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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BUY vs DIY - Recreating Stained Glass with RESIN?

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As makers, sometimes we see something that we wanna buy.

(whispering) It's so beautiful.

But then we think, we can make that.

Today, we're actually gonna follow through

and make the thing.

And then we're also going to buy the thing

so that we can compare them

and see if our efforts were worth it.

(intro music)

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So today, we're gonna try to recreate

this modern stained glass window hanging.

Unlike our last project in the series,

which was just an Amazon purchase.

A lamp.

This one is on Etsy, so it's a totally different ballgame,

this is a real person,

a crafts person, (laughs)

who knows what they're doing and I'm pretty,

are you laughing at the way I said crafts?

No I'm just laughing

cause like we were Etsy crafts people

and we didn't really know what we were doing

but this lady, I trust her.

I trust her. I trust her.

And with this Buy vs DIY,

I'm pretty confident that hers is gonna be awesome.

I mean, it's made out of glass,

the proper way, we're not gonna do it a proper way.


But, I think our motivation

to tackle this Buy vs DIY is,

we just really wanna try our hand at it

because we have a plan to do a stained glass esque project

without metal and without glass.

But with resin.

Because that's a material we have a lot of expertise in.

Oh geeze, I'm already so resiny.

Oh, oh, oh, it's going.

Just scooping out my failures like.



Gimme more resin.

So here's the plan.

Okay, so traditionally with stained glass,

the glass pieces are cut first,

you wrap the edges with copper tape

and then you solder them all together

and that forms it into a solid unit.

But, since we're using resin instead of glass,

we're not gonna have pre-done pieces to fit together.

I think it would melt anyway.

Yeah, I think it might, it wouldn't be good.

Yeah, so we need to form some sort of a container

to hold the resin and our first thought was aluminum

and braising them all together,

but you need to special order the aluminum

in the size that we want,

you have to get the angles precise,

and then you need to get a special torch

using special gas, MAPP gas, and oxygen

mix it together, with a fine-tip,

to braise those joints together and that's it!

So, we're just gonna do wood instead

and paint it silver. (laughing)

And to figure out the size of the wood we needed,

we actually took the photo from the listing

and popped it in Illustrator

to figure out about what thickness the frame was,

what the angles were,

and we got the smallest dowels we could

to try to match that.

Yeah, our only remaining concern

is the resin leaking out from the frame that we made,

so we have a few ideas on how to fix that,

which we're gonna test right now.

(instrumental music)

Before we make the final shape,

we went ahead and cut some test shapes

from the dowels we're gonna be using for the final build.

Which are right here.

We went ahead and put them together with super glue

because it's fast and easy

and that's what we hope will work for the final. (laughs)

And, we just painted the inside silver

because that's what we're gonna do with in the final one,

we wanna test and make sure

that silver paint doesn't interfere with the adhesion

or the curing or-- Or the resin.

Like leeching out into the resin itself.

Yeah, things can go wrong.

Like we mentioned before,

we're also worried that the resin is just gonna leak out,

so we're trying a few things

for the first time in this project.

Yeah, so to hopefully prevent

(slow motion voice) leakage

There's a couple things that we are doing.

One, is we're gonna try attaching these

to a polypropylene backing which is not supposed to stick

to resin, we've never tried it before--

Yeah if you guys have seen the past video

where we made the knives, for the base of this we used

parchment paper. Parchment paper.

And it didn't stick but it got really wrinkly.

A little bit of thickness variation on some of those,

which isn't 100% ideal.

Why are they so wobbly?

But hopefully this is nice and flat

and a nice surface finish so we can use this,

pop it off, and it's perfect.

And we'll seal around this outside edge

with hot glue just in case so the resin doesn't pour out,

but the other concern is that around these inner panels,

we can't seal with hot glue,

so we might have color seepage from one panel to the other,

so we're gonna try two different techniques,

that's why we have two of these little guys.

Hopefully we can just pour two different resins in and--

And they won't leak. They won't leak.

But as a backup, we're gonna go ahead

and pour a thin layer of clear resin on one,

let it cure, and it doesn't really matter

if the clear leaks from one to the other,

it's gonna go ahead and seal everything

and then we can pour the colors on top,

on top of the layer that is sealing everything.

Does that make sense?

(instrumental music)

My hands are already--

Yeah, you're already resined.

So the colors first.

EVAN: Yeah.

It's so tiny and cute and precise.



So far, I mean--

KATELYN: So far it doesn't seem to be leaking.

EVAN: No here, zoom in there,

zoom in there, I can see a tiny bit underneath it.

Do you see? KATELYN: Not really.

Could be a reflection,

but I think that if I add this in,

this will hold back but tied.

Okay, and then we'll do a clear test.

EVAN: We'll do like just enough.

Cause we don't want too much clear,

cause then it's not gonna be like as pigmented as we want.

Just grease it right on up.

Try not to get it on the frame.

That's one of the main things we wanna avoid.

Only did it three times.

We just gotta wait to see if this works.

Oh wait, then do color on top of this guy.

And then we'll show you guys if it all works.

Yeah, but I think while this sets up, we're gonna go ahead

and build the frame anyways. Make our frame, yeah.

And we honestly, that's looking pretty good,

I know it's only been like 10 seconds but--

I have high hopes.

I have high hopes.

(instrumental music)

KATELYN: So the most tedious part of this project

was probably calculating and transferring angles

to all these pieces of wood,

so thank you Evan for doing that while I edited.

EVAN: The most tedious part is editing,

so thank you for editing.


So now to super glue all these little pieces together.

I'm nervous.

I could hold this one, while you finalize that one.

My joint is good.

I just put my finger in super glue.

Joobie, what are you doing in here?

SUPURRVISOR: is my garage.

I let her in, that's my fault.

EVAN: Should we like blue tape it together

as like a tiny little clamp.

KATELYN: I think so.

Makes me feel better.

EVAN: Joint effort.

As we do our joints.


I think that seems like the right angle.

Yeah. The right angle.


This is very satisfying,

working with these tiny pieces of wood

in these precisely cut angles.

It is very satisfying.

(Evan singing) Wake me up before you go go.

I could maybe cook dinner after this.

I can cook while you're at it.

(whispering I'm pretty hungry.

I'm pretty hungry too.

Is it like 5:00?

It's like 4:30.

Hey no, 5:00.

Acceptable dinner time.


I mean, it's probably like already dry, but you know,

let it sit Just in case.

Then time to do resin?

No it's time to paint it.

Oh yeah, yeah well, I got excited for resin.

It looks cool with wood too honestly,

like if you were gonna go for that look,

this does look cool.

You think we should keep it wood

or should we paint it silver? No, no, no,

I think silver.

No, okay.

Buga, buga, buga.

Okay, let's pop this off and see if it doesn't fall apart.

Yay. Okay, yeah.

It feels relatively secure, I mean,

I think the real thing that's gonna hold it all together

is the resin.

Cause that's basically very strong glue.

It just needs to hold together long enough

(gasps) before we paint, we should sand it.


Oh, oh yeah.

That's a good idea.


So as much as I actually really like the look

of it being wood, like this is super nice,

we are going to paint it with some silver gilding paint

cause I feel like the purpose of this build

is to get it as close as we can with the tools and materials

we have to the purchase version

and the purchase version is metal.

But like a part of me thinks,

what if we did wood and just a galaxy,

like we took advantage of the resin that's in there

instead of doing the--


Instead of doing the solid colors,

what if we did like a crazy like geode wall hanging.

That's not gonna look like stained glass.

Yeah, but we should sand it.

Trying to increase the scope of this project. (laughs)

Okay so we just avoided a potential big mistake.

We decided not to paint it silver.

Yeah, we took a picture, we photoshopped it,

we'll put up a picture right now

and we were like wow, we actually really do like wood

a lot more than silver.

The wood is really nice

and I think it's cause it's silver painted wood,

even though from far away maybe it would look like metal,

I just feel like this is an opportunity for us

to take advantage of the fact that it is made of wood,

which does look cool.

And it's completely unique.

Yeah, I mean, it's not completely unique,

we're still like mimicking a design using--

But I've never seen a wood

Stained glass. stained glass before.

Yeah, yeah.


KATELYN: I think it'll be cool.

I think it'll be cool. Let's move forward.

Yeah, so let's look at the designs that we poured earlier

and see which method worked well.



I'm looking on the underside

and I'm already seeing a result and I'm trying not to react.

This is the underside,

and you can already tell the blue leaked everywhere,

the red leaked everywhere,

so I'm already leaning towards this one.

But, let's see what we can learn by popping these off.

Can you see from this side?

Any leakage?

EVAN: I can see some.

Oh yeah, yeah, there's definitely some blue sneaking in.

Okay, let's see if they stick.

Cause I think that answers our question

about whether or not we need to do the clear coat.

You want a spatula?

Yeah, that'd actually be really helpful.

Hot glue is really powerful.

I'm trying not to damage it.

We should've used like

the low temperature weak glue. You mean my glue gun?



This is supposed to be the easy part.


Oh! I hear it, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Pop off that pancake.

EVAN: Once you get one edge, the rest is pretty easy.

It does pop off pretty well.

So, we also want to see if the hot glue

can come off of the wood.

Wow, look at that surface finish.

Oh wow.

Oh that's very shiny and nice.

Yeah, that's great having such a smooth--

Oh no did you cut yourself?

There's no blood, so it's a minor injury,

no demonetization needed.

This hot glue may not come off the wood,

especially if it was that hard to get off the polypropylene

which is like a non-stick surface.

What if we just let the resin leak under?

Oh, and then we can like sand it off.

It's probably easier than sanding off glue.

You're right cause this glue is not really coming off.

Let's carefully.

Okay yeah, don't cut yourself for real.

So it's kind of like what's the lesser of two evils?

Having some wood residue left over,

or potentially having resin leak out?

You mean glue residue left over?

Yeah what'd I say?

EVAN: This is interesting, so it looks pretty good,

but feel it.

KATELYN: Oh it's lumpy.

All right so,

I'm gonna try sanding the hot glue off.

Just keep on thinking about that

and let's pop the other one off.

Yeah, so this is our technique two, our clear.

Good lord!


EVAN: The bottom looks a little bit, a lot better.

I can tell it didn't leak, yeah can you get a close up?

KATELYN: So it's confirmed, we'll do the clear first.

(instrumental music)

Okay, so Katelyn had a much better idea

for sealing around the edges.

Blue tape!

I think it's actually gonna be better than the hot glue

and definitely easier to remove.

EVAN: It's so much better!

So I mean,

we can't speak yet. Let's not congratulate

ourselves yet.

But, it's time to form the lower seal.

So the main thing I need to worry about

is not spilling this on the wood.

So one thing I realized as I was looking at this,

you know so much of this time so far

is just assembling this, cutting all of it,

but you know what would make that a lot easier?

A CNC or a laser cutter.

So easy!

It's because this is Buy vs DIY,

this is like us and all the other makers out there

who have that urge to DIY the thing they wanna buy,

not everyone has a CNC.

But you can just go to a Makerspace.

Not everyone has a Makerspace.

Okay, so--

I'm trying to justify our decisions here

and make me feel better about all the work

we just put into making this frame

Cause this actually would be so easy

if you just laser cut this out, poured resin into it,

and then that was it.

It'd be so easy!

Oh my gosh.

Oh I should be filming shouldn't I?

Yes please.

So I'm starting pretty thin, I can always pour more.

EVAN: Yeah, I think that's a smart idea.

I'm just glad the polypropylene base worked.

KATELYN: Yes, that's a great discovery,

it worked a lot better than parchment paper

and I feel like we can use that in a lot of projects now.

Okay, clear coats done.

Now it's just a little bit of waiting

until we can do the final colorful pour.


KATELYN: Oh hello!

Do you like big hoomans laundry?


(instrumental music)

Good morning!

Good morning everyone!

It's resin time!

Katelyn is-- doo, doo, doo, doo

resin time!

Katelyn is in charge of this crucial resin pour

because this is it.

This is like the whole project

and I have a tendency to go too much at times,

so Katelyn, please proceed with the resining.




Actually, please do not eat the TotalBoat resin.

So I'm gonna separate this big thing of resin

into all of our tiny cups

cause it's gonna start kicking and curing

if it's in one big cup and we don't want that.

I'm gonna start left to right, start with red.

So I think I'll just eyeball it.

These alcohol inks have more of a translucent color

as opposed to the pigments we use sometimes,

the powdered pigments.

I'm gonna need a lot more than that.

Why does the red one smell

like fish? Fish. (laughs)

How old are these alcohol inks?

I think they're like a year old.

Oh it just hit me!

You got a whiff right? It just hit me.

It smells like fish.


EVAN: Why'd you smell it directly?

To confirm.

I love you. Mmm love you.

Hmm come in for

the fishy smell with me. Oh god. (laughs)

KATELYN: Looks pretty good I think.

EVAN: All right cool.

It's actually looking better now that it's thicker.

Hey Katelyn,

so let's say that you have some stained glass resin

masterpiece works of art that you want to sell online.

Oh I do.

What do you think the best place to do that is?

Your own website.


It could be on

So Squarespace is a all-in-one place

where you can buy your domain,

use a beautiful template to build your website

with no coding skills required.

They have 24-hour support, if anything goes wrong,

you can reach out to people who know what they're doing.

And you don't need a bunch of plug-ins

that are gonna break down the line,

it's very low maintenance,

so you can focus on your beautiful resin art creations.

Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.


So if you guys are interested go to

for a free trial,

there's no risks involved with a free trial.

Yeah, you can get in there, play around,

see if you like it and then--

And when you're ready to pull the trigger,

go to

For 10% off your first purchase.

(laughs) Thanks for the save.

It's looking a lot better.

Yeah I think that's fine It looks pretty good, yeah.

That looks pretty good. That looks good.

I definitely had some doubts, I have to admit,

when we were first doing it.

Orange next.

KATELYN: I always wanna see

like the tone of orange, you know?

Fairly like orange.

KATELYN: Orange!

That looks pretty good I think.

EVAN: That looks pretty good.

This is awesome!


Yellow next?


One dot of orange just to warm it up.

EVAN: The smallest.

KATELYN: Okay, that looks better.

EVAN: Oh that does look a lot better.

KATELYN: It's different enough,

I was worried it would be just like the orange.

I gotta say, this has been one

of the most chill resin pours we've ever done.

Cause it's like--

Is it cause I'm not involved?

All right, next up is green.

Now, we know from experience that rainforest green,

which you would think would be a nice forest green--

EVAN: Is a liar!

Hey look at this.

[Katelyn And Evan] Blue!

KATELYN: I mean it's not as dark.

EVAN: I kind of like

the lighter. KATELYN: You kinda like it?

EVAN: Yeah, I kinda like it.

KATELYN: This is a big one so hopefully I have enough.

Let's let it settle out.

Settle out, we're not gonna go too much.

Next is like a teal.

That looks pretty good.

Yeah, it's starting to get a tiny bit warm.

Nothing to panic about yet,

but it could get crazy in a few minutes.

Should I start mixing and pouring?

Should I get on some gloves? No, no, no, no.

Okay maybe.

I was like I would rather be sure.

I was even wearing my nice shirt today

cause I figured Katelyn has this for sure.

I mean I don't not have it, I have it.

EVAN: I think I'm gonna start work on the last one.

KATELYN: It's like even if these aren't exact, exact,

I really like them and it does have a glass vibe.

EVAN: That looks so nice.

KATELYN: I know.

Oh this is so pretty!

Look at these colors together!

EVAN: Oh that looks so nice I got excited.

KATELYN: I know, I know!


Oh wow!

KATELYN: It looks so good!

EVAN: So good!

All right anything else we need to capture?

KATELYN: No I don't think so.

EVAN: Cool.

I think it's time to head to a haunted house.

Yeah, totally unrelated

to this video. We have to leave

in like 10 minutes.

Are you serious?

(instrumental music)

La, la, la, all right.

Are you on?

I'm on.

Okay, so it's been 24 hours.

It's time, basically just to make sure

that nothing got messed up, I mean it should look the same.

Ahhh! Yay!

It looks even better!

KATELYN: It does look better, it looks,

does it look more saturated to you or something?

EVAN: I don't know.

I don't know but I like it.

KATELYN: I like it too.

EVAN: Let's see if the tape trick worked.

Oh, yeah, well, yeah, yeah, let's look,

from here it doesn't look like the color melted

into any adjacent panels,

it does look like it soaked into the wood a tiny bit here

on the purple, just like the smallest amount.

EVAN: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I see that.

KATELYN: But not a huge deal,

yeah and a little bit on the orange too.

So we could've maybe sealed the wood beforehand,

like finished the wood.

Oh yeah, so it didn't like (slurps) soak in.


(tape peeling)


Oh much better.

So much better, small amount of leakage,

but cleaning up that tiny amount of resin overspill

is so much easier than trying to sand off hot glue.

EVAN: Oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh! KATELYN: Wow!

Oh it's so cool!

Like seeing it with stuff behind it.

That's amazing!

It really does look like glass!

EVAN: It looks so good!

KATELYN: It looks so good.

Why does my voice sound like I'm surprised?


All right, I think that we just have a little bit

of sanding to do, we're gonna add a hanging hole

and then it's time to compare the Buy vs DIY.

All right, the moment of truth.

It is arrived.

It arrived I mean, a day or two ago.

Yeah, yeah.

But it is time to unwrap it.

And again, this is from DebbieBean,

we will link to her actual Etsy account below,

it's been so hard not to open this.

Please don't make ours look too bad.

I mean I gotta say, I'm already really proud of ours.

Yeah, I actually am really proud of ours.

And it's just gonna be slightly different, you know.

Yeah different materials.

EVAN: Oh, the lines are so thin Katelyn.


Dang it.

KATELYN: Dang, that does look good.

Oh that does look really good.

Oh man.

Hey, we were like pretty dang spot on with our colors,

like it's hard to get them side by side but.

I'm scared to do this but like the package

did come a little bit dented.

So I mean, we might need to bend it back straight.

Oh is it not straight?

Oh no!

EVAN: This isn't Debbie's fault,

this is the delivery people's fault.

The package did come slightly beat up.

A little bit beat up.

KATELYN: Oh, don't crack it.

Ooh, we'll bend it later, we'll bend it later,

what if it cracks and it pops

and we can't do this entire comparison.

EVAN: We'll fix it later.



Shall we do the comparison?

Oh yeah, let's do the comparison.

Okay, so we are going to compare.

We are going to compare a few factors.



Quality as in like the quality of construction.

Overall aesthetic.

And then most importantly,

does it filter through rainbow light

like stained glass should.

Yeah, can it create rainbows?

Can it make rainbows.

Number one, price.

So first, should we say the price of the Etsy one?


So this one was 95 dollars, free shipping,

which I mean, it's not cheap,

but I think it was a fair price.

And what do you think this one is worth?

So we used nine dollars worth of resin,

less than a dollar of alcohol ink,

and two dollars for the wood, for a total of 12 dollars.

It's pretty good.

That's pretty darn good.

Pretty darn good. That's pretty darn good.

Yeah and I think things like the individual drops

of super glue is pretty negligible,

no of course, and people mentioned this

on our last Buy vs. DIY, which and we did too,

you have to have a couple tools to do this.

For us and for a lot of people who make things as hobbies,

they already have the tools,

so we're not counting those in the price,

unless it's something specialty

that we are only using on this project.

It's 12 dollars!

That's pretty darn good.

Now of course, we can't talk about price

without talking about time because time is money in a way.

Well, yeah but I think it also depends on,

you know, if you're making this as a business,

your time is money in one way,

but if it's something that you're doing in your free time

and otherwise, you'd just be watching a show

with that free time, it--

Then it kind of is free, if this is just for fun.

So I think that overall,

this took us an hour for cutting out the wood,

30 minutes for gluing it together,

and a total of maybe 30 minutes for the pour,

so about two hours worth of time?

About two hours worth of time,

this was pretty cheap time-wise.

I mean, of course,

this one you just have to order, so it by default wins.

Next up is quality.

Yeah, now I gotta say,

I think that this wins in terms of quality.

Glass lasts a long time.

And of course, this is actual metal.

With some resins, they will yellow over time in UV light,

the Totalboat resin that we used will not yellow,

this should last a really long time.

I feel like this might actually have

a higher durability rating than this.

Glass shatters, this--

The wood might get dented.

It's not gonna fall apart.

Cause this will catastrophically fail,

this will just minorly chip and wear away.

So it's like--

This one did show up bent.

It did show up bent.

Again, I don't blame Debbie, this is the postal service.

I guess they're even in the end.

Okay, now aesthetic.

This is interesting because I actually really like both,

now I will say--

They are different.

This one clearly is stained glass, whereas this is,

I mean, I feel like the resin does look like stained glass,

but the fact that we have wood instead of metal,

it doesn't quite have that stained glass vibe,

but I still actually really love the aesthetic of this.

I like the warmth of the wood.

It looks more like old-school

or something like that for some reason.

I don't know why.

I really like the aesthetic of both actually

and I thought that I would

like this one better. I thought I would too.

Especially cause we went back and forth so much about,

do we paint the wood, do we leave it wood?

Let's call this a tie.

I think a tie.

Because there is no clear winner.

Yeah, they're both good in different ways I think.

Okay and now the test I am most excited about,

let's take these outside

and see how the light filters through.

All right should I do ours first or Debbie's?

KATELYN: Do Debbie's first.

All right, Debbie's.


KATELYN: Oh, that's like a near perfect reflection,

well not reflection, filtration?

EVAN: Yeah, the colors really come through.

KATELYN: Oh that is beautiful.

EVAN: So, farther.

Still doing well?

KATELYN: Still strong.

And as it gets closer, it just gets better.

All right, ready for ours?

KATELYN: Let's do it.

Hey! EVAN: Hey!

KATELYN: We got light too!

EVAN: It's interesting,

I think that the rays are like,

the slightly rounded edges are bending the light.

KATELYN: Yeah, the way the resin kind of rounded

and went up on the edges, yeah.

EVAN: Yeah, as you get closer in, it's pretty good.

KATELYN: That's cool!

I'm glad it worked!

EVAN: Yeah, I mean, Debbie's is a lot sharper, but--

KATELYN: I'd say Debbie probably wins here?

EVAN: Yeah.

KATELYN: But I'm pretty darn proud of ours!

I'm pretty proud.

KATELYN: That's resin in there!

That's a 12 dollar thing.

I do have to say, for the size and the color,

I think we got it pretty dead on.

I think that this is a really good tribute

to the original Debbie work of art.

KATELYN: But overall, I think basing this

off the picture, we did pretty good.

We did really good.

Okay Katelyn, so in the end,

there can only be one winner

and according to the score, Debbie wins.

You know, I feel like a winner

because I am so proud of how this turned out, you know,

it's hard to top the quality of this level

of tools and materials,

but I'm really, really, super proud of this.

Yeah and I think that like there's so many possibilities

for this, different materials for the frame,

different fill patterns for resin,

things that have never been done before.

So I think the potential of this method, is unparalleled.

Yes, I agree, but I mean like, you could scale this up,

you could do your own designs,

you could do something in the shape of a cat,

you know, or like whatever you wanna do,

that's what I thought of.

So, I feel like a winner here.

Speaking of Buy vs DIY,

what do you think the best way

to plant 20 million trees would be?

Okay, let's back up a sec,

MrBeast, Mark Rober, and literally hundreds

of other YouTubers are assembling together

to do something kind of crazy.

We want to plant 20 million trees by 2020.

Planting every tree the DIY way might take a while.

So, we're partnering with Arbor Day Foundation,

a non-profit, that are gonna plant the trees

in partnership with us.

Every dollar that is donated, one tree gets planted.

Yeah, so if you donate 3 dollars,

3 trees exist that did not exist before.

So that's some easy math, to get 20 million trees,

we're gonna have to raise 20 million dollars

and we wanna encourage you guys to be part of what might be

one of the biggest YouTuber initiatives

that I've ever heard of.

Yeah, so if you wanna be a part of it,

go to to donate,

we got two months to raise 20 million dollars,

but I think we can do it

and I'm really excited to see this community pull together

and really make a positive change in the world,

so I'm excited to be part of team trees

and I hope you guys will be part of it too.

Thanks for watching the entirety of our video,

you guys are awesome for making it this long,

and we look forward to seeing you in the next video.

[Katelyn And Evan] Bye!

(singing) A whole new world

for me and my goose companion boy.

Yeah he's the goodest boy, he likes to flap.



(outro music)

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