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In Colliers, we really believe in education.

Were doing things in this direction.

On the tables you will find our market report.

We always try to make a report as detailed as possible.

There is a lot of work behind it and I hope you like it.

As I said, we put a lot of emphasis on this area.

If we look at the 2012-2018 period, which marked the comeback after the global crisis,

the gap between Romania and the other European countries would certainly be much higher.

Looking more towards the past, we could conclude that the decade that has elapsed since Romanias

accession to the European Union is the most successful in the history of the country.

Go West!

It is the song that is still heard in the background, I personally hear this more and more.

Since we started this event, which means around two hours, eighteen people are at the Otopeni

Airport with their luggage, ready to leave Romania forever.

A rate of nine people per hour: that's the loss that Romania has.

Everybody is now talking about experiential retail.

Many new things are focused on bringing people in shopping centers and making them leave their couch.

That includes an increasingly attractive interior design, and there is a lot of emphasis on this,

super food courts: everybody sees how crowded they are,

not to mention the one at Promenada Mall, which has a real success.

In all shopping centers, food courts have replaced hypermarkets as the new destinations.

We come after four years, during which the industrial and logistic sector

has had its best and most spectacular course.

We will continue to have a lot of stock on the e-commerce segment

because we have these mountains that cross Romania.

Any foreign logistics expert coming to Romania asks why we do not have central warehouses,

and after seeing the geographical map, they take it back.

Local infrastructure is another issue.

The workforce is an area of interest, but more for the production side.

Romanias position helps us a lot, especially because of the situation in Turkey and Ukraine,

and we will be able to develop this sector.

I am very optimistic and I think the growth trend will continue in 2019 and 2020.

From a geographical point of view, I think new investors from America and other CEE countries

for example Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary will come to Romania.

Weve seen the dawn of regional transactions in Brasov in 2017 and in Cluj in 2018, through Maestro.

I think these transactions are just a preview for 2019.

If I were a HR manager in 2019, though I know it sounds strange coming from someone from eJobs,

I would invest much more in retaining candidates rather than attracting them.

It's a lot harder to find good people in the market than to keep those you have.

I would invest all the resources in keeping the existing good employees

rather than investing to attract new ones.

It's an advice from a recruiting company, I know it sounds weird, but that's reality.

Were on schedule, it is almost 11.30, as we planned.

We hope that you find new and interesting things in our market report.

We didnt insist very much on the details.

Thank you very much!

Have a nice day!

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