrow seems

like a better day for that but you're just fooling yourself seeing an unpacked

luggage is a reminder of your wonderful holiday and don't forget to do your

laundry to plan your next trip yeah I know it sounds crazy you just got back

from one but as some studies show planning a trip can lead to increased

feelings of happiness and I've tried this - just after coming back from my

summer holidays I've started planning my following holidays as I was looking for

new adventures I recovered my enthusiasm it really made it easier for me to move

on and start working again recreate your favorite holiday dish why not it's a way

of savoring a positive aspect of the holidays again perhaps it'll help you

feel less nostalgic stay at home and relax you'll probably feel anxious to

share your pictures and anecdotes with your dearest friends I suggest that you

take some time for yourself at least for some days and start exercising most of

us tend to move very little during our holidays so there's nothing better than

moving around and releasing some endorphins it will also help you sleep

better start walking for about one hour that's enough

well alright alright there's nothing better than to recover yourself by

practicing your speaking with a new speaking lesson today we're going to

meet Adam a New Yorker who visited Italy last year okay

let's move on to the next section here I will use the question and answer

technique this is the perfect lesson for ultimate izing your spoken English this

is how it works I'll give you some information a phrase or two

I will ask simple questions after each question there will be some seconds of

silence it's your turn to answer the question just try to give an easy and

short answer not a complex one after you answer I will give you a correct answer

this process will continue and little by little I'll be telling a story using

questions and answers okay let's start last year

Adam traveled to Italy with his girlfriend

did Adam travel to Spain no Adam didn't go to Spain he traveled to Italy did he

travel to Italy alone no he didn't he didn't travel alone to Italy he traveled

with his girlfriend not alone what's his girlfriend's name Nicole no Nana Cole

his golfer's name's Kim Nana Cole it's Kim who traveled to Italy

adam and kim adam and kim traveled to italy

when did they travel last month last year last year they traveled to Italy

last year in Italy each of them a two pounds of pasta every day

did Adam eat two pounds of pasta every day yes

Adam a two pounds of pasta every day like Kim did Kim also eat two pounds of

pasta every day in Italy yes Kim also a two pounds each of them a two

pounds of pasta every day did they eat every week no not every week every day

what type of food did they eat Chinese food

no not Chinese food they ate pasta how many pounds of pasta did they eat

two pounds they ate two pounds of pasta where did

they eat such a man of pasta

in Italy each of them aid such a man of pasta in Italy they didn't do any

exercise not even walking did they play tennis every day no no

they didn't play tennis every day did they play soccer the national sport

of Italy no neither they didn't do any exercise did they at least walk a bit

no they didn't walk they didn't do any exercise not even walking

so they ate pasta and they didn't exercise right yes

they weren't alla days and they just ate pasta all the time

they returned to their stressful life of New York just a few hours before the

first day of work did they return one week before the first day of work no

they didn't return one week before the first day of work they returned just a

few hours before the first day of work

did they return to the stressful life of New York yes they returned to the

stressful life of New York is the life of New York peaceful no no life in New

York isn't peaceful but stressful they return to that life in New York after

the holidays the two of them went through a post holiday blues for a long

time it lasted 11 months did the two of them have post vacation all pink no they

didn't have that that doesn't exist they had a post holiday blues

what did Adam and Kim have a post holiday blues they had a post holiday

blues that lasted 11 months did the post holiday blues last 10 months

no not 10 months it lasted 11 months until they're following holidays did the

two of them have a post holiday blues until they're following holidays yes the

post holiday blues was very long it lasted until the following holidays did

they feel happy or blue blue they didn't feel happy they felt blue they suffered

from a post holiday blues

did they get the blues after returning to New York yes they got the blues they

were sad after coming back from Italy

now they're planning on visiting Spain will they eat paella every day we don't

know because that's a different story

okay this is the end of this short lesson as you can see you're answering

easy questions all the time the questions are easy on purpose and this

technique helps you to develop your speaking skills it's like practicing

your speaking with another person this is one of the techniques that I use in

my courses I recommend you to take a look at courses dot speak English okay so this is the end of this episode remember to listen to it

several times it will help you with your English see you soon and have a

wonderful week Bye! Bye! Did you enjoy today's episode get the transcript now


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